Automatic Creation of Sketch Tutorials | Two Minute Papers #134

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is Two Minute Papers
with Károly Zsolnai-Fehér. Have a look at this magnificent idea: the
input is a digital 3D model of an object and a viewpoint of our choice, and the output
is an easy to follow, step by step breakdown on how to draw it. Automated drawing tutorials! I wish tools like this were available back
when I was a child! Awesome! This technique offers a way to create the
scaffoldings to help achieving the correct perspective and positioning for the individual
elements of the 3D model, something that novice artists often struggle with. This problem is particularly challenging,
because we have a bunch of competing solutions and we have to decide which one should be
presented to the user. To achieve this, we have to include a sound
mathematical description of how easy a drawing process is. The algorithm also makes adjustments to the
individual parts of the model to make them easier to draw without introducing severe
distortions to the shapes. The proposed technique uses graph theory to
find a suitable ordering of the drawing steps. Beyond the scientific parts, there are a lot
of usability issues to be taken into consideration: for instance, the algorithm should notify
the user when a given guide is not to be used anymore and can be safely erased. Novice, apprentice, and adept users are also
to be handled differently. To show the validity of this solution, the
authors made a user study where they tested this new tutorial type against the most common
existing solution, and found that the users were not only able to create more accurate
drawings with it, but they were also enjoying the process more. I commend the authors for taking into consideration
the overall experience of the drawing process, which is an incredibly important factor – if
the user enjoyed the process, he’ll surely come back for more, and of course, the more
we show up, the more we learn. Some of these tutorials are available on the
website of the authors, as always, I’ve linked it in the video description. If you are in the mood to draw, make sure
to give it a go and let us know how it went in the comments section! Hell, even I am now in the mood to give this
a try! If I disappear for a while, you know where
I am. Thanks for watching and for your generous
support, and I’ll see you next time!


  • Eyal Kamitchi

    notification squad!!

  • AlphaetusPrime

    I would've liked a bit more information on the techniques used, but it is Two Minute Papers, after all.

  • THTerra

    What a great thing.

  • orenong

    are you hungarian?

  • Diego Antonio Rosario Palomino

    could you make a video about deep motion ? is a neural network that duplicates frame rates , I want to use it to interpolate 2d animation frames automatically

  • Diego Antonio Rosario Palomino

    a few months ago I had to decide between studying programing or animation , if I had choosen the latter , i wouldn't have been able to find a job by the time I had finished my education

  • Dr. Dietrich Davidstein

    That looks awesome, but i couldn't find the source code or actual software on the UCL website:

    Do you know if they even will opensource that project?

    Thanks for putting up all the great content!

  • Kram1032

    Awesome! That's a really nice idea!

  • Robert Ralph

    Everything about this channel is awesome, except for the outro music. 😀

  • SkullCandy69100

    Awesome video, as always ! I wanted to ask if you could talk about other fields like neurosciences, physics, … I guess your area of expertise is mathematics/CS but it would be great to have Two Minute Papers on other domains.
    Thanks for your fantastic work !

  • gafeht

    This is pretty cool, but what's the point of drawing a 3d model if you aren't given room to make decisions?

  • Tom Anderson

    Put this into production, get millions of people drawing, then evaluate the resulting sketches with adversarial models to improve the tutorials.

  • Nazzaroth

    it seems nice to get a person interested in the beginning yeah, but drawing tutorials isnt really a good way to teach how to draw.

    its the same thing like if someone is cooking a meal with a recipe. you get a result sure, but you aint gonna become the next great chef if you only do that. and with automated drawing tutorials i fear too many people could get led astray to be honest.


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