Bear Spray vs. Pistol: Which Is Better for a Bear Encounter?

We are going to talk about some bear protection
We have a pistol and we have bear spray The age old question is what do I bring to
the backcountry Some situations are better for a pistol some
are better for a bear spray There’s been several study out there that
bear spray is more effective Which is probably true I’ve never had to use
bear spary I’ve never had to use a pistol either
They kinda each serve there purpose for there given situation
As far as hunters are concerned you always have the right to protect yourself out there
So we really recommend that people carry bear spary
One of the big advantages of bear spray is it
Shoots out 25-30 feet and makes a 4 foot cloud So you don’t have to be very accurate with
it With bear spray you can still protect yourself
and you don’t kill a bear That’s exactly right
Obviously wind is an issue with bear spray especially in this country
I think it’s been windy all week I aways have bear spray anyway
On my hip and ready A pistol is probably even less effective
Hey bear Big difference from going to the range shoots
6 or 10 shot on a target at 30 yards but when your in the moment
And you literally have 2 sec to shoot a charging bear way different
Yeah so a bear coming 40 miles an hour And you got to pull a gun and shoot it in
a vial Good Luck
I would say that 50% of the time people still get injured
Before the bear leaves the area or they are able to kill it
I sleep with a pistol in the tent just cause you never know
I don’t have bear spray in the tent ButI have bear spray with me every time I’m
out moving around I think most importantly don’t put yourself
in a situation were your vulnerable to a bear encounter
Worst off a close bear encounter Those aggressive defensive encounters we see
that bears are protecting 3 things they are protecting a food source, their club
or their personal space 90% of encounters end with the bear just leaving
the area and everyone goes about their way we average 2 serious human injuries a year in Wyoming
When your are moving around this country alway like to be able to see ahead of me at least
100 yards I don’t work through close cover really
So I don’t go in the jackpots of green timber in less I’m in the middle of hunting elk and
bulls are bugling probably can be okay by going into that cover
But anytime I’m just traveling or cruising I don’t go busting through the creek bottoms
i don’t go through the thick cover I don’t get into tight places I like to stand
in the open and scan for bears so Once again Pistol bear spray both serve there
purpose for their specific use Bear spray probably has the edge as far as
effectiveness and the ability to stop a bear with out precise aiming
keep that in mind Most importantly bear encounters should be
prevented if possible don’t put yourself in a situation were your vulnerable to a bear
encounter That’s the goal
I never wanna use have bear spray I never wanna have use a pistol and lets keep it that

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