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– Hi guys it’s Audrey and
I’m here with my sister. – Jordan from JustJordan33! – And today we’re gonna
be painting portraits of each other part two! But with food. So we don’t have any paint, we replaced it with all food and candy and drink items and so this is about to be crazy. We’re actually gonna paint a real life portrait of what they
look like in the person. – Right now. – And I did really
horrible on the last video that we did this so I
need to redeem myself. – I’m just thinking as
long as I could make a stick figure today, I’ll be good because last time that’s the best it’s ever gonna get I can’t redo that at all so. I’m sorry, today is probably
not the best painting day. – Well we will see. Let’s get started! – I’m gonna make an Easy
Cheese face I think. – I’m gonna make a Fry Sauce face. – No I’ll mix Easy Cheese and Fry Sauce to make the perfect face. – I think Fry Sauce is the perfect color. I’m just gonna let the jam drip, look. (chuckling) I’m gonna start making
the outline of your face here we go, I hope I don’t
get my shirt in this. – Look at me. Look at me. Oh no. I have a feeling this
painting really smells bad. – I know it’s gonna. – But I can’t smell it. – You’re lucky. Your face is lopsided. – Look at me, whoa! (chuckling) – There’s like little black dots. – Yeah! – In the Fry Sauce, so you’re
gonna have a lot of moles. – Oh. Oh no, I don’t even know how
I feel about this already. – There’s some brush hairs
mixed into your face. I hope you hang this one up in your room. – Oh, it’s food! – It’s gonna be lovely. – You know, you could eat the paint. – It’s true, ’cause it’s all food. You guys might not know what Fry Sauce is. – Yeah. – Fry Sauce is like, a dipping for food so it’s like, ranch or
a ketchup or mustard like that kind of stuff but instead it’s like, it’s
ketchup mixed with mayo. – I think a little bit of mustard too. – It’s popular in Utah. Everyone eats Fry Sauce here. – I’m trying to make the
caramel sauce a bit darker because, you don’t have
that light of hair. – Ew. – There we go. Gonna mix some coco Krispies with that. – The coco Krispies don’t
do much, just saying. – You’ve got to kind of break them apart and everything, you know? – I’m just making a little cereal mix. – Yeah. Gotta go like this, gotta get your brush have to like grind it. How are we gonna make this work? – I don’t know! I feel like when we used to play house we used to mash up like
leaves and stuff and like food when we were little, remember? When we were playing outside. – I don’t know how to fix this. – What’d you do? – It ran down your face and now you have a random strand of hair in your face. (Jordan yelps) it just runs on your face! Don’t run on the face. There’s a lot of problems
going on over here. – This is hard! – How do you do the hair? – I might have to just use some of this. – Red hair! That I don’t have. – It’s like the one day we
dyed our hair for a video. – Yeah. – Temporarily. – Maybe it’s just that day. I think you’re starting to look like one of the people in the olden days that have, like, it’s like
George Washington’s hair. – Oh, wig? – Like back in that time
when it was all curly. – A wig? – Yeah. Hey I made no promises that it would be as good as the last one. – I’m using the syrup as glue. I’m painting it on each little crisp and then putting it on my portrait. Using your resources. – I can’t do your hair. I don’t know how. – Never gonna look at Rice
Krispies the same way. (chuckling) – Oh man. – My fingers are so sticky. – I messed up again, need
another squirt of Easy Cheese. – All right my hair is
done and my eyebrows! They don’t match the color but I’m gonna start working on the eyes which is gonna be hard because
everything likes to run. – I’ve done Audrey’s scarf! This looks crazy. – It’s hard to be precise
with everything because it just runs everywhere. I’m drawing the eyes. I might have to put an olive in the middle so it doesn’t look like you’re evil. Yeah I’m definitely gonna have to put an olive in the middle. I have to mush up all my food and it’s so gross and sticky. There’s the eyes! Okay. Now I’m gonna do the nose and the lips. The lips should be the fun part. The eyes keep running! Stay. I’m gonna mix olive juice with Easy Cheese. It’s probably not gonna be the best color but I’m trying to create a color that you can see her nose with. – I’m gonna make your eyes closed ’cause I feel like that will be easiest. – Okay, I’m gonna have to crush some Cheetos. Oh, okay here we go. I just want to eat some Cheetos. Okay here we go. You’re gonna have a crusty nose. Very Cheeto powdery. – Okay, there’s Audrey’s eyes! – I made the nose. It’s official. Okay now for the lips. – Oo, the lips. – Oh, the lips. Oh my, oh. Guys, it’s so creepy! Okay now I need to make
