ASMR STIPPLE 2 | Let Me Stipple To Your Face 💤

hello And…Hi guys Today Dont need panic We are making Turkish again Turkish video is starting now As i promise even i am late-i know that im late-sorry for that even i am late stipple 2 lets say recording… i published..yes because you asked for this thank you and we have stipple brush you know this brush well i will put like this …no i wont im sure you have a question in your mind why mr.ateş is here? this is a stipple video i have to be close to the camera but from my followers turkish or foreigner it doesnt matter we are all brothers and sisters(?) there were lots of request about this ”Use Mr.Ateş in your videos” thats why so i decided to use more active because this one has really sound quality because the other mic is stereo mic is it ”binoral”in turkish? whatever we cant make that effect with other mic but we can do that effect with this one i will use Mr.Ateş in Asmr videos because it will be more effective he covering my light,my camera just a little bit you covering my light buddy but it doesnt matter our first priority is sound in asmr videos we will use the best quality one as you notice why am i telling this so late the new background! this was really important we will be doing stipple dont worry it was complaint actually it was not a request as you know my background is so colorful my previous videos were more colorful lightings …blahblah they were bad for eyes really it was i accept this for overcome this i was thinking to buy a thing i was thinking to buy green screen to make different background i didnt want to deal with it thats why i made this background even the lights are better now and the background is not bad for eyes- i hope and i think- it is more relaxing especially i chose blue … we can say dark blue i chose blue shades i remember like blue is relaxing im waiting your comments i dont say”if you like press the like button” write a comment if you like the new background we start stipple 2 season with mr.ateş yes are you ready my friend? he cant speak yet it will be happen i hope we can start with stipple we came here for one reason its like a movie speak we came here for stipple we will be doing stipple we are going to sleep today yes eyes will be more sleepy after this seance firstly i want you to be relax and if it is possible im waiting for you to sleep and i hope we can do that this time im not alone this time mr.ateş is with me we are good team accept this …stipple means in turkish… im forcing my english if im not wrong brush stroke,brush toning….. like a painter to canvas i guess they are using this when they make a cloud i remember like they call this stipple i hope the information is not fault maybe.. there is a rainbow over here? what do you say bob ross so beautiful we are so good so far my friend my road friend should i do this to you? lets do to your forehead just a little bit yes… to your forehead lets draw a brush stroke first and then stipples are going to start little cross sleep sleep already dont bother me so good little bit to cheeks so beautiful! i like it a lot i dont know why i liked it but i like our work im not going to threat you like my first video dont worry like ”write a comment!” there were a lot of comments… it made me happy this time act like how you want if you want to like just like if you want to write a comment write if you dont like, dont like im willing that too just react and i want to say this stipples lets put triggers we are recording number two three four like ”saw” movie we can make until seven eventually our stipples will be more variety with our talks i dont talk the same you can give me advice about this or you can say”do stipple 3 ” if this video will get attention i want to make the third one because i enjoy it stipple concepts is trigger for me too sometimes person cant relax when watch their video but I even i am uncomfortable to watch my own video asmr artist should i say? it is like that for asmr artist these type of videos even its me its relaxing i have to watch all the parts when i make edit it is really nice should i write a comment like do stipple 3 anyway yes if you like write a comment about stipple 3 yes are you bored dont get bored your face is looking very beautiful yes i can imagine right now your face rather than the spots that i touch i have already made that in my mind your foreahead your temples your cheekbones your cheeks your nose lips(he pronounced that wrong) your lips and your chin maybe your jowl was this jowl jowl yes your jowl i can imagine all the spots that can ready to make stipple first stipple on your forehead then your temples yes stipples stipples your cheekbones your cheeks your lips yes hard stipples your chin and your jowl i doing like brushing style we scanned all your face yes its well done now lets continue to sleeping mode because im sure with this stipples even if you werent sleepy you are being in a sleepy position not position your eyes is ready to sleep thats why the last part is sleeping part lets sleep with stipple sleep sleep sleep with stipple with stipple relaxing stipple movements every spot on your face brush strokes stipples are everywhere i hope you wont see this brush in your dream but right now your face is full of with stipple thats why you should sleep you should rest come on sleep already sleep with stipple so good sleep with stipple great like this… stipples are eveywhere on your face great its well done its mine sorry if you are sleeping or closing your eyes i hope you arent swearing at me sometimes i just cant hold myself yes so good right now we are almost sleep and this is what we called stipple i have to leave yes i think you ready to sleep i think you dont need me anymore you should sleep look dogs are barking sleep see you on stipple 3 have a good sleep sweet dreams take care of yourself goodbye he is sleeping already


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