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(lighthearted music) – Hi guys, it’s Audrey, and my sister. – Jordan! From JustJordan33. – And today we’re going to be painting some portraits of each other. And so, what we did is
we went on Instagram and we picked out a picture of each other that we’re going to try to copy. And paint on our canvasses. – It’s gonna be tricky. – Yeah, I am not an artist. But I love doing artsy things, so, I think it will be fun. And a little bit crazy, ’cause, yeah, I’m not the best at this. – I could draw, but it
would take me hours. – So, ain’t nobody–
– I know– – Got time for that. – Yeah, I know I’m
probably gonna fail today. – So, we’re gonna show you the pictures that we chose of each other,
without letting each other see. And then, we should try to guess. So, Jordan close your eyes, and your ears. So you don’t hear. ♪ La, la, la ♪ This is the picture I chose of Jordie. I just had to go more funny, than cute. Okay Jordie, it’s your turn. (Jordan hums) – This is the picture I chose for Audrey. Yes! – This is adding to the difficulty too. Because we have to let you
guys see what we’re painting. And we also have to like paint
the side, because of that. So, (laughs). – I’m gonna paint like this. – [Lady] That’s weird. – Don’t do that. Do it the other way. – [Lady] Oh, because your hand. She’s right-handed. – Oh! – Audrey she–
– I have to paint like this. – Okay, then I can see yours, hello. – Go! – Yes! (lighthearted music) – I gotta try to make your skin tone. And this is gonna be the hardest. ‘Cause there’s not really
like your tone in here. – Same!
– I need some white. (Audrey laughs) Some yellow (laughs). And some pink. I can do this, said no-one ever. (Audrey laughs) This is cute. I, I’m trying. – Oh, this is so hard with
the texture of the hair. (lighthearted music) – Whoa, your skin tone is not exactly your skin tone (laughs). It’s a little bit yellow still. – Now, it’s time to make your skin tone. This is going to be hard. – What were you doing before? – I can’t say. But I’ll show you guys. Ah, ah, ah. – Does this look like a
pretty good skin tone? – I’m not telling, Not revealing any–
– I need opinions. – any of my secrets. – I need personal opinions. – It’s all my secrets. I’m gonna keep them to myself. – How pale are you (laughs)? (lighthearted music) (Audrey laughs) Oh, pretty good. Need some more white! (Audrey laughs) – Honestly, that’s probably true. – Okay, I think I got, I
think I got the skin tone. Pretty down, that’s good. Thanks. (lighthearted music) – If I get this first try, I’m gonna be a boss. – Here we go, I’m making
my first mark guys. Okay, oh no, I’m scared. Can’t go back now. – No! I have to paint, eyes and a nose! – Oh no, I have to too. – The nose– – Why do you have to have a nose, curses! – Eyes and noses are so hard. I just had to test that. – Oh, actually that’s a
good, that’s a good swatch. – You do a swatch– – That’s like my concealer! – Yeah! – I think painting is so soothing. But also a little bit of stress. ‘Cause if you’re a perfectionist
you just wanna get it, like, perfect the first time. – Especially if you have a time limit. Like I’m stressing that I’m
not gonna have enough time. – I know. – I’m like, oh no. – We can’t make this a 10 hour video. – This is so difficult guys. – Especially like tilted to the side. They can’t see yours Jordan. – I’m trying as hard as I can. (lighthearted music) – Mine’s just a circle (laughs) That’s all of you that exists
right now on my canvas. Is just a circle with some yellow hues. – You’ve got an outline. I started off with an outline. – My paint smells weird. But I feel like all paint smells weird. Oh, they should make scented paint, like. – Oh yes. – Like oh, this is the blueberry kind. Maybe they do that for like kids. – Guys, I think I’m doing pretty good so far. – What!
– Like. Ahhh, I just clicked out of the picture! Okay, that’s fun, fun adventure. – Fun story of the day,
I kept telling Jordan earlier to throw away things. And instead of saying, “Will
you please throw this away?” I said, “Delete this!” (Audrey laughs) Or–
– You said “Delete it!” – Yeah, and instead of
like “Throw it away.” I said, “Delete it.” (Audrey laughs) – Yeah, it was kinda confusing. (lighthearted music) – I’m doing the hair right now. Gotta say it’s pretty fun. But also already messed up. – How do I draw this (groans)? – Wow. – Oh! Got a little, some stress here! – It’s hard painting on one side. Like, there’s like one side that always looks better than the other. – Yes. I’m so worried I’m giving
you a beard right now. – You’re worried you’re giving me a beard? – Yes, I’m trying to outline your chin. So, it doesn’t look like
that you don’t have a chin. – Now I’m worried, I don’t want a beard. – Yeah, you kinda should be worried because this is not going good. – Oh no, I’ve done messed up! (Jordan shouts) Don’t look at it. (Jordan coughs) Actually it’s not too
bad but I mean (groans). (Audrey groans and laughs) – I don’t know how to do this. – Okay, I’ve gotta like get skin tone that’s like your skin tone,
but also a little bit darker. (lighthearted music) – Okay. That was weird. (Audrey laughs) I don’t even know what
picture you’ve chosen for me. Like, I’m so confused. – Don’t look at my painting yet! You’re not allowed to! – I’m not. (lighthearted music) – I need like a light brown. (lighthearted music) – I’m so focused– – Crusty paint. – Crusty, crusty. I just realized you don’t have ears. – You don’t either, so it’s fine. – You don’t, that’s okay. – Now you look like an
old lady, I’m sorry. (lighthearted music) – Are you kidding me? – No! – Oh no. (lighthearted music) – Oh no (laughs)! Oh no! (Audrey laughs) I’m sorry sister! – Not looking, not looking. – There’s so many things
wrong with this picture. I am sorry. – I’m so excited to see it though. – You are gonna laugh. – Oh, I’m so ready to laugh. (Audrey laughs) – I, I’m making the face that you’re making
while I’m painting this. – That’s funny. I don’t even know what
picture you would’ve chosen from like my Instagram because I don’t have very many pictures on Instagram. So you probably felt like, crazy one, like from a video, like. Oh, did you do the one
with the fish in it? Fish.
