Tarte Shape Tape or Boi Ing cakeless, Boi
Ing cakeless concealer or tarte shape tape concealer that is the question that I am addressing
in today’s video you guys. Hi, hello I’m Maryam welcome to my channel or welcome back to my
channel, if you already know who I am, in today’s video I am putting to the test my
favorite concealer of all time, Tarte Shape Tape vs the new boi ing by Benefit, which
I have already tried and I gotta say I am highly, highly, highly impressed. I think
this might be a dupe to Shape Tape but please watch until the end for the final wear test
and for the verdict. Right now, I have both of them on my face, I’m not gonna tell you
which one I’m wearing. Where are you team Tarte, are you team Benefit, I am team truth
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let’s get to this video, Tarte Shape Tape vs Benefit Boi Ing Concealer, which one wins
it, hit. So, we have Tarte Shape Tape that I am gonna
be applying on one side of the face, we have Benefit Boi ing Cakeless Concealer that I
am gonna be applying on the other side of the face, this is very exciting for me, also
a little bit nerve wracking but mostly I really just want to make some discoveries. I love
Tarte and I love Benefit both of these are some incredible brands that have some of the
best products out there, some of my favorite products are from both of these brands, I
love the owners I know them personally, I’m here for the truth you guys. So here are some facts about Tarte Shape Tape
$27.00, .33 ozs. in this tube, beautiful giant doe foot applicator, this is in fact my favorite
concealer of all time thus far, however after trying Boi Ing cakeless concealer yesterday
I was extremely, extremely impressed and also perplexed, could this possible be better than
Shape Tape. Benefit Boi Ing cakeless concealer retails for $22.00, it has .17 ozs although
it really doesn’t look like it’s that less product, the same goes for the applicator
however this one is a bit smaller, not significantly smaller but definitely smaller. Packaging
though is super cute here, I mean look at this super adorable pencil eraser, I’m obsessed.
Obviously, this is not an eraser and this is just a cute plastic situation. I love it,
this is perfect for back to school and it just makes me feel a little bit more carefree,
Benefit you got me here tell me Trendmood, how many shades does Benefit Boi Ing concealer
have, tell be baby girl because I need to know hmmm. Benefit Boi Ing cakeless concealer
has 12 shades, whereas Tarte Shape Tape has 30 shades but this one started out with 14
shades then they added 16 more shades. I mean Tarte Shape Tape has been around for a while,
so I understand why there is 30 shades and why there is only 12 in Boi Ing. I have gathered up a couple of shades from
both lines, from Tarte I usually use light medium or medium for my under eye and to kinda
highlight and brighten my whole face and here in Benefit Boi Ing I have 3 shades, they are
close to my light medium and medium. I have the shade 5, 6 and 7. Okay so in observing
these shades, the 5 and the 6 from Boi Ing are very similar to the light medium in Tarte
Shape Tape, however they are just a little bit cooler so there is a little bit more pinky-ness
and peachy-ness in the Boi Ing compared to the Shape Tape. The Shape Tape is just a little
bit more neutral. Similarly, with the medium and shade 7 from Boi Ing. Boi Ing just looks
a little bit peachier and a little bit cooler to me whereas Tarte Shape Tape looks a little
bit more neutrally olivey, but because this is a creamy liquidy type of concealer, I believe
it’s main purpose is to be used as a concealer under the eye or brightener, a highlighter
all over your face on top of foundation, so the undertone shouldn’t technically matter
if you have your right foundation on. And also considering that there are only 12 shades
hopefully Benefit will increase this number to 30. Okay enough talking I’m gonna apply my face
so that we can finally get to this review, gonna start out with the Smashbox oil and
shine control primer. I have tried this one a couple of times before and I am really liking
it. I have even worn this one under my minimized pores primer by Smashbox and I feel like that
creates kind of a phenomenal combo, but I will probably show you guys that technique
in a different video. For today’s foundation I’m gonna be using this Huda Beauty faux filter
high coverage foundation, it’s my first time using it on camera but, I did try it out yesterday
and although this isn’t my shade I really like the coverage, I’m gonna explore some
more, I also have a cool brush from Huda Beauty. Okay this foundation is not my shade, probably
was my shade last week after I went to beach but sadly my face tan does not last more than
2 days. Not that I need this type of full coverage today, but I am really liking this
full coverage. Now for the moment of truth, I’m gonna go for light medium shape tape on
this side of the face and I’m gonna go for #6 Boi Ing concealer on this side of the face.
Honestly you guys the consistency is so similar, this is the reason why I had to film this
review, I had to check it out for myself, I had to put this to a wear test and I need
this verdict badly, I need it probably even more than you guys do because I am a true
Shape Tape fanatic and when I tried this Boi Ing yesterday I was shook, could this really
rival the Shape Tape, I don’t know, time for some thumb nail faces. Oh my God enough thumbnail faces, I am going
to start blending this out, I’m gonna use one side of my beauty blender for this side
and the other side for the other side. Per usual as always my Shape Tape blends out like
a dream, there is no staining, there is no discrepancy between my foundation and my Shape
Tape, I mean it’s a beautiful, beautiful gorgeous stunning concealer that works great for all
skin types by the way, especially for my oily skin. Does not settle into any fine lines,
doesn’t highlight any pores or any imperfections, in fact this is the type of concealer that
looks great when worn as a foundation. I have tried it and I have a video on that, this
has blended out beautifully. I am switching to the Boi Ing side, the consistency honestly
feels the same super duper duper blendable, it can sit on the skin without creating a
stain so that tells you that there is definitely some wiggle room between application and blending.
