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I had a few more things to do. Not very much time to do it. – Wait, I’m scared.
– Yeah. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited! Last time, your theme was school
and you guys voted at home. So the winner is… – Annie!
– Yay! So what’s the theme this time? So today’s theme is concert fit, which is basically anything
you’d wear to a concert or a music festival. But there’s a twist. This time you guys are going to be
making outfits for each other. So it should be interesting. – Oh no.
– Let’s rock it. – Alright, ready?
– Yep. – Three, two…
– That’s my job. Oh, I’m sorry. Three, two, one, go! [yelling] [yelling] Annie and Hayley only have 30 minutes
to thrift shop for old clothes that they will transform into
a newly designed concert outfit – for each other.
– Okay! I’m shopping for her, not me. All these jackets, I think it’d be cool
to have a black oversized denim jacket. Look how sweet this is. I think this one is the coolest. OK, we’re gonna go for this one. What does a ten year-old
wear to a concert? She’s looking in the children’s section? Yeah, you are a child. I am a child. Ten year-old to a concert, for sure this. Where are the oversized black shirts? Oh! I’m excited. They’re laughing at me. You’ve been to a concert
with her before, right? – Yes.
– So what kind of things did she wear? – What was she…
– Something like this. I would wear something like that.
I got you– I’m getting you– Look how cute this is though. That’s so cute. – What is this?
– It’s just an option. – Yeah, what do you mean “what is that”?
– It’s just an option that I’m using. – That will end up on her body.
– On your body. I’m gonna have to try
that on, you realize. It looks like this. It looks like– What even is this? What kind of pants would
she wear to a concert? What do you think about this? For Annie? She would kill me. [laughing] I dropped my pen. I don’t know if this shirt would go, but you know, this is
the only shirt we found, so I think we’re gonna keep this on hold. I really think these are
pretty groovy, like… We’re gonna pretend like
that didn’t happen. That’s kind of cute. Does that have like potential? I have this like mesh shirt, so I think it’d be cool to have
her favorite color under it. But here’s the thing,
she doesn’t have a favorite color. OK ladies, 15 minutes left. – Oh my gosh.
– That’s funny. Ooh! Wait, this is cool. This is perfect. – I found it.
– Do you think this is gonna fit her? Like, I feel like they might even fit me. Hayley, do you think
these are gonna fit you? – Yeah, sure.
– That really helped. – I’m gonna put–
– Cool, thank you. I’m gonna put her in a tutu. Are you? Are you? Do you want a tutu?
‘Cause I can’t find pants. This is hardcore. – Yep, that is…
– She’s gonna like pretty hardcore. Oh, these are shorts. A short skirt. Perfect. Just so you know, one minute left. So you better run. I don’t even know what I need. Go, go, go, go, go! I wig a wig.
Dang it! I’m just like grabbing things.
Oh my gosh, I have like a minute. – And I need one more thing.
– Yes! I dropped a pen, I’ll be right back. Three, two, one, time’s up! Shopping is done. I just grabbed something
and this is what I grabbed. Well, you’re stuck with it. Alright girls, it’s time
to show me what you got. – Annie, you’re up first.
– Alright. I don’t feel as confident
in the beginning, but we’ll see. This is such a cute dress. I don’t even
think it goes with the others, but I love it. So this vest could be cool. Always go to the patches,
like I always do. I’m just looking at Hayley’s face to see
what she likes and what she doesn’t. – Every time she just goes…
– It has potential. My like go to. That’s so cute. – It’s just a little dress.
– Aw. And then… some more fabric glittery stuff. Yeah it’s cool, great. Hayley, what do you have
for your sister? I have a few things.
You know, I have this jacket. – I love leather jackets.
– This cool leather jacket. – Oh, cute.
– It’s mesh. But I have something under it. Which is a green top that
I might like, you know, I might crop. Then I have this little skirt. That is not a skirt. OK and last thing is like this flannel. Awesome, love it. You got
a color scheme happening here. I do have a color– Drop it. – OK…
– I’m ready. – Impressive hauls, ladies.
– Thank you. Are you ready to DIY? – I am.
– Born ready. – Alright you have 60 seconds to–
– 60 seconds? Oh my God. You scared me. 60 seconds and you’re done, time’s up. Alright, that’s it. Alright, you have 60 seconds
to thrift flip your haul into a concert outfit for your sister. Are you ready? – I’m so ready.
– So ready. Three, two, one, go! – OK, OK!
– OK. Plan. This is so cute. I don’t know which one
I wanna do this. OK, we got it. Should we do this one or this one? That might be the move. OK, so let’s mesh. And maybe we could keep
the long sleeves but add – like a crop to it?
– Yeah. I think we like, take this off. Some type of like cinch there. Just so it’s flowy, like from here down. OK, so we need to mark this. – So you just boom?
– Yeah. – Wait, I’m scared.
– Do a test one on the table. I can just cut it, it looks like. – Yeah.
