Best Brush for Digital Painting

hey this is Mikko and this is about
the perfect brush for digital painting it doesn’t really matter if
you’re using Procreate or Photoshop I think this is the stuff that I have
learned on Photoshop but I’m now using this information to make more paintings
on procreate my own attitude towards brushes has changed quite drastically
over the past five years and it has just changed my productivity like really much
I mean before I did ten times less paintings than I do now and I just
wanted to share some of my own experiences if this might help some of
you out there too especially if you’re struggling with the fact that you have
tons of brushes in your library and they don’t really help you at all okay so I
wanted to tell you about my own experience of Photoshop because I used
to work only on Photoshop and I over the years I created this massive library of
brushes and I was using them for all of my paintings and then this massive
update for Photoshop happened and they kind of messed up the way that the
brushes are categorized and I sort of lost that whole set of brushes and just
out of convenience I ended up using only one brush which is the round brush for
Photoshop and I know it’s very basic but when the update was kind of rolled back
a year later and I could find my own tools again in the same way that I did
before I noticed that I was painting so much more paintings and everything was
just coming together in a much more organic way that felt more natural to me
that I kind of let go of all of those tools that I have created over the years
it was a lot of work to create my own brush set for Photoshop but in the end I
noticed that it wasn’t really helping me be more productive and I think that was
the always the end goal especially when I was creating art for video games I
wanted to be able to produce as much art as possible in the
shortest amount possible and when I noticed that this brush set wasn’t doing
it for me I let go of the whole basically the whole thing so now
when I’m working with Procreate and for example for this painting I’m
painting the entire image with a single brush that I have created I don’t even open
the brushes palette even once during the production of this painting I just
change the size and opacity a little bit mostly I paint with 100% opacity that is
because this brush allows for kind of slight opacity variety by just pressing
lightly on the screen so opacity is kind of not necessary and I kind of like the
look of hard opacity brushes it makes you make more kind of drastic decisions
nothing is kind of gray it’s the brushstroke is either there or it isn’t
it’s more simple for me than to evaluate if it should be in the picture or not
one of the things that I used to defend for myself for using so many brushes is
that painting for example foliage or clouds or rock textures takes a lot of
time but I have these large scale prints in my home and when I look at them I’m
really happy that I didn’t use any stamp like brushes to create them
because when I see that brush stamp pattern in my painting especially when
it’s hanging on my wall at home and I’m sleeping on the bed and I can see the
stamp pattern it just drives me crazy and there’s something about that that
just rubs me the wrong way I guess it’s the fact that if anybody else used that
same kind of stamp in their own painting it would look like exactly the same as
in my painting and that somehow makes me feel not needed as an artist and having
more kind of like this organic look when you have to paint everything by
hand I just like the end result like this is just personally me but I like that
end result more so basically one of the reasons why I like to paint this way is
that I’m super OCD but I would also say that still my painting these days is way
faster because when I did those kind of stamp brushes in a painting then I
looked at it and I had to go over all the details by hand anyway so it wasn’t
helping me be any quicker I just had to paint everything twice and that’s not
helpful so what features should you look for when
you are creating your own brushes well I have such a few things that I look for
in a brush the way that these settings work like that takes time and that’s why
for me creating brushes takes a lot of time like for example this brush that
I’m using in this painting called Mikko Rull I have developed this brush over
deserts of paintings basically and only when I noticed that I don’t need to go
to the settings and change anything anymore then it’s done when I know that
I can make full paintings with this without opening the brush palette so the
features that I look for is a little bit of size variety based on the pressure
applied also the texture should have character but it should also allow for
all kinds of detail in every part of the image for this specific brush I have
this like element of chaos that not all parts of the canvas can be painted with
the same amount of applied pressure that sometimes it requires more and sometimes
it requires less and that creates this kind of like imperfect line and chaos
that I just love because I love the fact that it forces me not to get too
precious with any part of the painting also when like adding texture to a brush
and procreate the texture is called grain when adding grain to a brush I want that
grain to be not visible and recognizable when for example if you have just black
brush and you paint over a white screen like you shouldn’t have a
repeating pattern so you can set it to start a different parts of the image just
having too much personality in the texture is a bad thing but having too
little can look monotonous so it’s a fine balance so finding those right
textures is really the key for a good brush like this one thing with a good
grain texture to me also is the fact that there are these kind of like mid
gray level parts in the grain what that does is when I zoom in on the
brushstroke when I want to color pick a in between color between the background and
the brushstroke the grey parts in the grain allow for this kind of in-between
colors to appear and then I can color pick those and use them in the painting
without going into the color palette and in procreate
there is the streamline option and for a painting like this it’s all about
speed so the streamline is basically turned off
that just helps all the brushstrokes render in real time and I don’t have to
wait for them to happen and it just helps the whole process go by really
quickly I know that this might be a very weird way of painting for some people
but having this attitude towards using as little brushes in a single painting
as possible it has kind of freed up this mental clutter in the painting process
when the thought of like what brush I’m using doesn’t even enter my mind and
just focus on the color line rhythm values lighting and mood all the basic
stuff that actually creates visual impact I’m not thinking about if this
tool is the right thing to use for this part of the painting and I don’t even
have to let my mind go there I can just focus on the more important parts of the
painting and work on those it’s the lack of that extra thought in the process
that has helped me paint so much quicker than I used to before
and it has helped me let go of some of these like fussiness and perfectionism
that is not really helping anyone and it’s especially not helping you to
be quicker and more productive so if you’re the type of brush hoarder who has
50 brushes in your constant use palette maybe it’s just try looking at them and
seeing that do you have brushes that can be used for the entire painting at once
and if you have such a brush maybe you can start using it and do small tweaks
and adjustments to the way the brush behaves so that it fits your own
painting style when you have reached a level that you don’t even need to open
the settings anymore and you can just paint the picture from start to finish
with the same brush then you know that you have created something that is truly
yours and it’s an expression of how you paint and it will help you paint faster
and you don’t have to be a hoarder basically okay I hope this has been
helpful to you and if you have any thoughts on brushess let me know in the
comments below please remember to subscribe and hit the bell button and I
will see all of you in the next video I’m Mikko and it has been a pleasure to
talk about these brushes with you okay bye! you

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