Balding Men Try Spray-On Hair

– I would highly recommend this. You totally can’t even tell, that this is not my real hair. (upbeat jazz music) – I don’t imagine this is something that can be solved with a simple spray. – It seems a little bit
too good to be true. – My hair just started to recede, you can’t really tell that
much, but I think every guy kind of goes through this
phase when it just starts, where they start to
freak out a little bit. (snorting) – Whoa! – At this point, it just
looks like black spray paint. – I’m just gonna, oh damn! – This really is just
spray paint (laughing). – All done! – I think it’s just kind
of getting everywhere now. – It feels stiff and dry. – I think this might have
to come with some sort of, product where you put it here
and then you spray around it. – Yeah, I saw a hair in
a can infomercial on TV. – And I was like, oh wow,
it looks good on camera. I always just wondered if
it looks good in real life. – But also my pride wouldn’t let me order one of those things. – My hairline probably
used to be like here. – It’s like I’ve taken a salt shaker and just dumping on your head. – It kind of is like
when you get a haircut and the hair flies everywhere. – Yeah, it’s startin’ to fill out. – Okay. – Hey man, you got a brown forehead. Oh no, that’s hair! – There’s a lot coming out. – I mean, it’s kinda cool but, I don’t know, just to
have to do that every day would be a big pain in the ass. – So like, maybe if I did like this. No, that did not work! – The spray product wasn’t my favorite. It kind of left my hair a
little bit too poofy and frizzy for my taste. And not to mention, I look like a cockatoo when I was putting it on. – I’m not sure if I would
actually try this product again. I think, if anything, it just
made me be a lot more okay with just letting it, letting
go and just letting it be. – Yeah, it looks pretty good,
I just wish it was real. – I think I would definitely
try this product again. ‘Cause it definitely fills in the place where I actually have hair. But I tried to move my hairline forward and that did not work at all! – I’d rather just present
my honest self, I guess. And if people like it, they like it. If they don’t, then they can
find someone with more hair. – I think my only concern
about wearing this out is sweating, ’cause it’s
gonna be like crying mascara down my face. (upbeat jazz music) (electronic dance music)


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