Art on Campus: Iacto Sculpture

The sculpture Iacto by James Sandboard was
installed in 2004 just after the completion of the journalism building. And it was placed
there to be impactful in that little courtyard area. And its very dramatic at night, it has a light
it runs itself, it lights up and it casts letters all over the plaza and these letters
actually are a code, and he did give us an answer to the code but its kind of locked
away and we aren’t allowed to share that and its quite a little mystery. The reason that the artist chose this when
we asked him to do the commission was because he wanted to represent journalists dealing
with words. We’d considered a lot of different artists and proposals and this just rose to
the very top as the very best example of what we could show here. He’s actually a good friend of Dan Brown who
wrote the Davinci Code. And um evidently although I haven’t seen it their are references to
some of his sculptors the cryptos sculpture in that book or codes or something of that.
I think they enjoy the gamesmanship of codes.

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