– Oh my gosh, so cool. I’ll let you do that while I look for something to cinch it. – OK, so I’ll do this.
– OK. I can do the next thing,
that’s what I can do. Oh wait, I need to work on the skirt. – Those are shorts.
– Yes. Would you like them to be a skirt
or you can… Annie, would you like them–
What are you doing? I have to make sure this fits. – Yeah, it fits.
– OK. OK so Annie, would you like
a skirt or shorts? – Whatever you want.
– OK, we’re going for the shorts. We’re gonna do it right on the seam. You know what I could do?
I could use some of the fabric and put it on here. This around the waist. For some reason, I really like
these buttons right here. I’ve got an idea for after that–
That sound. Oh gosh, it’s already happening? Nothing’s happening, I’m just
checking in, I’m just checking in. – Don’t even worry about it.
– Hi. – What you doing over here?
– I’m making, you know… – Shorts?
– Yeah, actually. Right, right. Did you pick out an outfit
that she would usually wear to a concert? This she would usually wear to a concert. Alright good, good sister. Good sister.
What are you working on? We’re working a lot over there right now
sewing everything together. And are you picking out things that
she would usually wear to a concert? You know, it’s kind of both. But I can definitely
see her in this outfit. You’re kind of Annie-fying
the Hayley style. – Exactly.
– Well, I hope she likes it. – I hope so too.
– Good luck. So are we thinking here for now? I don’t know why I choose
to do it on the floor, but it’s just a lot easier for my mind. You did– You did it! Annie, how do you like the shirt now? Pretty cute. I hate cutting things, it’s like scary. I do not know what
I’m gonna do with this jacket, but I want to DIY it, so… – Uh-oh…
– Alright, ladies. 30 minutes have passed, which means
it’s time for some Midway Mayhem. OK, I’m excited. I forgot about this. Open up the closet to see what you
have to work into your outfits this time. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited! And remember, you have to
incorporate this into your outfits. So I’m excited to see how you do that. Good luck. OK, so it’s music related. You know, I could do a lot
of cool things with this jacket. But I feel like I kind of have to now. But that would cover up all the bows. Can you turn this into a handbag? – Sure.
– Actually? Really? Ow. This string is warm. How do you break these things? Oh really? You’re taking
the idea from us. That’s what everybody does
with these, bro. – OK, Annie.
– Why are you doing that? – ‘Cause I’m breaking them.
– Why? Because to decorate them. Alright, have fun. You’re gonna get it so tangled. These things just don’t break. Alright, where do you want to put these? Let’s put them on the back. Four pieces. Yeah! Maybe I got a good idea. I’m gonna cut up the CDs and
stick it on there in a cool pattern. That’s so fun. – That’s that, that’s my plan.
– We’re doing the same exact thing. We did it before you. [gasping] OK. Oh, it looks so good. Look at this. Maybe make it a little belt. Yeah, actually. [screaming] That scared me. Ten minutes. OK, I’m confident. Where did it go? Get stuck. – Is that my belt?
– Yes, this is your belt. – Did I just give you that idea?
– No. OK good. Which way
would be the front? Hot glue… OK, so like this. I was thinking like maybe… Why am I talking like this? Down here or like up here. – Let’s do up there.
– OK. I have a few more things to do. Not very much time to do it. Me and Annie have a different style. A very different style. I don’t think she got my style down. Judges it before she can even try it on. I’ve seen it. It’s beautiful, but it’s not my style.
You know? One minute left! Oh, yay. So exciting, oh my gosh. For the sabotage minute,
I’m ready just in case. I can’t pick it up. At 30 seconds I’m doing it. 29… I have a hot glue gun.
You might not wanna do that. For the final round… I’m pretty impressed. I’m putting everything together. Five, four, three, two, one.
Time is up! Time is up. [laughing] Alright, if your outfits are complete,
it’s time to glam up for the photoshoot. Let’s go. [music playing] You know, I actually kind of like it. – Good job.
– Thank you. I actually kind of like yours too. You know, I like the bows. Alright, well I had a great time
watching you guys shop, crop and walk on this week’s
Annie vs. Hayley Fashion Face-Off. Make sure you guys leave
a comment down below and tell us who you think has the best outfit. Make sure to–
Make sure to sub– – Same, yep.
– Make sure– – Me too.
– Make sure to smi– [laughing] Make sure to smile. Always smile. Be sure to tune in next week to see– [laughing] Be sure to subscribe. You guys, you don’t– Tune in next week to see
who won this challenge. Be sure to subscribe to Nickelodeon
and tune in next week to see who won this challenge. – We’ll see you guys next time.
– Bye! Coming up next time
on the Fashion Face-Off… I’m going this way,
you better go that way. Let’s go on an adventure. Is this cute though? Let me see it. I like it. Of course you like it.
You want me to lose. If this isn’t good, it’s not my fault.
It’s Hayley’s. What? No, no, no, no. I panicked. I can fix this.


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