Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Dragon Ball Z Characters From Memory (ft. Ross Draws)

hey I’m raw strengths and needs channel roughs all you can follow me on my social at Roscoe’s hello my name is Anthony Jones you can follow me at robot pencil and all that today we’re drawing Dragon Ball Z characters from memory as far as I know that’s what the shows pretty much I watched journal Z one of the kid a lot whenever I teach all I use is like Dragon Ball our alliances yeah can we switch sides now I decide I want to just like over there this has always been my side I’ve no idea of someone else then gotta get that side the bubblegum honky food right Vegeta oh yeah okay I try to be subversive and not have empowering up you give Vegeta whatever attitude speaks to you I’m gonna have a huffy Vegeta oh wait is it there like multiple go cous which one are we drawing I think we’re just drawing the base grown up Goku majin buu was like one of my favorite arcs in Dragon Ball Z I think I stepped out of Dragon Ball Z during this age he’s got a very angular body angular face much like my own head oh I got a video reference right in front of me it looks like so you never watch Dragon Ball I watched some Dragon Balls but definitely not enough to like to call myself a fan through social osmosis I know quite a lot about Dragon Ball Z but I know that they need to collect the Dragon Balls to make their wish come true wait are we sure this isn’t pokemon no I have no idea what he wears like a cape all right cool so it’s gonna give on the cape and I’m gonna give him some muscle and he has pants does he have a shirt on I don’t know I – shirtless then we’re going for it yeah I haven’t watched Dragon Ball Z since college so this is gonna be real interesting when do you think I went to college Jackie 17:53 the same age that Lincoln was born well what’s your favorite Dragon Ball Z episode oh man maybe a Dragon Ball Kai episode where they assembled five episodes into one and they removed all the panning shots of like lakes and some like grass wrestling and a few I have a lot of be role in that fictional universe I think in antennae there’s a real stereotype of around aliens and yeah from different worlds that they all have antennas I feel like we need to break that stereotype I know he’s wearing like an orange jumpsuit right with a belt form and function over fashion in this show remind me why were they fighting all the time cuz they’re all fighting over the Dragon Ball you gotta catch them all you got a catch mall unlike other shows that might use that motto I don’t want you to forget about Vegeta’s intense widow’s peak oh yes thank you that is the key to this character Vegeta is what introduced me to what a widow’s peak was yeah he’s really he’s really got it going when I was growing up I watched a lot of dragon OC how old are you when you were watching that stuff I was like six seven eight it was it was the thing I think what I loved about Dragon Ball was that it was like it was kind of like a soap opera for children a soap opera for children does he work gloves I feel like he wears some butler gloves like white gloves yeah when you’re punching so many things don’t you have to protect your hands doesn’t like boxing gloves sure giving foxy did you give him boxing glove okay keep it on 99% sure he does not have boxing club oh he has a thing I don’t know what it says doesn’t he have a logo on his shirt I’m just gonna draw a circle with the heart in it oh let me ask are you putting him in like the pink shirt Bermuda shorts Vegeta or no I was like summer vacation but yeah that’s one of my favorite things about Dragon bows the episodes is that they would do these random so I mean it’s not my favorite it annoyed the hell out of me as a kid but it’s really funny looking back that it would be like the planets at stake and didn’t you wonder how like yeah sure Robi was getting his driver’s license no nobody yeah sure Robi it was a joke that’s like how many Dragon Ball Z characters does it take to screw in a light bulb I don’t know only takes one it takes five episodes to do it oh there is this whole arc with Goku holding up a spear bomb yeah and for like five six seven episodes so I remember Dragon Ball Z mostly from the Super Nintendo game there’s a Super Nintendo oh hell yeah there it was it like a fighting game yeah it’s like Street Fighter but it’s mostly just you throwing giant fireballs and energy at each other that sounds great yeah that’s all I want to do in real life you just want to throw giant fireballs at me yeah Jackie I remember he was weirdly small in the show he’s small but he’s also just like really thin and delicate looking yeah I remember wasn’t super intimidated by him when I first saw him because he was standing next to like the big guys yeah that’s the whole ball big yeah supposed to be like a week looking prints but then he’s the strongest one Toriyama was good at that kind of thing I like that if I was like in the you know design room and they’re like Anthony what do you think we should do with this character first of all I’d be like he