Artists Draw Sekiro Bosses (That They’ve Never Seen)

– [Nathan] Welcome to Drawfee
where we take dumb ideas – [Jacob] And make even dumber drawings. – I’m Nathan.
– I’m Jacob. – I’m Julia.
– And I’m Karina. – [Nathan] And at the
time of recording this there’s a new hot game out called Sekiro. – [Jacob] Shadows die twice. – [Nathan] Shadows die twice and – [Jacob] I bet you didn’t
know that about shadows. – [Nathan] No, I didn’t know shadows – [Julia] You learn
something new every day. – [Nathan] You learn
something new every day from a video game title. So maybe people will
still be playing this game by the time this video comes out. – [Jacob] They will, everyone
plays these games forever, yeah it never ends with the whole series. – [Nathan] Is it a new class, is it of the Souls, is
it one of the Souls? – [Jacob] Yes, it’s made by that studio, it’s their new game. – [Nathan] It’s a Souls style game. – [Jacob] Everyone’s all hyped about it, I’m all hyped about it. – [Nathan] Hell yes. – [Jacob] I haven’t quite beaten it yet at the time of recording
this, but I’m very close. So I know most all the
bosses at this point and I feel, there will
be spoilers in this. If you don’t want any
spoilers for the game or like the names of bosses
or like little lore tidbits. – [Nathan] So it’s good
this video’s coming out a little late so more
people have had a chance to get through the game. – [Jacob] We did it on
purpose for you the listener. – [Nathan] Everything we
do here is on purpose. – [Jacob] It’s intentional. – [Julia] We’re a very
well planned and organized YouTube channel. – [Nathan] Don’t ever think otherwise. So we’re gonna in the
style of our Dark Souls and Bloodborne bosses,
based on description, Karina, Julia, and I
have not played Sekiro, we don’t know much about it. And so Jacob you’re just gonna
describe some bosses for us and we’re gonna draw whatever
comes into our little heads. – [Jacob] I sure am gonna do that. Sekiro interestingly enough
only has a handful of bosses, but a metric ton of mini bosses, it’s a very mini boss heavy game. And the mini bosses tend to
be the weirder ones also, so I’m actually giving
you mini boss names. – [Nathan] I’ll take it. – [Jacob] Which also means
we could do another video with normal bosses later. – [All] Wow. – [Jacob] Nathan, are you
ready for your mini boss? – [Nathan] I’m mini ready. – [Jacob] Your mini boss – [Nathan] Yeah? – [Jacob] Is Juzou the Drunkard. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] And I will
give you a bit of lore. – [Nathan] Tell me a little
bit about Juzou the Drunkard. – [Jacob] Juzou the
Drunkard, he’s a drunkard. He used to be an unrivaled sumo wrestler that once served a great feudal lord. – [Nathan] He’s a big boy. – [Jacob] He’s a big boy. – He’s a big boy.
– So big. – [Julia] How much alcohol
must there be involved in to get someone so big so drunk? For him to be a drunkard. – [Jacob] A lot. Apparently he was
dismissed from his position as an unrivaled sumo wrestler because he got too drunk all the time. And so he fell to a life of brigandry. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] And as such, he was
dubbed Juzou the Drunkard. That became his name, so he’s so known for like getting drunk and just like wrecking shop, that that’s his name
that everyone calls him and he’s like yeah, that’s accurate. – [Nathan] That’s me. – That’s me.
– That’s me. – [Jacob] I’m the big asshole. – [Nathan] I’m the big drunk asshole. – [Jacob] I’m the big drunk asshole. – [Nathan] Don’t get it twisted. – [Jacob] Too drunk to sumo wrestle. But just drunk enough to rob
and pillage and burn things. – [Nathan] Yeah, you
gotta be a little drunk to do those things I figure. – [Jacob] He’s a pretty
early mini boss in the game and he’s a pretty tough fight ’cause you’re pretty
new when you fight him. – [Julia] Aren’t all
the fights pretty rough? It’s from Soft Game. – [Jacob] They are all pretty rough, but this one is, all the early ones tend to take a little more effort ’cause you don’t quite
know how to play yet. And it’s hard. He’s also just like when you find him, he’s just chilling in front of a building that is very much burning down. Him and like all his boys. Juzuo and the boys. – [Julia] What’s some of his
like attacks that he does? – [Jacob] Oh, he’s got attacks. He’s got a big ole sword
and he swings it around, it’s one of those really long curved ones. – [Julia] Who gave that drunk man a knife? – [Nathan] You can’t use a sword in sumo. – [Jacob] Well he’s not
sumo anymore, Nathan – [Karina] Yeah, he was dismissed. – [Jacob] Maybe that’s
why he got dismissed, he kept using a sword. – [Nathan] He kept getting
drunk and forgetting the rules. – [Jacob] And just using
a giant sword to do sumo. He also likes to take
big swigs of his drink and then spit it all over you. – Oh.
