#ArtIsJustice: Nikky Finney on using art for change

I feel like I’m a poet of my time. It’s important to remember the stories that help make me who I am. I’m reminded of stories of who I call the prophets of my day. People like Elizabeth Catlett and Romare Bearden and Nina Simone and James Baldwin. Those artists and those moments are crystallized in so many of our lives and in our hearts. “And there are more new ones of us born every day … Slavish to things we cannot do without.” And so now I take those lessons learned from that time and bring them forward. Get your pen out, get your palette out, get your microphone out, and get to work. “Slaves, he said of them all, as he sat before their limited eyes.” These times that we live in are essential for artists to be doing what they are doing, and to be doing it times ten.

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    I truly enjoyed her reading and lecture at the University of Alabama. Elementsofvirtuecollection.wordpress.com #poetrythatinspires
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