needs more muscles muscles what and then they’ll probably would be rightfully angry enough all right the next step we need to spread that pink like all over the place are you gonna make him gloat how does it make them glow I’m gonna make it a little oh boy cuz when they do the screaming thing when they scream at each other when they scream at each other they glow don’t they I think so all right I will try to make them glow what’s his color scheme is he blue and red bluing hello well yeah he’s like yellow and the version I’m drawing he’s got to like say I remove it you know what I mean my god I can’t fly can’t remember his colors I was so confident going in I’m like oh I know he looks like he’s just like a big just know that my design is inspired by your work so if I am wrong everybody I’m not the blade whoa and then if you’re wrong on your end then you are detectable boy when they’re like juice enough to become super science and their juice enough you know what I mean you know what I’m talking about Jackie don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about say Goku is juice enough don’t like rocks and stuff like float oh yeah whenever they’re juicing up stop saying juice enough juicing up Jackie baby I gave my guy black nipples back why does he have nipples I think so I think so dude Dragon Ball Z matured they went nipples nice oh I remember I think he has a simpleness forehead like m4 majin buu hey Cody hey what does the scanner say about his power level its over 9000 time to color dodge ready that lighting in there oh snap and now that is so good I know if he looks better look at all that good stuff is getting out of there see if the kite know check it out that’s the secret to art that is this guitar just color dodge everything that’s all you need a de facto dodge I didn’t get to draw the glow Kevin you didn’t get to draw the glow I didn’t get to draw the glow what happened I passed out in the middle of the video for some reason I didn’t notice any of that yeah I you were really into you I was really in the middle I know it’s okay I’m fine okay I might die in us up in a couple seconds okay how do you think you did mm Jack you know i’ma call mine okay cool how do you think you did I think I capture the essence pretty well I’m missing a lot of details I forgot to put sandals on them it’s another impression to stick one I’m here for it how did you do pretty good pretty close Vegeta with some Brent flair in there I feel good about the blue spandex I feel good about the yellow armor pieces but there’s just little Maggie things that feel off that I just can’t figure out right now how do you think you did I think I did pretty okay his hair is blond because he was yelling okay but I think it is black normally yes yes I didn’t get to draw the glow so now just you know looks like crap I’m sure it doesn’t look like crap looks like frat Jackie throw it in the crap settle down can I say crap sure looks like crap whoa so cool this is way more cute this is oh person note it’s a cake I should have had a cake yeah dude come on this stuff is great into this oh my god this is really how that looks just like him you gave him elf ears for sonic in male fears yeah what did the kind of years he has I don’t think so I know he is he wait oh I’m just now remembering they’re like aliens right okay looks like a zombie version of Majnu I think so too but you know in a really good way no this is amazing actually I was expecting you were gonna make your character really adorable you know what a good anime face really yeah and you know what else I’m gonna say it looks nothing like Kevin it does not look like heaven at all I like the boxing gloves I think that he should have boxing gloves normally so his hip flap things also protect his junk he’s just got a full like beetle wings protecting his whole area yeah okay so I kind of got there was a beetle that’s it a beetle wing I kind of got that on his belly protecting his abdomen but you got to protect the crotch I blame Ross with him you didn’t give me anything I was like he had he had this yeah back yet an antenna yeah we’re really off are we Dragon Ball Z fans nice all right all right looks good looks good the thing about his spiky hair I knew it wasn’t spiky all the way I knew that yeah I knew it we got like a like a thick yeah it’s like designed purposefully in a really cool way that’s got to be held to animate though cuz it’s very specific yeah I’m glad we didn’t do it me watching this as a kid I haven’t seen this character for over two decades and so the things you do remember at the kid components of good design yeah number the pink I remember the M and it means that the designer probably put that in there for us to remember it and so two decades later we’re gonna Busby John majin buu so now that’s a great point absolutely I personally didn’t grow up with it but it impacted a whole generation of people it really did it’s like pokemons it’s so popular that even I know majin buu and I think majin buu is very cute I don’t know who majin buu is get it [Music]

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