Basic Arts & Crafts Tips : How to Buy & Store Colored Pencils

Hi, I’m Matt Cail of and
today I’m going to going to show you how to buy and store colored pencils for your artwork.
First things first, what do you want to use your colored pencils for in your artwork.
I recommend deciding whether or not you want to do detail work, which then I would recommend
having finer lead tip, or for broader, larger work, at which case, a colored pencil may
be about as thick as your pinky, getting close there. Another thing is how hard you want
the lead to be, the softer the lead, the more easily it comes off. For example, this is
some pretty soft lead, it’s going to come off very, very easily, as I draw it on the
page. But if you have harder lead, you can press about the same, press as hard, and you
notice how there’s a lot less pigment, gets translated less particles will come off your
lead onto your page. To find out about whether a colored pencil set is particularly right
for you, I strongly suggest testing it in the store. Most stores should be okay with
this. A lot of their packagings have test cases where you can use it. If they are absolutely
adamant that no, I’m sorry, we don’t do that here, consider going to another store to make
sure you can test the colored pencils before purchasing them. There are a lot of different
storage options for your colored pencils, but I prefer putting them in nice art storage
compartments, a lot of these come with drafting tables but you can also get them with other
standard desks, and also just have them around the house. You have lots of various compartments
in here, where you can put your colored pencils in easy quick reach and get them. Now, a little
problem with this is you just have one compartment, you get a bit of like, a big jumble of color
and you’re always trying to like reach for whatever colored pencil is seemingly not nearby.
So what I prefer doing a little bit more of a separation. And that’s where I put things
down here. I have two small drawers, in one small drawer I have my cooler colors, my blues,
my greens, purples, grays, all the cool shades. In the drawer above it, I have my warmer colors,
reds, yellows, flesh color and the like, anything with like the warm colors I’ll have in here.
So then I’ll be able to very easily grab these, and know which compartment to go into when
I need a certain color. I’m Matt Cail of and I hope you enjoyed our conversation today
of how to buy and store colored pencils. Make some good art out there.


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