your shirt and the neck. – I don’t know how to do your shirt. – Your shirt is white, so. – Yeah same. – I think I’m gonna make your shirt blue I might give it a little hue. – Yeah I’m gonna take some
ZotZ and make it blue as well because I don’t know how to do your shirt. – I need to add more hair. Hair is the worst part. – Oh yeah ’cause you
used the coco Krispies. – Yeah it takes so long to do your hair. After I’ve done this I think I’m gonna throw the painting away. – Yeah I think it’s gonna start to smell. – Before it rots. – I think it’s already smelling. – Oh yeah I smell, I get
whiffs every now and then I’m like, whoa what is that? I was like oh it’s the painting. – Okay, the scarf is the worst part I can’t fix the scarf. No! Okay. I think I’ve done. – I think mine’s also ready. – I need to add a signature though. – You’re done with the shirt? – I’m done with everything. – Okay I’m almost done. – There’s my signature! (chuckling) I kind of just scribbled. It’s really hard to see the blue but I promise there is a tiny hint of blue it’s just trying to show
that Audrey has shirt on underneath the scarf because otherwise it just looks like
you have a really long neck. – I know, your neck looks very weird. – Yeah same. – I don’t think I drew it right. – Like, I tried to outline your chin – Yeah your necks a different color. – But I think it just made it worse. – I don’t know if I want to be done! I want to be done but at the same time no it’s falling apart! Here’s Jordan’s finished product! – This is what I think Audrey looks like. – In food version. – Does it look like her? – Okay, ready? I’m ready to look at it. I think yours is gonna be so good. – Ready? Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun! – Hey! I like how your signature says Jor-blah. – Jordan! – I look like Ariel. – Yeah, I didn’t know how to do the hair. – And a green nose! – Yep. It looks like an avocado! – You’re missing my eyebrows though. (laughing) – I’m not done! – Yeah. Hey but you made it curly! I don’t think you know
what to expect out of mine. – I don’t know how to do your scarf it was extremely hard it looks like, there’s
a lot of chunks in it. – Well it’s okay, mine’s very chunky. This is my portrait of Jordan! – Does it look like me? – Does it match? Okay, you ready? – Whoa, I saw that almost fall! – Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun! (laughing) – I love the Cheeto nose! Is that Cheetos? – Yeah. – Oh man. Yes. My hair is so short, I have like I need to get a haircut now to match! – Do you know how long it took just to put the hair on though? – Oh, yeah ’cause you had to individually place each one. – Yeah with my fingers
and I had a stickiness before placing it on! – Yeah that’s a lot of
work, I just went like this to your hair. Hey, my eyebrows are on fleek though. – Your lips are running. – Uh oh. – I don’t know if you guys can tell. (gasping) no, my portrait! – It totally face palmed on the floor. – She lost her eye! – Her eye! (laughing) – No! – Oh no! (laughing) – I was gonna say, I don’t
know if you guys notice but she has a shirt on,
it’s just very, very light. And now she’s missing an eye so. – Oh man. – And some hair pieces. – Oh the eyebrow! – Eyebrows on fleek. – Not on fleek anymore. I think that was pretty good. – Whoever you thought won? – Ta-Da! – So that’s it for today’s video. We hope you guys enjoyed it, if you did give it a big thumbs up also subscribe if you haven’t already hit the bell icon to be notified whenever I post a video and check out my last video where we painted portraits of each other but with real paint. That one I think went a little bit better. – Yeah me too. – But it was really funny so check it out. Also comment down below what other videos you want us to do with painting and we’ll see you guys next time. – [All] Bye! (twinkly music)

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