– Ew. – [Julia] That’s just gross. – [Karina] That’s rude. – [Jacob] I believe it poisons you. – [Julia] So he’s drunk off of poison. – [Jacob] Well alcohol is poison. – [Nathan] Alcohol is poison, Julia. – [Julia] That’s true. It has to be some really strong alcohol that poisons you on touch. – [Jacob] Your main character in the game is a known tea totaller,
he does not consume alcohol or do drugs of any kind. And so it damages is psyche
to have it spit all over him. – [Julia] Yeah, Nathan,
you’ve drawn a big naked baby. – [Nathan] I drew a yeah. He’s a big, a gotta give him
his like this thing, right? ‘Cause it’s sumo, sumo boy? – [Jacob] Yeah, they all have that. – [Nathan] They all have that. – [Jacob] And they’re all big babies. – [Nathan] And they’re all big babies. – [Jacob] And they slam their
bellies into each other. – [Nathan] And they
push, they do big pushes. – [Jacob] Yeah, they do big pushes. – [Nathan] They do big
pushes and they do a lot of, it’s a lot of posturing, right, in sumo? It’s a lot of like bluffs and faints trying to psych the opponent
out so that they waste their big push energy. – [Jacob] Yeah, their push
energy will get all used up and so then you’ve got
all the push energy. And you can get them shoved
right out of the ring. Sumo baby, they also eat
like a million calories. – [Nathan] Yeah, you gotta. – [Jacob] It’s an insane
amount of food they have to eat to maintain their push energy. You ever try pushing something? It’s hard.
– It is hard! – [Jacob] It uses a lot of energy. – [Julia] It’s why I
don’t do it, you know? I just don’t push anything. I’m more of a pull person. – [Jacob] Definitely
more of a pull person. – [Nathan] You said he’s got a big sword? – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s one of
those big, long, curvy ones. – [Nathan] A big, long, curvy one. – [Jacob] Like it curves, it’s like a big, fat katana. – [Nathan] Oh hell yeah. That rules. – [Jacob] It’s really
long and curves way more than a katana does, you
know what I’m talking about. I forget what they’re called,
there’s a name for them. – [Nathan] Like this? A big fat katana? – [Jacob] I like that, it’s not correct, but I do like it. So I will accept it. I have to imagine based on like the game that Juzuo’s like a pretty
fun dude to be around ’cause he’s got so many boys. – [Nathan] He’s got so many boys. I mean I imagine, yeah, if there was like a guy who was huge and all you had to do was be his buddy and he protected you, I’d be into that. – [Jacob] Even if you
had to do a bunch of like robberies and murders? – [Nathan] Maybe not murders. – [Julia] Is it an adachi, or a nodachi? – [Jacob] You know, I don’t know. But thank you for trying. – [Nathan] I don’t nodachi. – [Julia] I think it’s a nodachi. – [Jacob] It could be,
do you have a picture? – [Julia] I do have a picture. It’s one of those. – [Jacob] I think it’s a it’s big, it’s real big. I think it’s even bigger than those. – [Julia] Wow, that’s big. – [Jacob] Look at this big diapie. – [Julia] Is it a tachi? – [Jacob] This is going nowhere, I will not be able to
answer these questions. – [Nathan] Someone in
the comments let us know what kind of sword. – [Julia] It’s going to
be all of the comments. – [Nathan] This drunk baby’s – [Jacob] Well it’ll be better ’cause I’m not claiming to
know and then being wrong like I normally do. And so people won’t yell at
me, they’ll just tell me. – [Karina] That usually goes over so well. – [Jacob] People love it when you say something really confidently and then are super wrong about it. And I do that all the
time on this program. – [Julia] Tachi is known as big sword. – [Jacob] Tachi has big sword. – [Nathan] I can’t believe this. – [Karina] Nathan. – [Jacob] Fix it. Fix it. – [Julia] Zoomed out,
took a breath and went, I can’t believe this. – [Nathan] I can’t believe
how far it zoomed out. – [Jacob] It really went away. – [Nathan] I gave him such big legs. – [Karina] Is he just perma-squat? – [Nathan] Yeah, this
is the drinking squat. – [Jacob] Yeah, he squats
down to take a big swig and then uses his big strong
legs to do a good push. – [Julia] That one leg is so, that thigh is so long
compared to the other one. – [Karina] It’s kind of going behind him. – [Jacob] If he stood up
straight, his legs would be like – [Nathan] He can’t. He can never. – [Jacob] He’s not allowed to. – [Karina] He’s like 10 feet tall. – [Nathan] That’s kinda
what Smo’s legs do right? – [Jacob] Yeah, in Dark Souls? He kinda has little legs based on his giant body and tiny head. Just make it even bigger. – [Nathan] I’m gonna make, well I wanna make them the same. His legs need to be the same. – [Julia] It’s like a little spider-y now and it’s freaking me out. – [Jacob] Yeah, I feel like
he would skitter a bit. – [Nathan] Look, like everything, everything in a Soul’s
game is like a little a little sort of – [Julia] A little buggy? – [Nathan] Or I was
just, a little uncanny. A little creepy. – [Julia] Yeah, true, true, true. – [Jacob] His sword’s like a big banana. – [Nathan] It’s a big banana sword. – [Julia] Oh that’s the name of the sword. – [Jacob] The banana sword. – [Nathan] Banana sword. – [Jacob] Banana sword ding,
ding, ding, ding, ding, – [Nahtan] He’s got a little belly button. – [Jacob] What a sloppy,
nasty baby you’ve made. – [Nathan] Is this not him? I guess he’s not a sumo, maybe he’s got like a
little bit of facial hair. – [Jacob] That’s how you know he’s like going through a rough patch. He’s former sumo, he’s let
himself go a little bit. – [Nathan] Yeah, how does the diapie work? It’s got like one of these, and then it’s got like sort of like a bow. – [Jacob] There is like
a back bow, yeah right? – [Julia] Yeah, I regret
to inform everyone that a banana sword is an item in Neopets. – No!
