ASSASSIN’S CREED (white clothes-brush) / ASSASSIN’S CREED (ropa blanca-pincel) – AG

Let’s start the adventure! Today’s topic is “How to add definition to a White fabric with a brush” A good painter needs a good brush, I will use some from the brand ARTIS OPUS Firstly, I will add all of the colors to the palette First BLACK (70.950) GERMAN FIELDGREY WWII (70.830) Be sure to shake up the bottles properly A. CAM. BEIGE WWII (70.821) DECK TAN (70.986) IVORY (70.978) color And lastly WHITE (70.951) First, I will mix GERMAN FIELDGREY WWII (70.830) And A. CAM. BEIGE WWII (70.821) And then I’ll add some drops of water because I will apply it as a wash Pay close attention to the picture in the top left I take a little paint and I apply it to the fabric, just on the filigree The wash fills all of the crevices and we get more definition A common error on making a wash is to add too much water It is better adding fewer drops as you can see on the Top Left square We keep applying the wash to get more definition to all of the filigrees on the edges of the
fabric It is crucial to let it dry, then apply the wash, let it dry, and then repeat Watch as I add some BLACK (70.950) to the mixture to paint the back This area is a bit darker, so it is better to add a bit more BLACK (70.950) to the mixture All of the edges of the fabric must be defined by washes I recommend that you go slowly to be more accurate when applying the wash Don’t forget to apply the wash to the sleeves, on the wrinkles… …and on the shoulder pads The wash must be applied to all the parts that need to infer depth Here you can see the final result We have achieved good definition on each part Now I will apply the first highlight I take a bit of DECK TAN (70.986) and I add some A. CAM. BEIGE WWII (70.821) I use the side of the brush and start painting the edges of the fabric Pay close attention to these brush strokes, and use the side of the brush This give us more precision We can use DECK TAN (70.986) and apply this first highlight This step is crucial as it will define a bit more the edges on the fabric and filigrees And remember …Little by Little you will see we are getting more definition on the fabric See how I load the paint and unload it onto the palette – that technique is crucial I will define the neck flaps as well And highlighting some of the wrinkles I highlight more the edges and the filigrees See that the color is darker inside of this sleeve Here is the final result the contrast between highlights and shadows is starting to be quite
strong Second highlight I take a bit of IVORY (70.978) and I add a little DECK TAN (70.986) We highlighted the same zone than in the previous step and by doing this we will get a better highlight and more contrast See that I am adding more layers to the hood as it is a raised area I also mark the edges, and as you can see the upper area of the hood is more highlighted than the lower part Pay close attention to the brush strokes and how it is positioned I use the side of the brush to paint better the edges Tha same on the shoulder I apply a central highlight on the upper area in order to get a brighter highlight You can see the contrast The fabric is getting more definition White is a difficult color to paint – so go step by step We only add some touches on the raised areas on the sleeve And pay attention to the edge of the hood Here is the final result Third highlight I will mix WHITE (70.951) and IVORY (70.978) And I will apply this mixture to the raised areas To the Hood, edges, filigree, and on the raised parts of the wrinkles This way we are getting better definition A problem with white is that over time it loses intensity So it is a good idea to apply another highlight later To avoid having the white lose its intensity In some parts we will use pure WHITE (70.951) For example, on the shoulder pads and on the raised parts of the hood Right now you can see the contrast between highlights and shadow Be sure to put quite a bit on the upper part of the chest, as this part must be highlighted I outline the edges a bit more The final result Here we go – the final magical touch I will put some WHITE (70.951) in the blister I add some water and I’m sure to mix it properly And I will use the airbrush to add some soft touches to the outfit But there is a problem, the WHITE (70.951) color is too strong So I will add a bit of IVORY (70.978) Only a drop I blend it properly I add a bit more to reduce the strength of the WHITE (70.951) I put it in the airbrush cup And pay close attention, and we will add some soft touches to the outfit As I mentioned in the previous step – the white color loses its intensity This this step is crucial We will add some soft touches to get a strong white color See how I press the trigger a tiny bit down and back As you can see, the white is stronger now I do the same on the rear portion You have to be accurate with this step The same to the hood And the final result With this touch of magic, we will get a vivid white color Mission accomplished! Put a like on this video to let me know how many of you have reached this point Now I would like to announce a bit of a raffle For a chance to win, comment below and subscribe to the channel Click on the video description to see the huge list of products I use in the video Ci vediamo a la prossima puntata!


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    Tienes unas manos m√°gicas. Q envidia…
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    Viéndote parece muy fácil pero a la hora de pintar mi nivel está más cerca del de Manolo y Benito.

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    madre mia angel, ni el mejor de los detergentes deja un blanco tan espectacular!!

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    Brutal. Verte pintar el blanco así es como cuando tu mujer te dice que ese color no es rosa si no fucsia. Cuesta de pillarlo ?.


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    Nice colour recipe I’ll have to try it out!

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    I saw the photos of Ezio from different angles on your facebook. Thank you very much for posting them. These are very helpful when we want to paint the same figure. ?

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    I need to practice more with the airbrush myself. I have terrible accuracy. Love the video, you make painting white look so easy.

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    Una maravilla de tela… muchas gracias por esta masterclass. Un saludo.

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    Hace poco trabaj√© con blanco y perd√≠ mucho tiempo para sacar un resultado aceptable. A la proxima lo har√© acompa√Īado de estos v√≠deos.
    Pdt: Genial el truco del aero.
    Sigue as√≠ √Āngel

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    Muchas gracias por hacerlo pincel. Mi aero es muy b√°sico y no da para hacerlo como en el anterior video. Yo soy m√°s de pinceles jaja

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    Amazing result! I didn‚Äôt thought that white was so difficult… but wow! Your white look fantastic! I‚Äôll try and try and try until I‚Äôll be able to do it like this! Thanks as always for your trick and teaching

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