Art Tips for Drawing & Illustrating : Art: Colored Pencils

Hi there everybody my name is Lars Eric Robinson.
My company is LarsEr Arts All Around Art-tainment. And I’ve been in the business about fifteen
years and I’ve learned a lot of different tricks and I found different mediums that
I am able to use. When I do my caricatures and a famous, a very easy thing to use is
called art sticks and they are colored pencil lead, and I’m going to demonstrate to you
the advantages of art sticks. And how you can use them. You can take the side of them
,there’s an angle here, in this sharp edge there. You could take the side of it and basically
just, as you can tell, it’s sharp on one end and it’s pointed out on the other. And they
are excellent, and what I’m using underneath it, it’s a foam, black foam that you can get
at any kind of craft store. And it helps create the air brush effect and get the smoothness.
So if I was going to take the side of this, I’m turning as you can tell, I’m turning the
sharp edge where I want the sharper piece to be. Like for example on the side of this
face if I wanted to have a reflection on this side of the face. I’m leaving that so I could
take my yellow and go against that right here. Now if you want to take purple, that will
show up really good. And then also you could do a little smaller designs with it too while
you are there. It doesn’t have to be all just blending, you can actually go thin lines with
it. If you take once again you can do shadow effects with it. And that’s something that
really quick for artists to be able to use and get that color on there really quick.
So advantages of art sticks is that you can actually take a thin line and it fades it
out. You could actually twist it to create something round like that. A lot of advantages
for it. I hope that gives you a little more explanation how to use art sticks and caricatures.


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