BEST 11 Upcoming PIXEL ART games of 2020

Hello and greetings from Eastern Europe, my
name is ColdBeerHD and this is the list of the very best pixel art games of 2020. And this video is sponsored by,
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my 3% discount code – just enter ColdBeer and you’ll get your games as cheap as possible! You’ll find a link in the description below! Eldest Souls This is a Souls like boss rushing game where
you kill evil gods. Well, at least you think they’re evil, but
the backstory is, that the mankind imprisoned those gods long time ago and now they are
draining your world of life itself. To be fair, we brought this on ourselves and
now we have to repair the stuff our ancestors done in the past and kill some gods. Or, more realistically, to die a lot. Game looks absolutely amazing, those graphics
are true work of art, no doubt. The only thing I don’t like is the name
of the game. Eldest Souls are obviously named because of
the genre, but I find that a bit annoying practice. It’s like naming an action RPG game Diablo. Imagine – Path of Diablo, Grim Diablo, Torchdiablo…
that would be silly, right? The Iron Oath This is a turn-based tactical RPG set in a
dark fantasy world. Recruit, manage, and embark on missions with
a roster of adventurers, testing the limits of their mortality. Here you will find 9 regions with over 50
places to visit. As developers say, cities can be overtaken,
destroyed and rebuilt; while various factions can emerge, rise and fall. To say short, this game is beautiful not only
outside, but also inside. Just like you and me, my friend, except that
outside part, let’s be fair, we don’t have that. The fighting part reminds me of Heroes of
Might & Magic games and that is a good thing, I like to think, strategize and show AI that
I’m the boss. Yeah! Carrion This is a reverse horror game in which you
assume the role of an amorphous creature of unknown origins, stalking and consuming those
who imprisoned you to spread fear and panic throughout the facility. To be fair, I don’t even know how to describe
it. It looks like am… “Looks like an airplane… without wings.” No it doesn’t. What the hell, man? It looks nothing like that. It’s more like a… spaghetti monster, that
spaghetti god, but evil. Oh, or should I just say a spaghetti satan,
yes? So here you grow and evolve your spaghetti
satan while tearing down this prison and acquire more and more devastating abilities. Muahaha! ITTA This is a bullet-hell adventure set in a world
filled with monstrous bosses. When Itta wakes up and finds herself surrounded
by her dead family, her only guide is a strange spirit that takes the form of the family cat. ITTA is a game inspired by themes of personal
struggle and the moral is simple: if there is light, there must be darkness, but the
important thing is to keep going, no matter what you endure along the way. That is kinda depressing, but I guess this
game will find its audience anyway – at least it’s looking really good and all those crazy
bosses are in a urging need of an ass whooping. Eastward This game is cute. Like, literally, the cutest thing. If you have a fluffy dog or fluffy rabbit
at home, comparing to Eastward your pet looks like that bald mole rat. I’m sorry. Of course, no offense to those who actually
grows bald mole rats at home, you have a different standards my friend. I like you! So, what is this game is all about? Here you’ll find a charming post-apocalyptic
world, deep underground in a secret facility a miner discovers a mysterious little girl
named Sam and together you and her will journey through decaying cities, encounter strange
creatures and even stranger people. Backbone This is a noir-inspired detective adventure. As raccoon private eye Howard Lotor, sniff
out clues, collect evidence, interrogate witnesses, and explore beautiful pixel art version of
dystopian Vancouver. Every animation in the game is handcrafted
frame by frame, and everything looks really good. This game is another proof that talking animals
are a nice concept not only for the kids, but for the adults too. If you don’t agree to this statement, ask
yourself, are you OK with Khajiit and Argonians in Elder Scrolls? Let’s be fair, they are kinda animals too
and really nice addition to the game world. Inmost This is an atmospheric, story driven puzzle
platformer where in abandoned castle you’ll need to explore every nook and cranny, avoid
detection, slice through enemies and spring deadly traps to escape the evil that lurks
within. I have tried the game in GameOn show in Vilnius,
Lithuania few months ago, and I was really impressed by its atmosphere and almost colorless
style. The game’s mood is dark, grim and gloomy
– something you rarely get from a pixel art games. Graphics and lighting are great and so is
the music – dark and menacing piano notes along with creepy violins. If that wasn’t intentionally created as
a horror game, it is almost like that. Inmost is definitely in my radar and it should
be in yours too. Nykra This is, as developers say, an existential
narrative-driven sci-fi adventure platformer, set in the first born galaxy called “Nykra”. The story embraces many layers of the mind
and tackles the hypothetical feeling of having no purpose. What is my purpose? Pass the butter. The more I looked at the trailer the more
I liked games concept. This is how you create games: you ask difficult
questions and then you try to answer them. Also scenario of this game allegedly holds
something unexpected, so this is definitely one of my favorites. But, let me pour some salt in here: the release
date of Nykra was the very end of a year 2019 and as we can see, that was false. This is why you never ever pre-order anything. And I just checked – last update by developers
in their Kickstarter page was made 4 months ago. That is a long time, but let’s hope that
everything will be fine. Just, let’s be optimistic. It’s fine. All good. Yeah… Massive Galaxy Explore, trade and fight your way through
Massive Galaxy, a point and click narrative adventure set in cyberpunk cities, deserted
wastelands and beautifully crafted space habitats. Become a space-trader seeking to turn a profit
by buying and selling goods throughout the galaxy or become a space-pirate and take everything
you need by force. Undertake routine missions or embark on ethically
questionable jobs for a quick money. Meet several space faring alien civilizations,
discover their mighty artifacts and abandoned spaceships, also explore the fauna and flora
of uncharted planets. Massive Galaxy looks like a great adventure
game with an interesting story to explore. Primal Light Here you will control Krog, a mysterious blue
creature, as he travels through the labyrinth of ladders, levers, traps, and monsters arranged
across 10 levels, and every level will have unique boss at the very end. Sounds very standard and classic, but the
quality of the game is really stunning. And pixel art graphics part is definitely
10 out of 10. Here, as a Krog, you’ll also dive into challenging
side paths to uncover hidden collectibles, unlocking upgrades and passive abilities. This is no doubt one of the best looking platformer
games of this year. Undungeon The last, but not least. When i first saw trailer of this game I was
gobsmacked by psychedelic electro rock music that engulfed this game like a facehugger
hugging his prey. UnDungeon is a mix of action, roguelike, and
old-school RPG styles. It is oriented towards delightful storytelling
and aimed at exploration of a frequently changing gaming environment. Travel through the ruins of the shattered
multiverse and decide its fate. And let’s be fair – this game is pure art. It looks and sounds very well. At least for now. The main list is over, but I also want to
show you four more games that I found fascinating and worth waiting for. So, this year, we will get our hands on Lamentum – creepy lovecraftian horror. Foregone – great platformer with extremely
detailed pixel art graphics. Biomass – something between blade runner,
wild west and dark souls Necrofugitive – here you are an evil monster
and kill good guys. Always a fun thing to do. Thank you for watching, don’t hesitate to
subscribe and press that like button. My name is ColdBeerHD and I wish you nice
and productive day. Bye!


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    Nykra's KS update may have been a while ago, but the creator regularly streams progress on his twitch channel and posts updates on his Twitter. He is certainly not slacking off.


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