– Yes! – [Jacob] Karina, you’ve cursed us. – [Julia] Karina. You’ve cursed us. – [Nathan] The sword’s
going into the ground, it’s so long. – [Jacob] It’s so long,
you don’t even know. – [Nathan] It’s coming out the other side. – [Karina] Freshly planted. – [Jacob] It’s really curvy. – [Nathan] It’s really curvy, you said it was really curvy, right? – [Jacob] Yeah, I think that’s accurate. – [Nathan] So it’s a real curvy sword, the blade switches sides, no that’s right, that’s right. – [Jacob] Yeah, that’s right, you got it. – [Julia] Perfect. – [Jacob] Nathan, you did it, it’s a flawless representation. – [Karina] This can’t not be
what it actually looks like. – Right?
– There’s no way. – [Nathan] Alright, let me look him up. – [Julia] There’s our big boy. – [Karina] You were close. – [Jacob] Yeah, he is a big boy and he’s got a long curved sword, I think it is one of the odachi, long odachis you were showing me, Julia. – [Nathan] He’s a little meaner looking. – [Jacob] He’s very mean, yeah. – [Karina] You made your
sword a little too long. – [Julia] Just a little, though. – It’s slightly too long.
– Just a smidge. – [Jacob] It’s a full semi circle. – [Nathan] I didn’t make
him sweaty enough either, I forgot. – [Jacob] Yeah, you forgot
how wet he was supposed to be. – [Nathan] How wet and sweaty you get when you’re a big drunkard. – [Jacob] When you’re
a big angry drunk baby. – [Julia] In front of a burning building. – [Karina] Yeah, it’s like hot. – [Jacob] He doesn’t
have to hang out there, I don’t know why he chooses to. – [Karina] He just likes it. – [Nathan] Well. (laughing) – [Jacob] You nailed it, Nathan. – [Julia] It’s Karina’s turn. – [Jacob] Let’s get Karina in here. Your mini boss, I picked one for you that’s kinda got like a cool name, ’cause I figured you
might draw a cool thing. – [Karina] Oh boy. – [Jacob] You’re good
at drawing cool things. – [Karina] On this show? – [Jacob] Your mini boss is named Snake Eyes Shirahagi. – [Karina] Wow. He’s got snake eyes? – [Jacob] The Snake Eyes
are an elite force of women who command the gun fort. – The gun fort!
– The gun fort! – [Jacob] They’re able
to hit far away targets with their flint cannons thanks
to their phenomenal vision. – [Nathan] So that’s,
that’s Princess Mononoke. That’s just the plot of Princess Mononoke. – [Julia] This one has a sign
outside that says girls only. – [Jacob] Yeah, girls
only in the gun fort. – [Nathan] Girls only in the gun fort. – [Jacob] Boys don’t
like guns in this worlds. They’re like guns, no thank you. – [Julia] Swords, hell yeah. – [Jacob] Big banana sword. – [Karina] Are you telling me I have to draw a gun from memory? – [Jacob] You have to draw – [Karina] Like an old time-y gun. – [Jacob] Yeah, a flint cannon. – [Karina] I don’t know what that is. – [Jacob] Well you know, that’s
part of the joy of creation. – [Julia] Design your own, Karina. – [Karina] I guess so. – [Julia] Let your imagination run wild. – [Nathan] So this is the
leader of those women? – [Jacob] Yes, this is one of the like the elite women. – [Nathan] And what’s her name again? – [Jacob] Snake Eyes Shirahagi. – [Nathan] Shirahagi. – [Jacob] There’s also another one named Snake Eyes Shirafuji. And there’s another little piece of lore, fuji and hagi are both the
name of a type of flower and the prefix shira means white. – [Julia] Nice. – [Karina] There we go. – [Nathan] And they’re both snake eyes. – [Jacob] And they’re both snake eyes. And they fucking suck to fight. I should say. – [Nathan] Do you get a gun? – No.
