Art Happens: Help bring an iconic British sculpture to the South East

(♪ SPAGHETTI WESTERN THEME) This extraordinary place is Watts Gallery Artists’ Village — home, studio, gallery and architectural legacy of the 19th
century’s most celebrated British artist, George Frederic Watts. Dubbed England’s Michelangelo,
Watts’ career spanned some 70 years and influenced Rossetti, Tennyson,
Picasso and Freud. This year is the 200th birthday of Watts and it isthe moment to create
an ambitious public monument to continue his legacy of “Art for All”. One of Watts’ most iconic works
isPhysical Energy. From the muscular haunches of the horse
to the twitching toes of the rider, this sculpture exudes anticipation
and a sort of restless energy. With support, we’ve begun to create
a new cast ofPhysical Energy,but only with your help can this beautiful
sculpture appear for the public, to overlook the A3, the busy southern highway
that connects London with the southeast. Your support will help pull the sculpture
up Rowbury Hill, place it onto the plinth, clear a path in the woodland
for everyone to visit and light up the sculpture,
so it can be seen day and night. Pangolin Editions are casting
the sculpture in bronze right now. You can bring this inspirational sculpture
to Surrey and be a part of “Art for All”. By donating to this project, you’ll help
create a lasting and accessible landmark, a landmark on everyone’s horizon
for now and always. So, please, say #YeahNotNeigh and help us raise £25,000
to take our horse up the hill. Help us makePhysical Energy a beacon
for Surrey’s cultural heritage. (♪ SPAGHETTI WESTERN THEME)

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