Back to School Cutie! How to Draw Easy Things – Pencil – Cartoon drawing tutorials Fun2draw kawaii

hey everyone this is mei yu the creator
of fun2draw lots of you viewers have been requesting for back-to-school drawings
and I think it’ll be fun to draw a cute pencil this is part of my fun2draw school
drawings playlist the link to that is at the end of this video first I’ll start with a nice big curved
line another one very similar to it and there
will be a small distance between us now I’ll draw the eraser part round up and to make the flat part of the eraser
strong one small yeah finish up the size for this piece and
for the sides of the actual pencil let’s go down here yeah yeah I don’t want to make pencil too big or
long I want to keep it really short and
stubby for you look at the bottom part is going to be drawn like a wide letter like that only way across and for the
late let’s draw one line going across here’s a little highlight to make it
shine too okay smile curves to make the fun2draw eye I’ll draw one big
curve going up with another one that’s going down once i have the leaf shape
i’ll draw one more curve like that and for this side of the aisle shoot yeah what makes people if you’re one of the viewers have been
requested for this please let me know in the comments so there’s one big draw I media here
after the leaf shape strong one more curve there’s the pupil and small yeah yeah we’re almost done let’s get some more
eyebrows in there and add some more lines inside the face
of the pencil take a look more like this vertical lines going after you’re done
drawing this you can check out my fun2draw channel on youtube to see my
other cute drawings like my fun2draw Apple my smart phone or my cute pretty
girl now what would this cute pencils worst
nightmare be please share your ideas in the comments
below and I’ll draw my idea coming up in the extra there we go I’m glad lots of yours have
told me you’ve purchased my fun2draw apps and my fun2draw food apps and that
they’re helping you with your drawings for those who don’t know these apps are
the only places where you can see how I would draw and color never-before-seen
fun2draw characters and fun2draw food they make great holiday and birthday
gifts you can draw with these fun2draw apps wherever you go at home school on vacation or places
without Wi-Fi thanks to download my apps are in the
video description for more information check out my fun2draw app demo video
playlist the link is coming up now


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