Bella Boys: Locked out – Ep 1 – Short Danish Sketch (with Eng subtitles)

Hey boys, wait a minute! I forgot my SNUS You can buy a new pack
when we get there. Like I want to wait that long.
Give me the keys and I’ll go get it. How can you even eat pizza and
take SNUS at the same time? How can you not shut your arse? Shut your mouths and let’s get going. I’m not going to watch the second half without any more beers. Then maybe someone should’ve bought
several packs of beer after all. I thought you meant I should buy three 6-packs so I bought one pack with 24 Maybe someone should hold back a bit, eh? F*ck, I forgot my wallet. I’m not paying again. I’ve got a card. Good. But there’s no money on it… Fine, then go up and fetch your… Where are my keys? Stop it. I’ve forgotten my keys. Okay, great! Here we are again… We’ve got no money, no beers and no
place to see the rest of the game. And no SNUS! Shut up for a moment. I’ll write my sister to come by with an extra key, okay? My phone’s dead. Well mine’s up there charging. Fucking losers… I’ve got 5% left. What’s her number? I don’t know her number by heart… You don’t know your sisters number?! Do you know YOUR sisters number? What do we do then? Well you can write her on Messenger. Good idea. You’ve texted with her before? Chill, I probably asked where you were “Hey” Hey?! Why hey?! Can’t you just write her to get
going with those keys? Listen I gotta build up the conversation first, yeah? Okay, well then invite her on a
date now that you’re at it. Why’s she answering with “Hi cutie”? Well I don’t fucking know. Does one not
have right to some privacy or what? “We’re locked out of your brothers appartment…
come over with the key…” Great! Just great. 5% my ass.


  • HeroInHell

    Awesome! Funny and simple. I like it.

  • NotSoDark Magician


  • Danny Venetti

    Have you ever locked yourself out of your appartment or just found yourself in similar silly situations because you forgot something? Let us know.

  • Coa Brat

    Samo duze snimke radite, nije lose, napravi neki scenarijo, neku dobru mini seriju, ide vam ovo fino


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