– No. – [Jacob] Of course not. – [Nathan] So you gotta
fight gun with sword. – [Jacob] You fight gun with
sword and you would think oh I’ll just get in close and then they don’t have time to gun, but they have a whole host of attacks that are designed just to bash you away and then blast you real fast. So if you get caught even a little bit, – [Nathan] The old bash and blast. – [Jacob] The old bash and blast. – [Nathan] Dang. – [Jacob] And if you’re far away, they can see you from
across like the planet. – [Julia] They got them snake eyes. – [Jacob] Will just snipe your ass. – [Nathan] Well why are you even trying to get into their gun fort? – [Karina] What’d you do? – [Nathan] No boys allowed. – [Jacob] It’s no boys and it’s, but you have to go through the gun fort to get where you’re trying to go. – How big is it?
– You can’t just go around? – [Jacob] The gun fort? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] Well it’s like
built in to like a mountain that you kind of have to go through. – [Nathan] Unbelievable. – [Jacob] There’s no way around. Everything in Sekiro is
up on a high mountain. Like literally every place
is up on a high mountain. There’s only so many passages that are not perilous. This one’s pretty perilous, though. This is the gun fort. – [Karina] Sounds like you’re
just making your journey difficult for yourself. – [Jacob] I like this pose
you got going already. – [Karina] I’m trying to make it cool. – [Julia] She’s got like a
rocket launcher going on. – [Karian] I don’t know
what a flint cannon is. – [Nathan] It’s a rocket launcher. – [Karina] So we’re going with – [Nathan] It’s a fantasy rocket launcher. – [Karina] Like a cannon cannon, – Sure.
– Yeah. This is canon. – [Jacob] This cannon is canon. Yeah, you fight these characters
like twice in the game. And once you fight on like – [Karina] You keep bothering them? – [Jacob] Well you, there’s two of them. And you kill both. And you have to, you can’t not kill them. – [Nathan] Are some of them, are some of the bosses
you’re allowed to not kill? – [Jacob] Yeah, there’s
a lot of mini bosses you don’t have to kill, you can just go by if you want. – [Nathan] But you have to
kill the cool gun ladies. – [Jacob] If you kill them you get an item that if you get four of it, it increases your maximum
health and vitality kind of like heart pieces. – [Nathan] So you want it, you wanna kill. – [Jacob] You wanna kill
mini bosses to get those, but you don’t have to. – [Nathan] You’re rewarded
for killing in this game. Because shadows die twice. – [Jacob] Shadows die twice. – [Nathan] But they kill many times. – [Jacob] They kill so many times. – [Karina] They can’t stop. – [Jacob] And also you
die way more than twice I’ll tell you that right now. One of my favorite things about the game is there’s this thing called dragon rot and so like in the lore of the game your character always comes
back to life when he dies, but in exchange for that
the people around him that he’s close to get sicker and sicker the more you die and so if you’re fighting a really hard boss you keep resurrecting and these pop ups just keep showing up it’s like oh, sculptor got dragon rot. Oh, merchant got dragon rot. Like, you just keep seeing
the people around you getting more and more ill
as you continuously die to like this one mean man. – [Julia] Your failures
are literally causing harm to other people. Stop messing up. – [Jacob] So sometimes I’ll
like go into a boss fight, see how hard it is and
I’m just gonna be like, well sorry everyone, sorry guys, can I go let them know? Like get ready for some dragon rot ’cause this ain’t gonna go well. – [Nathan] What would
happen if you just didn’t? What if you were just like, no. – [Jacob] Didn’t die? – [Nathan] No you just didn’t, you just didn’t do the quest. You just hung out, you just stayed home. – [Karina] Yeah you just
hung out with your friends and they don’t get sick. – [Nathan] And they don’t get sick. Does anyone ever try and
like talk you out of it? Like hey, I notice that
you go away for a while and then everyone gets sick. – [Jacob] Could you chill with that? – [Nathan] They don’t get
sick when you don’t go away, it’s only when you leave. So, we’re all just gonna, we’re just gonna trap you in this room. – [Jacob] You could never trap
a shinobi in a room, Nathan. – [Nathan] That’s true. – [Jacob] No, they all support your cause, the ones that know about
what your cause is. – [Nathan] What is your cause in the game? What are you trying to do? – [Julia] Help a little boy. – [Nathan] Really? – [Jacob] You’re protecting this boy whose the divine heir
of the dragon heritage which is the heritage that let’s you come back to life when you die and a lot of people want his power and he can bestow it on people, but he doesn’t want to. – [Nathan] But he bestows it on you? – [Jacob] He bestows it on
you like in a urgent moment. Then you’re trying to help him sort of end the heritage altogether so that no one can take advantage of it. Karina, this face is super cool. I love the snake slit eyes. – [Karina] She’s got snake eyes. – [Jacob] She got snake eyes. – [Julia] Snake eyes. – [Karina] And like a modern gun. – Why not?
