– Get the spikes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Over this, over me. (laughing) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) – Looks like a big piece of pizza. – Hey guys! Hello, hello, hello. – Is it my turn yet? – Hello. – Is it my turn? – Hey guys! So, today we are eating this insane brush. It is the world’s largest brush. – Edible brush. – Edible brush. – She had to bring in the big guns for it. (Naomi chuckles) – Make sure you go check out
his channel, Finest Fitness. His links will be in the description. Honestly, the number one gym in Canada. But yeah, today I thought I
would invite my friend Fabbio to eat this brush with me and like you were ecstatic, weren’t you? – I was very excited. And I told her it’s time to bring it 10 times the size, baby. – So, alright guys, I just want to give a quick shoutout to Francesco. You were the first person
to say how many times a raptor popped up in my last video. So congrats. And I also loved that you put
the little times, timestamps, so brownie points. And also, just a quick disclaimer that everything in this video is made with 100% real ingredients. This is not a real hairbrush. Do not eat a hairbrush, ’cause that would be very harmful. A lot of you ask me why I even need to do these disclaimers. It is because there is vulnerable people out there that literally think these are real household items that I am eating. So, no, this is not real. This is fake, made with completely 100% real ingredients. Okay, this nearly took me, I’m not even joking, 48 hours to do. It took me a very long time. – And we’re probably gonna eat it in about three minutes, so. – A three minutes, wow. – I thought we were doing a time trail? – No, definitely not. Food challenging us. – That’s the next time then. – But like doesn’t this look crazy, guys? Like it kind of gives me those vibes, you know, that one movie “Mad Max” with like the spikes. This reminds me of that. And it’s all edible. It is Rice Krispies Treats. A ton of Rice Krispies Treats, like this weighs 15 pounds, or more than that. Probably 20 pounds. – Yeah, it’s awesome. So, the main question is, what made you want to eat this brush? – Well, doesn’t everybody want to eat the world’s largest brush? Like, I don’t know. Oh wait, these kinda look like, you know, those stir sticks. (giggling) They look like stir sticks. They seriously do. Okay, so guys, before we start, I want you to go to my
Instagram right now. Follow me and follow him. And the first 20 people that go to both of our DMs that tell us what their favorite… – Workout is. (laughing) – Yeah. Your favorite workout, we will respond to the first 20. So be quick, ’cause you
guys are super fast. So are we gonna jump into this now? – I would say take a few minutes to relax. Digesting my last meal first, but if you’re ready. – I think we should start. I’m actually really excited to try these, these little things. – Okay, how’d you want
to start doing this? – Do you want to start at that end and I start on this end? – Whatever you think. – No, no, no. No, no, no, okay, ‘kay, ‘kay. Let’s, okay, let’s hold it up and I’m gonna bite it. – Okay, let’s do it. – Okay. Oh, no. – You’re good. – Okay wait, over the mic. Over fit, over (laughs) – Get a bite over. (crunching) Oh. (crunching) Oh my gosh. (chomping) Okay, well let me go for a bite now. (chuckles) (chomping) That’s probably the best comb I’ve eaten in my life. – Okay, let’s both take a slab of this. – Okay.
– Okay. So I’m gonna get a knife. We have our knives. (burping) (chuckles) – Don’t try this at home. – Yeah guys, like seriously, don’t do this at home. Like we’re professionals, well I’m a professional,
he’s definitely not. – I’m definitely not a professional. But still, don’t do this at home. – Get a lot of that stuff. Get the spikes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – We have to find our plates first. – No, you can eat it with your hands. Eat it with your hands. – Okay. Take mine like a pizza. (giggles) – Okay, that looks good. – Pizza shaped foods. (crunching) (chomping) – You have to have the spikes. (crunching) (crunching) By the way, my dog is eating his food. (crunching) Get the spikes. Jump it. (crunching) (crunches) (chomping) (crunching) That was good. That was good. Is it good pizza? – It tastes just like pizza. Not really though. – I’m going to, I’m gonna cut down the center. Okay. (knife grinding) – That’s the stuff. You could do it. Oh my gosh. Wow. Wow. – Crazy. Alright. I’m gonna eat this. Okay wait, maybe. Do I want this part? (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) – How’s it taste? (chomping) – I enjoy it. (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) – Like we said, don’t try this at home. – Yeah, seriously. Guys, don’t do this at home. Seriously. – Even though it’s delicious. – Do you want half of this? – Let me see it. – Should we cut it though? – I don’t know, we should just grab it. I’m going from the center. Just like a big piece of pizza. (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) – It’s a nice little mixture of dense, hard, crunchy bits, with soft marshmallowy fluffy bites. – It’s quite sugary. – He’s actually correct. – It’s not zero-calorie, just in case you’re wondering. – It is definitely not
a zero-calorie thing. And you look a little scary, after. Here, give me. (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) – Can I have that knife? (crunching) (chomping) – We should probably do like leg day after this, right? (crunching) – Watch yourself here. (crunching) (chomping) – Oh gosh. (crunching) – She’s going head first. (chomping) (crunching) (crunching) Crunchy. (crunching) (chomping) – That’s actually good. If I had it like on the side or something. (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) – Do it sideways. – I know, that’s what I think. If I turn it sideways, I could eat it better. But like I almost need to cut it again. (knife grinding) (snapping) I thought that was my nail that flung. (crunching) (chomping) So the key, like he said, is you turn it to the side, right? I don’t know, you? Or like, like that? Wait, like what? What are you doing? – You want to start the hairbrush flat on its back. – Flat on its back. – Flat on its back.
