Artstig: Clay Sculpture | Team Yey Season 3 (With Eng Subs)

The ingredients
we’ll need are… 1/2 cup cornstarch, 1/2 cup white glue, 2 spoonfuls of
baby oil, acrylic paint, and a microwave oven. Basically, we’ll just mix
the ingredients. First, pour the cornstarch
into a bowl. Then, add 1/2 cup white glue. Let’s use a spatula to
let all the glue off. – Is it the faster way?
– Yes. Then, mix it. Make sure you mix it well so there won’t be any
powder residue left. Afterwards, add 2 spoon of baby oil. This is the recipe
for making clay. See? It’s starting to
look like clay. But we’re not done yet. We’ll put the mixture
in the microwave. Kuya Pepot, we should use
a microwave-safe bowl, right? Yes. It has to be
microwaveable. If not, the bowl might burn up
or get damaged. There! Let’s heat it for
30 seconds. – Yay!
– Yay! – Okay.
– There! It’s done! I’m excited! Wow! I’ll just mix it a little more
to cool it down. You may apply some
lotion in your hands. so you can knead
the clay easier. – You want?
– Yeah. – Here, Andrei.
– We can use this now. Awesome!
We have clay now! I didn’t know it’s easy
to make clay. – Let’s make some more!
– Sure! Kuya Pepot,
what will we do next? Didn’t you introduce yourselves
as superheroes earlier? Yeah! We’ll, let’s do that again. Yay! I’m excited! What’s next, Kuya Pepot? Your mission is to make clay
sculptures of superheroes Based on your characters. If they’re supposed to have gadgets,
we’ll make them too. I like that! Kuya Pepot, what are
those stuff for? Are we going to use them? Of course! This is what we’ll use
for the armatures. Armature? Yeah. Armatures are basically the
skeleton ou our sculptures. Like the bones in our body? That’s right. We need armatures to make
our clay stractures sturdy. So, we’ll use materials
like plastic bottles, popsicle sticks, styro balls, and glue gun. You have to be careful with the
glue gun because it’s really hot. So, this bottle will be the
armature for the body. Then, this styro ball
will be the head. Let’s put them together. – Can I have one?
– Okay. Here we go. – Althea.
– Thank you! – Styrobone.
– Styro ball. First, we’ll put glue on
the bottle’s rim. There. Then, try to attach
the styro ball. Can I borrow that? There! – You got it!
– Yeah! Let’s wait for it to… – to dry.
– Yes, to dry. – Okay, next…
– Yay! I’ll give you popsicle sticks. What are your
sculptures missing? Arms and legs! That’s right. – I’ll put it here.
– Alright. Put some glue at one end
of your popsicle stick. And then you attach it
right here. Oh, I see! And then… You have to place the stick
on the other side. There we go. If you want them
to have an elbows, you can break the
popsicle stick in half. Just like that. What if I put too much glue? Don’t pull the trigger hard. I’m done! – Wow!
– That’s great! Very good. – I think I made a mistake.
– It’s okay. I think it looks like me. I’m done. – I’m done too.
– It looks great! Now that we have armatures,
what do we add next? Skin! That’s right! This process is simple. Just wrap the armatures
with clay to make their skin. Do it this way. – I’ll help you.
– Like this? Oh no! It fell! – Just put more here.
– Okay. It looks like it’s wearing
a table napkin. Yeah. It does look like it. – Put some here.
– Okay. Hold it steady. Add some more clay. – It’s so white!
– Are you almost done? Add more on the legs. – Be careful.
– Are you guys done? There! Now that you’ve added skin
to your sculptures, You can finally paint them. – Alright!
– Let’s paint! This looks cute. Needs more paint… – You can use this.
– Okay. Let’s see… Wow.
You’re all done! What’s your
superhero team called? How about… Super Duper Amazing Yey? That’s too long. How about Y-Men? Or Y-Men and Women. I know!
Let’s call ourselves Team Yey!

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