– Sure. There’s like a scope. It’s a snake scope. – [Jacob] It’s a snake scope. – [Karina] It’s a snake gun. – [Jacob] Like a snake mouth gun? It’s got like a big googly eye on it. – [Karina] No, that’s the snake. – [Nathan] Oh that’s the snake, it’s doing a wrap around. – [Jacob] I see, that’s much cooler. – [Karina] This is dangerous. – [Jacob] I thought the whole
gun was like a fat snake and it had like a big eye. – [Nathan] No, the snake
wrapped around it is cool. – [Jacob] That makes much more sense than what I was thinking which was stupid. – [Karina] Could be I don’t
know how to draw a snake. – [Jacob] I bet you can
draw a snake just fine. – [Julia] It’s a noodle with eyes. – [Nathan] So is the idea like they were gonna capture the boy and like torture him in order, until he like bestowed his power? Or something, like coerce him? – [Jacob] Yeah basically,
they’re trying to like coerce him into doing it, into giving them the power. – [Nathan] And he’s like I don’t wanna give this power to anybody. – [Jacob] Yeah, because when people get it they obviously, – [Nathan] They make everybody sick. – [Jacob] Hurting everyone around them and in a lust for their
own power and growth. So you know
– Dragon rot. – [Jacob] Dragon rot, watch out for it. – [Nathan] Watch out for that dragon rot. – [Jacob] If you notice that a
friend around you keeps dying and you keep getting sicker and sicker, – [Nathan] Maybe ask them to stop. – [Jacob] Maybe ask them
to start like, you know, watching out a little bit better. – [Karina] Is there any more
lore I should know about this? – [Jacob] No, I like what you’re doing. – [Karina] I’m kinda
just running with it now. – [Jacob] I think you’re
making something rad, you’re doing exactly what
I hoped that you would do. – [Karina] I’m just
gonna make her look cool. – [Nathan] Could you make her look cool? That’s what Jacob said at the beginning. – [Jacob] Yeah, that’s what I said. – [Nathan] Oh she got more snake stuff? Yeah, she’s got more snake stuff. – [Karina] It’s called a snatoo. – [Nathan] A snatoo,
is that what you said? – [Karina] Snake tattoo. – [Nathan] No I got it, I
just wanted to make sure I heard correctly that you
combined snake and tattoo into snatoo. – [Karina] Clearly. – [Nathan] I like snatoo. – [Jacob] I can tell
you if you wanna know, this wont’ really change
anything it’s just cool, that their, the descendants of a clan of women called the Okami clan that were inhuman warrior
women from the past, and these women are their descendants and they still have some
of that blood in them. – [Julia] Doesn’t Okami mean wolf? – [Nathan] Are they wolf women? – [Julia] They’re wolf snake ladies. – [Jacob] They’re snake eyes wolf women. – [Nathan] That sounds
like a Yu-Gi-Oh card. – [Jacob] It does. – [Nathan] Snake eyes wolf woman. – [Karina] Keep going, you are like one lore bit away from me
turning this into a furry. – [Jacob] I don’t wanna say anything else. – [Karina] I’ll do it. – [Jacob] Don’t do it. Yeah, the real ones you’ll see are not nearly as cool
as the one you’ve drawn, but I wanted to see a really cool one. – [Karina] I feel like knowing kind of what the art style of this game is I’m very off point. – [Jacob] But off point in the way that I wanted you to be. You’ve played right into my hand and you’ve drawn fan art for me. Drawfee is just a way for me to get Karina commissions for free. – [Nathan] Yeah, it’s been working. – [Jacob] It’s been
working flawlessly so far. – [Nathan] Yeah I’ve
got a pick a franchise that I wanna see Karina draw cool – [Karina] I mean I did
get all those Neopets, so – [Jacob] That’s what you get in return. – [Karina] Fine. – [Nathan] We drew those
flawless Neopets for you. – [Jacob] That you love. – [Nathan] That Quiggle. That perfect Quiggle Jacob drew. – [Jacob] You dream at
night of that Quiggle. – [Karina] Unfortunately. – [Jacob] I dream of Quiggle. – [Nathan] I can’t get that
Quiggle to leave my dreams. – [Jacob] And you’ve asked. – [Nathan] And I’ve asked. I’ve pleaded. – [Karina] Hello, Mr. Quiggle? – [Jacob] Could you not? – [Nathan] I’m always like taking an exam, and then Mr. Quiggle walks in. – [Karina] Mr. Quiggle. – [Nathan] And he’s my professor. – [Jacob] And then what,
where’s your pants? You forgot to wear them today. – [Nathan] Yeah ’cause
Mr. Quiggle ate them with his many tongues. – [Julia] That’s such a
happy snake on her robes. – [Karina] Snakes are just
kinda like that right? – [Jacob] Happy? – [Nathan] They’re happy to bite you. – [Karina] Yeah, they love biting. – [Nathan] Can’t get
enough of those bites. – [Karina] I’ve seen a
snake before, definitely. – [Jacob] I love the
angry snake on her gun. It’s just like mm. – [Karina] Yeah, this is her friend. – [Nathan] Is it, wait is that is that is a real snake or is that part of the design of the gun? Is is like a snake decal or
is it just an actual snake? – [Karina] It’s gonna be an actual snake. – [Nathan] Oh okay cool, cool, cool, cool. – [Karina] She just kinda has it with her. It’s like her little friend, she’ll like wear it over her