– Okay. – You’re gonna want to tilt the head to the left. – Oh, okay. (giggles) – Hold the backend. – Okay.
– And gonna wanna go right down the center. – Okay. (giggles) Why are you talking in that accent? – I don’t know. (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) – I feel like I need a refreshing drink. Did you want to drink? – I’ll take a drink. I’ll take a beverage. – Oh my gosh, look at my mouth. This happens every time. And my hands. (huffing) – That’s kinda scary. – Did you want diet ginger ale? Or the grapefruit, zero? – I’ll have the ginger ale. – Ginger ale, okay. Now give them a little of these somewhere. You know. – From what I’ve seen from this channel. (tapping) (popping) (fizzing) – That was good. (slurping) (giggles) (giggling) I looked great. (laughing) My turn. Actually, frick, I have to open with my mouth. – What?
– Because my nails are so big. – You want me to open it for you? – No, it’s okay. I could do it. (popping) (fizzing) (gulping) (fizzing) (slurping) (exhaling) – Maybe.
– Not bad. – Like a B or maybe a B minus. Okay, are you ready? – Yeah. – This is like second round, right? – Cheers me. – To the second round. (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (crunching) – That was a good idea. – That was a really good idea. (crunching) (chomping) (chomping) – I feel like I’m gonna get stabbed in the eye. (crunching) – The trick is to just do it fast. (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) – There’s so much Rice Krispy. (crunching) Double-fisting. (crunching) I’m not savage enough. (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) – It looks like a, like a porcupine. (laughs) Don’t you think so? – Definitely a porcupine. – Doesn’t it look like a porcupine? – It’s definitely quite prickly. – That’s so true. – But it tastes delicious. – But it tastes delicious. (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) – I feel like I’m not even
making progress on mine, but you’re making so much progress. (crunching) Oh my gosh. – Okay. – Oh my gosh. Look at all these things. (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) – It’s funny ’cause
you were saying earlier that you thought we were gonna finesse. And I’m like, no, like savage eat it. And like I feel like there’s no way to finesse eating it. (crunching) – It’s only fun to eat it savage. (crunching) – That’s true. (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) (burping) (crunching) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) – I thought I told you to finesse, Naomi? (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) – I feel like I should do it too. Oh gosh. Okay guys. (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) – I feel like I’m wearing black lipstick. I feel like we should eat like part of the bottom of the brush. Or no? – I thought I came to eat the whole thing. – We will finish these
after the video, okay? I could do this end. You do that end. Okay, let’s go. (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) I have a bigger piece. Oh my gosh, stop. – Who’s is bigger now? (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (laughs) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) – Yeah, that piece is kinda boring. I want the fun piece. (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) – So, Naomi? – What? – After we finish the world’s largest edible brush-comb, – Brush.
– what’s next? – Um. I don’t know. – I think she should make an edible blow drier next. – Blow drier, oh my gosh, that’s actually a good idea. Three, go. (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) – Naomi tells me I breathe hard. I think so. I just want to apologize. I’m starting to sweat a
little bit too, eating this. (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) This is why no one
follows my ASMR channel. I’m just joking, I ain’t got one. Yet. – Comment if he should
start a ASMR channel. And eating one. I think you’d be so
good at food challenges. (crunching) (chomping) – I’m just saving this
for pre-workout tomorrow. (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) (crunching) (chomping) – So guys, we pretty much destroyed that. We really, really hope that you guys enjoyed this video. And if you want to know the DIY of how I even made that, let me know in the comments. Oh and one last thing. I don’t know if any of you saw a little creature hopping around, and yes,
– I didn’t even notice. – it was a gangster rapping Trump. So if you see now a little guy popping around here and there, then let me know in the comments how many times he popped around and the first person to give me the exact number, you’re gonna get a shoutout in my next video. – Let me give you a hint. It’s not 11. – Don’t listen to him. Alright guys, we really, really hope that you enjoyed that. We definitely did. (laughs) Thank you Fabbio for joining me. It was really fun. – It’s been a pleasure. So I’m thinking for next time, we eat something at the gym. I’m thinking a barbell. Dumbbell. Or just something like it’s massive. – Like a squat rack. – My appetite’s ready for it. – Oh my gosh. Well let us know in the comments if we should eat something at his gym. – Make sure you follow
at Finest Fitness Gym. And thank you for having me HunniBeast. – Did you say HunniBeast? – I meant to say HunniBees. But I’m a HunniBeast, I guess. Yeah, that’d be my nickname. – HunniBeast. HunniBee. Alright, we’ll see you again in the next, next, next video. Bye. – At the gym. (crunching)

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