The coverage is incredible I would even dare to say that the Boi Ing concealer is slightly
more full coverage than Tarte Shape Tape and by no means does it look cakey. Forget to blend out the nose part and I’m
also just gonna stiple real quick, alright so now that I have let both of these concealers
sort of sit on my face without having to set them I am observing literally the same results,
there is no creasing under the eye for the Shape Tape Side and there is no creasing under
the eye for the Boi Ing concealer side. There is a little bit of creasing on both sides
just right here where my lid happens to fold naturally which is absolutely normal. These
are cream concealers so you can expect for them to stay completely crease free until
you set them. That is exactly what I am gonna do right now, I’m gonna set them with the
same exact product just so we can have an accurate wear test. I’m gonna use this Elsie
Cosmetics translucent setting powder in the shade light medium, a little fluffy brush
with no name, first setting the under eye, then the top of the lid, between the brows,
around the nose, around the mouth and chin. Now for the rest of my face I’m gonna use
my Charlotte T translucent setting powder, and I’m just gonna use stippling motions to
set my foundation in place. Gonna use my Hoola caramel bronzer, Hoola the original Hoola
was actually the very first product that I used for bronzing and for contouring before
contouring was even the thing. Okay just a little bit of bronzer is enough and just a
pinch of Nars Orgasm Blush to the outer portion of my cheeks, I know who am I and what am
I doing, kinda been loving blush lately. Pixi delicate dew highlighter on my cheek bones
and a little bit on the forehead for some dew, boom. A little something, something on
the lips, Elcie Cosmetics Cora lip vinyl, not exactly what I was going for with the
lips but we are gonna have to make it work because that’s the only thing I have here
in front of me. Alright what else Fenty Brow MVP on the brows,
review on that is up here cute, baby hairs, lashes real quick. Essence Cosmetics mascara
love this one, new fave. Okay my face is now complete, let us observe the Tarte Shape tape
side, looking mighty fine per usual and as always this is kind of finish that I am used
to seeing from Shape Tape and as always I am pleased. Now for the Boi Ing concealer
side, everything looks great here as well, there is no creasing, there is no cracking
everything is smooth, seamless I’m loving this concealer and I cannot wait to put it
to a wear test, so let’s see how they both wear and compare at the end of the day, let’s
queue in some time warping music here and let’s get the results. Okay guys it’s wear test time, Tarte Shape
Tape concealer on this side, Benefit Boi Ing cakeless concealer on this side before I slide
on over and show you what they look like close, I’m gonna observe my skin and my under eye
in this mirror right here. I think both under eyes are looking pretty bright, there is really
not much creasing under the eye, there is a little bit of creasing around the nose on
both sides and I would say the Tarte Shape side is looking just a pinch brighter than
the Boi Ing concealer side. Those are my first impressions after a 7 hour wear test. Now let’s scoot on over and let’s observe
it closely. Coverage is pretty full on the Tarte Shape Tape side, there is no creasing,
coverage is really good, pretty full on the Boi Ing side, no creasing but the Tarte Shape
Tape does look just a little bit more vibrant and it’s just covering this darker area a
pinch better, but I’m really nit picking here. Now there’s definitely some creasing around
the nostril on both sides, that’s just the way that my nose is set up on my face I don’t
think it can be avoided, at least it can’t be avoided in my case. This is the conclusion, I think that boi ing
cakeless concealer by Benefit is the closest dupe to Tarte Shape Tape. These 2 are very
similar and the quality on both of these is outstanding you guys. Tarte Shape Tape is
a classic, it’s a timeless beauty and I love it long time however Benefit Boi Ing cakeless
concealer is a close rival and it’s an amazing, amazing product. There are only 12 shades
and yes there is a little bit less product in this packaging but technically the Benefit
Boi Ing concealer is cheaper at $22.00 vs $27.00, so that said if you are looking to
save yourself some money, specifically $5.00 then go ahead and try out the Benefit Boi
ing cakeless concealer, however if you are a lover of Tarte, if you are team Tarte and
you love your Shape Tape then there is really no reason for you to try this new Boi Ing
cakeless concealer, however if you are like me and you are on team Benefit and team Tarte
and you love both of these brands and you love great products then I say get your hands
on both, why not. Both are excellent, make up lovers, make-up artist and make-up enthusiasts
should have both in their arsenal. That is my truth I am sticking to it, I presented
you guys with the facts and I hope you are satisfied. Thank you so much for watching
and for subscribing, I have other videos you know where, right there so click on them more
reviews, more wear tests, love you guys, see you soon, peace.

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