Artist Tries 20+ Year Old Pencils – Laurentien Pencil Crayons

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets Creative!
Today I am aiming for your nostalgia button. Are you a 90s kid from North America, particularly
Canada? Then you probably remember Laurentien pencils. These lovely Laurentien guys, sorry
if I’m not pronouncing that completely correctly, I am not French Canadian, there they are.
This was basically our Crayola. We do have Crayola in Canada, but this, this was the
brand that every kid had in school, and yeah, I still have a lot of them. This is not a
full set. This is a mixture of what was left from probably 4 different sets. At least 2
of them are repeats, but whatever, let’s see what these babies can do in the hands of a
31 year old artist who is a pit more of a professional these days, using children’s
art supplies, coloured pencils that are no longer made. So as I mentioned, these Laurentien
pencils are no longer made. The, I believe the company was sold, and then the company
that was making them after just stopped. They are, I believe, named after the Laurentian
mountain range. And again, I am sorry if the French Canadians out there pronounce that
differently. That’s how we always pronounced it out in BC. And of course, as I also mentioned,
we did have Crayola, we do have Crayola, but this is the pencil that most Canadian kids
had at some point in the 90s. And uh, if you didn’t, your friend did, and you borrowed
them. And even if you don’t remember the brand name, everybody remembers the coloured pencils
that had the spot to write your name on them on every single pencil. Now these particular
pencils are clearly not the oldest of the pencils I had as a kid, because my name isn’t
on them, and the first set I got I am pretty sure my Mom did write my name on them, but
uh, not on these. So they’re not the oldest, but they’re definitely pre- my teenage years,
because when I was a teenager I got PrismaColors. I filmed this before I got the ScrawlrBox
that had the 12 set of Staedtler Super Soft. That was the March box that I completed in
April, I think. I always forget. It’s just so weird how like they ship part way through
the month that they’re named for, and then it gets to me like a month later, and yeah.
Anyway! I filmed this before that, so I did not know as I was doing it, but watching the
footage back now, I can definitely say that these both blend and burnish far better than
the Staedtler Super Soft pencils. So if you get ScrawlrBox, or if you, you’re just, you
have Staedtler type pencils available to you, that’s a good comparison there, just to know
that these are a bit creamier, and a bit more blendable and burnishable than those. And
for reference, I am using my Stillman & Birn Bets Series mix media sketch book. Up until
this point I had only done water based media on it. That’s why the back page that I did
the swatching on looks a bit buckled, because the other side of the page has indeed been
used with watercolour. I chose to do a parrot just because, with the colours I had, I really
wanted to use as many of them as possible, and I loved the orange background that was
in the photo I chose to draw from. I’m not so happy with how the colours of the feathers
on the breast of this bird turned out, as you will see. It, I, I kinda lost what I was
doing with the texture there, but the rest of it I am really happy with. I would not
at all be upset to be left with only these as my coloured pencils for the rest of eternity.
They are good pencils. I don’t have a huge colour range left, and a couple of them are
a bit scratchy and that’s not a consistent thing with this brand. They’re probably just
one-off bad pencils. I don’t remember them being a super scratchy pencil. By the way,
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Laurentien pencils as a kid? Do you still have them? Have you see them in your local
Value Village or thrift store, whatever? Tell me what you think of them, what you remember
about them. If you didn’t have them, what brand or brands did you use when you were
school age? And uh, are there any you remember really fondly? Doesn’t even have to be pencils.
Any type of art supply. Anything that you think is even better than some of the professional
brands, because these are definitely better than some of the supposedly higher end brands
I’ve tried. They definitely don’t replace Polychromos or anything like that, I would
not say that, but I’d say they’re almost as good as PrismaColor Scholars, they’re almost
as good as Faber-Castell Goldfabers. Almost! Not quite. But uh, well they’re definitely
butterier than the Goldfabers. Those are quite a scratchy, oil based pencil. These are very
clearly wax based. Although they burnished very well, they did take, it took FOREVER
to burnish that background. You really can’t tell in the timelapse, but it took a long
time. I think it’s over 2 hours of footage I had to edit for this, and like, that’s an
A5 sketchbook. And as you can see, I did not use the whole page. And here we are doing
the breast features that I really am not as happy with. I was trying to just do the general
impression of the pattern he had going on on his breast, some of it’s out of focus,
and I just, I’m sorry. I failed! The rest of the parrot I like. Not this part I’m doing
right here. And like half way through doing the breast I’m like thiiiis is not working
out, but it’s too late! Tell me in the comments down below, if you have any requests for unique
or old or cheap art supplies you’d like to see me try out here on this channel. And uh,
would you be interested in seeing me do more pieces with just these old school pencils?
And of course, again, comment down below, what brands did you use as a kid? What brands
did you love? What brands do you wish you still had? And uh, did you have Laurentiens?
What do you think of them?


  • Jamie Hummel

    I think you did an awesome job! I know how long that burnishing takes, I am always doing that in my coloring because I love that smooth texture it creates. But with that comes lots and lots of time! I'm not even a pro or anything I just enjoy the adult coloring books but with shading and burnishing and blending and all the different tones of colors it takes hours and hours to just do 1 page. Also, as a kid I always had crayola. Now, I love my prismacolor.

  • Jan C.

    I remember this brand of pencils. there would always be 1 or 2 pencils in the set that the core wasn't glued to the wooden part properly. So you could take the entire length of wax out of the centre, and they were impossible to color with.

  • Amy's Arty Corner

    Wow, I think you did an amazing job considering how old these pencils are. I have some really old paints lying around – from when my grandfather was young… I may have to give them a try 😁👍

  • ArtsyMinds

    You did a pretty good job!👍🏻 I’m impressed

  • I'm so gay

    Who else came from art amino!? You did amazing,subbing rn!

  • Smudgekitty

    I used these back in the 70’s lol, been on a hunt for a set for what seems like forever, found a bunch today at salvation army thrift store for $1.00, doing the happy dance, can’t wait to try them in my adult (as in made for 🤣) colouring books!

  • bleupapillons

    I just bought a brand new box of 60 at a drugstore discounted at 4$ i was wondering why all the boxes looked really tired, they must of been there for ages. They do color almost just as great as prisma premier, and definetely better than crayola. Did buy them because of nostalgia.

  • Catherine McCallen

    I’m from the US but I collect vintage colored pencils and have a rather large bunch of Laurentian and Laurentiens from some of the oldest versions made all the way up to the largest modern pack before they were discontinued. My very oldest are nearly as nice as modern Prisma premiers!! Definitely better than crayola any day. There are lots still available on eBay for anyone interested. I fixed a few loose leads by a bit of superglue in the end but most were still in great shape. The older ones have nice thick cores too which feel good to color with.
    I really like your parrot ❤️

  • Krystle and April

    Lolol I’m a Canadian from bc and I totally had laurentien as a kid!! This video totally took me back, I remember the clear plastic folder-case they came in and the snowy landscape picture on the front. So weird because thinking back, it feels like only a few years ago :-/


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