– Fish. Oh, you were in the
picture, in the picture too? – In the picture, in the picture. – It was of the, stinkiest
fish in the world. – I’m not telling you. Which ones I chose. (lighthearted music) Oh, my arm is so tired. I think I did a pretty
good job of drawing though. Comment down below. You guys will think this win, will win this challenge. – Yeah. These jeans though. This is what mine looks like so far. You can’t see the shirt,
but I promise it’s there. It’s just white right now. ‘Cause, gonna give you a hint! Her shirt has stripes on it. Oh my gosh, it’s a shocker (gasps). It’s gonna be really hard to paint. (lighthearted music) – Oh now it looks like
you’ve got nose hairs. (Audrey laughs) – That’s not good. So, you’ve a realistic painting
right here, nose hairs. (Audrey laughs) – I’m glad you think that way. Okay, we’re gonna cut the
camera until we’re done. So, we’ll be back. – Ahhhh. All right guys, I’ve been
working on this painting for a while now, and this it
what it looks like right now. – I can’t look. – So, I still need to do the face. And this is the part that
I’m most nervous for. Because I always mess up facial features. So, I’ve gotta brave it! And make the face, and I’ll
will probably mess it up– – She’ll do good! She can’t get worse than mine! All right Jordan has finally
finished with her painting. And it is midnight! (Audrey laughs) It is so late. And Jordan, Jordan takes
a long time at art. But she also makes her
paintings really good. So, I’m excited to see
what yours looks like. Because the suspense has been real. I’ve been done for so long. I’ve just been sitting here,
watching YouTube videos. – Yeah. – Okay so, how about you reveal
yours first to the camera. With your picture on Instagram. And then reveal it to me. And then I’ll show you mine (laughs) – Okay, so this was the picture I chose. (lighthearted music) And then this is the real
life picture that I drew, Ta da! – It’s probably like perfection. – It took forever, and the eyes are kinda crazy, but, oh well. And voila. – Oh my gosh! That’s like perfect! Well, you did it exactly. I have no eyelashes but. (Audrey laughs) – I couldn’t draw eyelashes. I was like– – I have like eyeliner.
– There’s no going, I was– – You really did the eyes, like wow. – There was no going for eyelashes. I know your eyes are brown. – I’m hanging that in my room! (Jordan laughs) That, okay, now I’m too
afraid to show you mine. (Audrey laughs) You have to promise you’ll
hang it in your room too. This is the picture I chose for Jordan. And this is the final product! (Audrey laughs) It took me a long time, okay. (Jordan screams) (laughs) Do you know the picture? – This is the hat (laughs). The tin, tin hat (laughs). – I tried (laughs), I tried! – It’s the tin hat! – And I tried to blend like your little shading on your nose. Underneath your nose, but it ended up looking like nose hair, so I tried– – No, that’s really good like, ’cause I have a lot of like wrinkly spots. So, that’s really hard. (laughs) It’s true like, when I smile,
I get like so many wrinkles like everywhere, so it’s hard! – Yeah, I didn’t draw
your forehead wrinkles. – Oh, oh you did. – But I think I, no I didn’t do your forehead. – Oh, I thought you did. – No.
– I can see a little bit. Okay, never mind. – But I did draw your neck
pretty well I must say. – Thanks. – And your hair, that was the fun part. – I like it, my lips are my favorite part. I’m just like. – But like, okay, the reason why it looks so weird right there is
because in the picture. It was like skin tone right here. And it wasn’t pink. – Whoa! – So (tuts). – That’s funny. I like it. – And you can’t even see your eyeballs. All you see is your eyelashes. – That picture–
– So, you’re like this. – That’s a great picture. That was a dare. That I had to do for a video, so yes. – So, well, here you go. Here’s your painting. – Here’s your painting. (laughs) – Here’s me guys! – Here’s me! (laughs) – Oh our skin tones are so different. – Yeah, like look, I think I made, I think I made my skin tone, like that’s like exactly
like my skin tone. – That’s not really my skin tone. Well, who won? (laughs) – Vote in the comments! I actually like yours a lot though, like. – Sure–
– I do. – You just keep lying. – No, I– (Audrey laughs) I do, I really like it though. – Well– – I was not expecting this picture. I honestly did not know which
picture you would choose. – I wrote Jordie at the top. – Jordie! I love it. – So, that’s it for today’s video. I hope you guys enjoyed this. It was a lot of fun to make. And if you guys want to
see us do this video again. We can do it again with like someone else. Or, we could paint with food. (Jordan gasps) Whatever you guys want. Leave some suggestions down below. And we’ll be sure to read them. Subscribe if you haven’t already. Turn from red to gray. And hit the bell icon to be notified whenever I post a video. We’ll see you guys next time. Bye.
– Bye. (lighthearted music) – No! Oh my gosh I just mixed my paints. (Audrey laughs) (Audrey screams) – What? – It looks good don’t worry. – Okay. (bang) – Oh, pachoom, my gosh! (lighthearted music)

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