shoulders like Brittney Spears. – [Nathan] The gun gets
warm whenever she shoots it so the snake likes that. – [Karina] Yeah, yeah sure. That’s what I intended for sure. – [Nathan] For the snake to bask on. – [Jacob] Karina’s making her own lore for Snake Eyes Shirahagi. Or Shirafuji, take your pick. You can choose. – [Nathan] Shirahagi. – [Jacob] They look the same. – [Nathan] Wow, unbelievable. – [Karina] It’s old time-y so it probably I guess the fuse wouldn’t be lit. Not with a snake on it. – [Nathan] No, that’s why,
it’s warm so the snake – [Jacob] The snake loves it. – [Karina] It just got fired. – [Jacob] Get a little smoke out of there. – [Karina] The snake is just loving it. (laughing) – [Julia] Perfect. – [Nathan] Aw, fuck yeah. – [Karina] Okay I’ll stop. – [Julia] Nice, great let’s look her up. – [Jacob] This rules, I love it so much. – [Nathan] It’s very good. – [Julia] Snake eyes. – [Nathan] Shirahagi. – [Karina] Shira, oh whatever. – [Nathan] She’s sort of
wearing a ghillie suit. – [Jacob] She’s got sort of a ghillie suit and then is like wrapped in bandages around like her head and arms. – [Karina] I just kinda
of went with a more normal people approach I guess. – [Jacob] That’s what I wanted. – [Karina] Whoops. – [Jacob] It rules, I wanted
a cool woman with a snake gun and that’s what I got and I’m happy. – [Karina] I’m happy you’re happy, Jacob. – [Jacob] ‘Cause I had such a hard time fighting these women, I
wanna remember them as cool and not hated by me. – [Karina] Well, here you go. – [Jacob] Thank you very much. – [Karina] You’re welcome. – [Jacob] Julia. – [Julia] It’s time for me. – [Jacob] Please join. Now Julia. – [Jacob] Yes. – [Jacob] You’ve been hanging out with me while I played this game. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] So you’ve seen pretty much all the same things I’ve seen. – [Julia] Yeah, but do I
remember literally any of it is the real question. – [Jacob] You might, but I’d
like for you to do if you do, I just wanna get sorta your take on it. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] I want you to
put your own spin on it. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] And I think
this one won’t be hard to put your own spin on. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] Because this mini boss is called Long-Arm Centipede Giraffe. (laughing) – [Julia] So I definitely don’t remember what these look like
and I’m not doing a bit, I legitimately don’t
remember what it looks like. – [Jacob] I’ll give
you a bit of lore here. – [Julia] Okay, please do. – [Jacob] Centipede long arms are the chiefs of the centipedes. These centipedes will seek out a leader and often change loyalty. Long arm centipedes have their name from their large talon like weapons. – [Nathan] What about giraffe? – [Jacob] There’s also a theory
about this one in particular whose name is Giraffe. – [Nathan] Oh okay, that’s just his name. – [Jacob] Unlike long
arm centipede Sen-Un, this mini boss doesn’t seem to claim any centipede followers. Since it is said that
centipedes choose a leader and often change loyalty, it is possible that long arm centipede Giraffe was once a leader of centipedes, but his followers chose
long arm centipede Sen-Un as their new leader, leaving long arm centipede Giraffe without any followers. – [Nathan] They’re not real centipedes. – [Karina] He got canceled. – [Nathan] That’s like the name – [Jacob] It’s sort of
a title, but kind of. – [Nathan] They are kind of? – [Julia] I mean I’m definitely
going to draw a centipede and I don’t want any, yeah. – [Nathan] I don’t want any. – [Julia] I don’t want anything else other than to draw a big gross centipede long armed giraffe man. – [Jacob] Just make sure
he’s sort of got the energy of like I once had followers,
but now they all left me for the other cooler centipede. – [Julia] Oh okay, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Karina] Definitely problematic. – [Nathan] What was the guy’s name who they left Giraffe for? – [Jacob] Sen-Un. – [Nathan] That’s not a
cooler name than Giraffe. – [Jacob] It’s not, but maybe he was a cooler, stronger centipede. – [Nathan] Maybe he had a
better management style. – [Jacob] Yeah, that resonated more with his centipede followers. – [Nathan] He responded
to worker complaints. Centipede complaints. – [Jacob] Held more one on one meetings. Really got to know the needs of his. – [Julia] I forgot – [Nathan] The needs of his pedes. – [Jacob] The needs of his pedes. – [Julia] I really wanna get in some of that energy that
we were just talking about. Just like, awe. – [Nathan] Oh he’s so droopy. – [Julia] I want him to
be just really droopy. – [Nathan] His arms are so long when he dangles them they get, oh no. – [Jacob] My arms are pretty long, but I guess they weren’t
as long as they other guys. – [Nathan] You can’t out run
the long arm of the centipede? – Centipede Giraffe.
