Right… I need to… here… yes, yes… and here… Drawing is no simple task! Yes… right… here… and here… Hmm? What’s this? Sam, what’s all this mess? Do you really need it all? Pencils… pastels… paints… Hey, what are you doing? Trying to figure out what you’re doing. As if you can’t tell – I’m creating masterpieces! Oh… I see… Sue, put that down! It’s a sketch of my future masterpiece canvas! You didn’t say please. Oh… PLEASE, Sue, don’t get in the way of my masterpiece. PLEASE, leave, go on… Well, alright…Oh no! It’s ruineeeeeeed! Noooo! It’s horrible! A catastrophe! Sue, how could you?! I’m sorry, Sammy… It was an accident… But you can paint a new one, right? After all this?! No… my inspiration is stolen! Now all I can see is eternal creative crisis and oblivion… Hi guys! Oh… what to do now? Sammy is so upset… I need to think of a way to get Sam’s inspiration back and quick… What inspires you? Comment below! Perhaps, something will be good for Sam. Oh! Idea! My career as an artist finished before it even begun… Nobody will need me now… [crying] Guys, maybe you still need me? Could you subscribe, please, and hit the bell button, it might comfort me a bit… Sammy, I know what else can comfort you. Oh, you again? Came to ruin something else? No, no. I know one way that can inspire you and bring your artistic skill to the next level. There’s no way to do it… You spilled black paint over my artistic talent. There is, Sammy. Please, give me a chance… Hm… well… well, alright… I’ll give you one more chance. Thank you! First, let’s complete the process of covering your drawing with black paint. No-no-no… what are you… stop it! Sammy, it’s ok! Calm down, everything will be alright. Oh, well, fine! We need to cover the whole paper evenly. Oh! No, I can’t watch… Sue, are you sure you’re alright? And… you’re not trying to create Malevich’s rectangle, no? Square, Samny… Er… what? Malevich’s square. Er… but… it’s a rectangle… Really, Sue, you don’t seem right in the head today… No, Sam, it’s the name of the painting: Malevich’s Black Square. But I’m making something different. Oh… Now I’m starting to get it… Yeah, no, no. I don’t get it! You’ll see soon enough! It’s pretty magical! Alright! The paper is completely covered with paint, so now we need to dry it. I’m coming, coming! Dry faster, come on! Sam, we just need to leave the paper alone. Oh, fine! Done, Sammy. The paint is dry! Coming! Hm… the paint is dry, but the drawing still looks hopelessly ruined… Now for the most important step. Here, look! Er… a stratchy thingy… Yes! And it will now help me to do this! Ooooh… what’s this miracle? Keep watching… Done! Wow… Susie, but, but, how? You’ve been drawing with oil pastels, right? Yes… And then we covered it with acrylic paint. Yes… And when the paint dried, it was easy to scratch away the top layer and draw anything at all. Holy cannoli! I need to start creating in the new style right away! I need to think of exhibitions, workshops…Oh! So much to do, I’m off! Good luck! Hey guys? Did you like this way of drawing? Give a thumbs up if you did… subscribe and try to create your own little masterpisece at home. Bye-bye! I’ll improve something of yours, too… There they are! Chaaaaaarge!

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