Autodesk Generative Design

What if you could
come up with thousands of options for a single
design without drawing? All of which meet specific
goals set by the designer. And from those options,
pick the one design that delivers on the
most important criteria. The design you couldn’t
possibly have imagined. This is generative design. A technology that harnesses
massive computing power, creating forms with
precise amounts of material only where needed, achieving
maximum performance, while wasting nothing. But generative design
can be about much more than simply turning
out alternatives. Prototypes can be
scanned and equipped with sensors that provide real
time performance data that can be looped back into the
design process so the object, in effect, co designs itself. And depending on the
material and method of manufacture
chosen, the software can optimize the design
for those choices. In its search for
the optimal design, generative design
creates complex forms that would otherwise
be impossible to make using traditional
manufacturing methods. Now with advancements
in material science and the ability of 3D
printers to print metal, companies like Airbus
can create forms like this airplane partition
panel that’s half as light and just as strong. The result,
significant reduction in fuel cost and CO2 emissions. The things that have limited
us in the past– software, materials, manufacturing–
no longer do so. With generative
design, the world can look and perform
any way we want it to. This is the next stage in
the evolution of design. And it’s happening now.


  • Razgriz

    This is cool as shit…

  • feralgrin

    I think perhaps, in the Airbus segment, it was meant to say "a panel half as heavy"; not "half as light"… Might want to fix that.

  • Anders Nilsson

    If this is even half as good as it looks this will be revolutionary!

  • test

    It's great idea, but in Houdini you can already do all kind of presets with any level of customization!

  • deon wilson

    cool stuff

  • Chris Rusnak

    Awesome work! Does anyone know when this will be available publicly? I'm an IDES student and this would be a game changer!

  • Mr.D Y

    Why so happy about that? This is the beginning of replacing the structural designers. Then your mother can also make a quadcopter…

  • PermanentlyPregnant

    can it reshape macaronis

  • TheDarkInstall

    1:14 'That's half as light, and just as strong'… So, double the weight, and just as strong… That doesn't sound very good.

  • taity waity

    im gunna nut

  • Leeroy

    Make a god damned gearbox for bicycles already. One that's cheaper and lighter than Rohloffs. What the hell, exposed chain-lines in the 21st century. And the solution is hundreds of dollars, 1820g! Come on! This needs to be developed because we then need to figure out how to hijack biological organisms to grow it, along with the rest of the components of a bicycle, so we can have the first real persistent technology and be able to speak about democracy with a straighter face.

  • Vanklow

    the end goal is to be able to present a problem to a machine and have them design and implement the solution. Total democratization of society where nobody can horde skill or knowledge to favor them selves.

  • nima zahiri

    Does anyone know what is the name of the software the guy is using with?

  • Timothy Egoroff

    how can it be used for atomic/nano scale modelling? is it possible?

  • Henry Lambert

    I was wondering when this will be available to the public. I'm working with a drone league on this and it would be very helpful.

  • Steven Wang

    Metal Gear Rising Revengence introduced me to this revolutionary design technology. Groundbreaking design capabilities.

  • Phunker1

    Unbelievably fascinating!

  • Ed Jack


  • Paulo Jose Castro

    generative design is performance not beauty.

  • Stephen Smith

    Can 'generative' design accommodate sound vibrations ('sustain') in its modelling?

  • Molotov With Lux


  • Molotov With Lux


  • Manuel Mühlbauer

    Still exciting what this technology can do. I hope we will see a lot of great applications out there in real life.

  • Erdem Yıldırım

    Which software is being used for generative design in AUTODESK product?

  • Francisco De Aguirre

    this kind of stuff should be available open source for all mankind … no just for some little people … Autodesk could win a lot bringing all this tool to the gnu/free software community.

  • Daniel Whyatt

    Just imagine if we could apply this to a spaceship design for the future. AWESOME

  • wabi sabi

    Waiting for someone to create a car that looks like a ball of root.

  • Dan Frederiksen

    What if you had to pay 125$ for every design iteration you try

  • Rob Gandy

    it is amazing how wording sometimes comes out wrong. "It's half as light', does that mean it's heavier ? Does it still meet structural needs, or what aspect is lost ?


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