– That’s not the expression. I guess it is, oh well. – [Jacob] Oh well, who
am I even talking to? – [Nathan] Not one of my
followers that’s for sure. They all left. – [Jacob] Bunch of fair weather
followers if you ask me. – [Nathan] Don’t know if I mentioned how many followers I used to have, but I used to have quite a few, but they all left. – [Jacob] Karina looks very displeased. – [Nathan] You’re not
gonna leave me are you? – [Jacob] I do gotta go actually, sorry.=[Nathan] Yeah, there’s the centipede. – [Julia] Yeah just get – [Jacob] Oh cool, you just
put like a little robe on him.=[Nathan] OH it looks like a tongue now. – [Jacob] It does. – [Nathan] That is kind of what a centipede looks like though. – [ Karina] I’ve never looked
directly at a centipede. – That’s a wise choice.
– They disgust me. – [Nathan] Centipedes and eclipses. You’re not supposed to
look directly at either. – [Karina] That’s just science. – [Nathan] That’s just science. – [Jacob] If you look
directly at a centipede you’ll go blind with terror. – [Julia] Now I gotta tackle, Giraffe, but he’s not actually a giraffe. – [Nathan] Well he’s not
actually a centipede. Is he actually a centipede? – [Julia] I don’t know if
he’s actually a centipede, but – [Karina] That was unclear. – [Nathan] But his name is Giraffe. – [Jacob] My answer was
kind of and I stand by that. – [Nathan] So he’s kind of a centipede, but Giraffe’s just his name. – [Jacob] Giraffe was his name, but maybe he was named that because he looks like a giraffe. – [Karian] Maybe he just
really likes giraffes. – [Jacob] It was his chosen name. – [Nathan] His parents named him Gerald and he was like no, call me Giraffe. – [Jacob] And his parents were like I don’t think we will do that, Gerald. – [Karina] I don’t think we will do that. – [Jacob] I don’t think we’re
gonna do that for you, bud. – [Nathan] Giraffe is
spelled like my last name, but you don’t pronounce the e. – [Jacob] Giraffe-y. Nathan Giraffe-y. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] If you had a really long neck, that’s what I’d call you to bully you. – [Nathan] That’d be pretty good. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’d be pretty good. – [Nathan] If I had a really long neck I’d for sure be self conscious about it. – [Jacob] And I would be
sure to point that out a lot. – [Nathan] Well I’m glad
my neck is regular length. So we have avoided this entire situation. And we’re good friends instead. – [Jacob] And we’re good friends instead. – [Nathan] And you’re not a bully to me. – [Jacob] Brutal nemeses. – [Nathan] This is a cool – [Jacob] Yeah I like this, like he’s got a long neck and I guess that’s why he’s called Giraffe and this little lanky hair. – [Julia] Well I want it to be like – [Karina] Lanky hair. – [Julia] Buggish, you know. Just a weird dragging, skitter, dragging. (laughing) – [Jacob] You inspired yourself. – [Nathan] Julia got real excited. – [Julia] Dragging. – [Jacob] You can drag the sleeves. – [Julia] Dragging. – [Jacob] I like that
the way you’ve designed this mini boss, he appears to have no sort of recourse in terms
of actually fighting you. – [Julia] Oh yeah, he has weapons, right? – [Jacob] Like if you attack
him I think he would just like not be able to do too much. – [Julia] What are his weapons,
what does he fight with? – [Jacob] He’s got long
talon like weapons. – [Karina] Talon. – [Jacob] Talon Like. – [Karina] Weapons. – [Jacob] This is you
know, a Souls born episode so I have to say blank like. It’s always like something. Yeah, they have large talon like weapons, that’s the exact description. – [Julia] I want him to talons, Talons. – [Karina] Talon like. – [Nathan] Talon like weapons. Is he just flicking us off? – [Julia] Talon like, the bird. He flips you the bird. – [Nathan] It looked
like you started drawing your classis hand pose. – [Julia] No, no, no. – [Nathan] Okay, he’s got Wolverines. – [Julia] Yeah, he’s
got some Wolverine claws and some meat tenderizing looking things sticking in between his fingers. – [Jacob] You tenderize meat with claws. – [Julia] Well it’s like
those shredders, right? The meat shredders? – [Jacob] Oh, one of the shredders, yeah. – [Nathan] You make it tender by cutting it into smaller pieces. – [Julia] Yeah, that’s a
way of doing it, right? – [Jacob] You make it
