BA(Hons) Interior Design at Falmouth

I found that Falmouth was the best
because it gave me the opportunity to not just study architectural interiors,
it gave me the opportunity to look at commercial, residential, decorative, all
the different varieties and that’s what really drew me to the course. We have a fantastic range of tutors with a wide range of backgrounds from furniture to
architecture to interiors and they’ve all worked in the industry, which is a
nice feeling to have that they know how it works. So the studio is quite an open
space and we have an IT suite up there with the top software we need
for our course. I think for somewhere that’s so far away
from London it’s one of the most connected places. Internships are absolutely key for the future, it’s such a competitive world by having
internships you have real-life experience. So I previously just won an
internship called Sanders studio, he was actually a graduate from Falmouth
himself, from the company, so it’s good to know that someone out there is
doing that well and it offers us work experience which obviously is invaluable
when we go out into the real world. I think it just makes the whole course
more real and it makes you feel like you can actually step out the course and
into a real life job. We can use the 3D workshops as well so we can do 3D printing on models or laser cutting it’s a fantastic resource to have. The first years are off to the Furniture Fair in Milan, we previously went to
Amsterdam to look at the museums for inspiration. We have a lot of
fun together in the studio, the studios are really nice place to be. It’s the
environment we’re in it’s a very friendly and welcoming environment, the
surroundings you have are beautiful and will just inspire you no matter what. You don’t get any other experience like it in the UK.

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