Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw ’90s Characters From Memory

what up gamers it’s me your boy pogchamp and i’m kevin and today we’re drawing 90s characters from memory from our brain our little memories i was born in the 90s but i don’t remember it you had to be there I was there I was little baby I was 21 yikes your character oh there you go I have his head in my head but I don’t have his body in your head who from Rugrats Oh his last name is Finster ah I would bully that kid Jason what shape is Arnold’s head it is obviously football head nice yeah I know who Dexter is so I’m happy I’m just trying to remember all the details that make Dexter Dexter he’s a kid so he’s got a big head they got huge brains yeah let’s not go that far now I’m like forgetting his face his eyes okay so Arnold’s like the chill dude so his eyes are always kind of like he’s got his lids closed like halfway Nicktoons was always they always had like the cooler um cartoons Nicktoons had like AA real monsters and Rugrats which felt safer always had like adult jokes and they’re hidden in there somewhere yeah you know I didn’t watch a lot of Rugrats but the Rugrats that I did watch I remember not liking his character cuz he’s like he’s like whiney right yeah he’s like the worst Rugrats character and what was great about hey Arnold for me is that Hey Arnold took place in like a city yeah I was born and raised in the in the Bronx yeah and it was it was great to see a show that reflected that I reflected that so the city that’s in Hey Arnold is actually a mix between New York and Seattle which I thought was super cool so you didn’t watch red dress I watched some of it I don’t really remember it I watch Dexter a lot as a kid yeah I used to watch it a lot when I was younger I would say not as a kid because I mean I was kind of in high school and getting into college from Dexter was coming out Rugrats and like Ren and Stimpy was like the end of my my nicktoons watching and then you discovered girls you got a live life without any shame everybody knows why incognito mode exists wait what you know it’s funny you never remember what the feet look like a lot of the time his boots are hard I don’t like I remember them but I don’t think I’m getting the shape quite right it doesn’t even wear like big chunky shoes chunky Finster am i right ladies we opened the door on let some of these puns out one thing that I remember very distinctly about Dexter is he is like super square the character designs on Rugrats were like super freaky yeah like they were vaguely unsettling I think it was probably a product of its time things just didn’t look right it was like that the era of squiggle vision yeah I don’t know I just pretended like dr. Katz anyone squiggle vision home movies a thing that I’ve struggled with a lot on here is remembering the small details of characters clothes I’m totally making his clothes up right now I think he’s wearing like a flannel shirt underneath the eye I remember flannel he has something on his shirt is it a dinosaur dinosaur shirt his shirts blue I think oh what color was his hat that’s like a dark blue his hats red oh and his hair do you remember anything about his hair he’s got blond hair yeah he’s yeah he’s got like big frizzy hair right he has like big orange hair he’s got like you know when you’re drawing something poofy and it has like that little circle in the middle of like where the tears are or it’s like oh yeah little loops I don’t know what I’m going I think I’m mixing up Chucky and the aliens from Toy Story the aliens from Toy Story have like three eyes and are green Chuckie Finster is a human child is he though yes I remember actually asking my mom when I was a kid what accent Dexter had and she said that it was a made-up one but I think you think it’s supposed to be like Transylvanian right GG’s look at this Vika I’m in some French okay oh my god I can’t wait to see yours I know I can’t wait to see you too my final touches is this cigarette and making his eyes kind of red because it’s high so Jason we feeling more confident about this one um yeah I I know it looks like Arnold it’s okay he’s you know I think it’s getting closer to what he probably looks like I think I’m doing I gotta stop fiddling with it just leave it I think I did okay I think I got a lot of the details wrong I’m pretty sure the color of his shirt and his diaper I put him in a diaper he may be wearing shorts it’s Arnold he’s an adult and he’s had a hard life oh that’s so good oh girl oh my god oh yeah this Arnold’s chill is head why this diaper purple though so I don’t know I feel like he needed a purple diaper I loved his expression you nailed the character like that’s totally that’s totally I’m jealous you’re the body of your Arnold’s feels like the real character design yeah you gave him like him like a human body straight-up Anatomy are you disappointed in me I just thought it’s good Kevin just why wouldn’t you I immediately make the diaper white I did the diaper purple and as soon as I did that I was like he’s probably wearing shorts yeah I think your brain is mixing up concepts yep you know I love yours no I think it’s great thanks I’m not gonna lie to you though I don’t think it’s very on model maybe that’s true but I tried my bad you did try your best you got the dinosaur and like I said it’s not on model but it is very cute and you were right about yours it being vaguely unsettling vaguely unsettling I think I’m more disturbed by the diapers than anything oh oh no wait that was blue okay wait I feel like I remember his hat being now maybe it was blue I was I did remember a lot of things yeah I somehow remembered that his nose was point even though I started drawing it round you did too yeah I got the pointy nose and you got the gloves you got the gloves and the boots the boots you got the boot I sorta got the boots did I give him shoes in my drawing you did you gave him a little purple shoes okay yours yours is actually like really close like it’s just if Chucky was pants your design is spot-on except for the different color of the the feet yeah early it yeah yeah pretty great aren’t I okay so here’s the thing there was something on his shirt but it’s a planet not a dinosaur we both got the glasses correct though yeah and you got the eye style right in that it’s just the glasses with the pupils in it yeah I think it’s it’s it’s simple but it’s deceptively simple in that you’ve got to get all those details right or else it’s not Dexter I think we did pretty good for two people who didn’t really watch Rugrats nobody can tell us that we did bad except for the Internet [Music]


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