tender with a mallet, a spiky mallet. – [Nathan] Yeah I know. I know. – [Jacob] This is a cool
shape on this like back part you got here. – [Nathan] Are you gonna
give it little leggies. – [Julia] You know it. – [Jacob] Oh, these don’t
even touch the ground. Why is he walking this way? – [Karina] It wouldn’t be a
centipede if it didn’t upset me. (laughing) – [Julia] I’m upset. – [Nathan] That’s how you hear all this, you gotta keep Karina close so you know when something’s upsetting. Hey are you upset yet? – [Karina] So far so good. – [Jacob] That passes the litmus test. – [Nathan] So it must be a millipede. – [Nathan] Oh he’s drooling a little bit. – [Jacob] With that face. – [Julia] I want a little bit of drool, – [Nathan] I didn’t make my guy wet enough so please, oh. – [Julia] Maybe he’s like a, he’s like a big centipede and he like drops little ones behind him and like – [Jacob] And they grow into his followers and ultimately leave him. For long arm centipede Sen-Un. – [Julia] Yeah he’s have an
empty nest syndrome a little bit so he’s some new. – [Nathan] He’s making
some new baby centipedes. – [Jacob] Maybe these
ones won’t ever see Sen-Un and know how cool he is. They’ll stay with me, Giraffe. – [Nathan] Is Giraffe one of the ones you have the option to not kill. – [Jacob] I believe you
have to kill Giraffe. – [Karina] You just gotta, look at it. – [Julia] He’s so pathetic,
just put it out of it’s misery. – [Nathan] Of all of
the bosses you’ve given I think I most want Giraffe to die. – [Jacob] Yeah. To be clear though Sen-Un,
you do not have to kill. He can keep on living
with his many followers and his cool house. – [Nathan] Sen-Un sounds pretty good, he’s got all those followers. – [Jacob] Yeah, but
Giraffe he’s gonna ago. This is untenable, it’s up to
you to resolve this situation. – [Julia] I want it to
be all like tattered ’cause he walked and he’s been dragging all this stuff around. – [Jacob] It’s just like take
care of yourself a little bit. Can we get Queer Eye in
here to help this guy out? – [Julia] Learn to love yourself and learn to get rid of
all the bugs in your life. Oh my sad child, is this? – [Karina] Is this? – [Nathan] ‘Cause it’s certainly. – [Julia] He’s a little surprised. Oh sorry, I didn’t see you there. – [Nathan] I was just
talking with my children. Followers. – [Julia] Come children, let us go. – [Nathan] This is Giraffe. – [Jacob] This is done, right? It is. – [Nathan] She keeps drawing things – [Jacob] She keeps drawing bugs. – [Julia] I’m just
gonna keep drawing bugs. – [Jacob] Let’s look up the real one. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Hold on, okay. – [Julia] Okay, oh that’s right. – [Nathan] What is, what am I? – [Jacob] You gotta get
a shot that you can, it’s hard to tell – [Nathan] What am I looking at? – [Jacob] When he’s not in
motion, click that third one. – [Nathan] Hey buddy. – [Julia] He’s got arms out of his arms. – [Jacob] Yeah, he’s like
covered in like sort of centipede like legs. – [Julia] There’s a good photo. – [Jacob] Yeah, he crawls
around on his hands and feet. – [Julia] Oh, I got the claws right. – [Jacob] He does have Wolverines – [Julia] Yeah Go me, I remembered something. – [Nathan] Who said that,
who let people get like this? Guys? – [Jacob] Why did you let
someone get like this? And not just someone, but multiple people. – [Nathan] Why is this
a whole class of people? – [Jacob] It’s just
the way in Sekiro town. – [Karina] Well that’s not him. – [Jacob] Maybe I can take
some screen caps or something. – [Nathan] Yeah, do some
actual gameplay screen caps. – [Julia] I like that it says
his weakness is poor posture. You’re gonna get scoliosis
eventually and die. – [Jacob] Yeah yours
definitely has poor posture. – [Nathan] Wow. – Well.
– Well, – [Julia] We did something. – [Jacob] These are Sekiro mini bosses if you liked this, maybe
we’ll do another one with actual bosses, and let us know what other kind of stuff you wanna see us do. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Julia And Karina] Yeah. – [Julia] Otherwise, I’m sorry. – [Karina] I’m a little sorry. – [Nathan] Please don’t leave us for another YouTube channel. Stay with us and Giraffe. We’re sorry.
– We’re sorry.

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