Another Walnut Loops – Woodturning, Art, Sculpture

I glued it wrong. Almost two year ago, when I made the original
Walnut Loops, it gained a lot of attention at Open Studios. It was one of my more popular pieces. If I had six of them, I could have sold them
all. I decided to make another one. Actually, I made two. These are going up on my Etsy store soon,
if they are not there already. Check them out if you are interested. If you made it this far, thanks a lot for
watching. I really appreciate you tuning in to Cammie’s


  • William Ellis

    I'm amazed every time I see you make these at how beautiful they are. Where's that new bandsaw?

  • Fred McIntyre

    Awesome work Cam! 😍👌🏻👍🏻👊🏻

  • Fernando Barreto


  • Built for fun

    It is a very beautiful creation, you make very nice video, I love your job!

  • Michael Potase

    Another gorgeous piece. This is still on my bucket list of things to make. Thanks for the Inspiration. I assume this was shot before you got the bandsaw?

  • Rowland Custom Woodworking - Phillip Rowland

    I seriously can't wait for my shop to be set up so I can try my hand at one of these. I get inspired to do it every time I see you make one. How long do you typically spend on one?

  • Rowland Custom Woodworking - Phillip Rowland

    I wonder if you could cut out a circle without rounding the edges, just a solid circle with 90 degree edges, then route the round over so it's completely or mostly round, then finesse the edges with a dremel?

  • Tim Porter

    Nice set of loops

  • Billy Burt

    Just really cool as always, Cam! Malcolm Tibbetts would be proud.

  • Andy Pugh

    So cool.

  • Kobie Kaasjager

    Cammie you are amazing the way you do your work is outstanding and magnificent. I am amazed at how everything always work out when you start an art piece. Just awesome and breathtakingly stunning.

  • Mountain View Turning

    Amazing job


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