My favorite color is purple and I’ve accumulated a lot of purple art supplies in my time and I thought What if I draw a picture using every single one of them! What could possibly go wrong? So last Tuesday was my birthday and Kasey Golden sent me the cutest box of purple art supplies and I need to show you this because she put so much time and detail into it and it was just such a joy to open. And she puts that same dedication into her own youtube channel so be sure to check her out. Anyway, she more than doubled my purple art supplies, so this is what inspired me to create this illustration using just purple! The first challenge was deciding what to draw. There aren’t a lot of naturally purple things in this world, I mean, trust me—I’ve googled it. You’ve got grapes, violets, this bird I found out about called the purple honey creeper, and like a few other things. So I decided to draw all of my purple things! Like I have this flower pot thing that’s like a watering can but I use it to hold art supplies, Uh, my sweatshirt is purple, my Doc Martens that I splurged on for my birthday are purple, my headphones, my computer, my extension cord, my socks! I own a lot of purple things In the end, there’s only one thing left to draw if I’m going to be drawing all of my purple things and I guess it’s me! So now that I have a plan, I surrounded myself with all my purple pens and pencils for inspiration and I went to town. I started with my trusty a purple Col-Erase pencil Because I can’t sketch in a regular pencil ’cause it’s not purple and I made a quick thumbnail Which I sort of just figured out the layout of what I’ll be working with and make sure that there’s room for all of my purple stuff so Once I was happy with that it was time to jump into the illustration! Using that same pencil I just loosely sketch out everything and make sure it fits on the paper and make sure everything’s laid out properly and then I start adding in details to things like my boots and my headphones. So it’s not just a character floating on the page and I wanted it to be a little bit more, you know, illustrative, in some way. I decided to circle myself with all my purple knickknacks and I did my best to sort of shape them into a heart because purple is a great color and it makes me happy and I love it so, there honestly isn’t a shade of purple that I don’t like which is good because I’m gonna be using a lot of them in this illustration. Once I was happy with the sketch I used my slowly-turning-purple kneaded eraser to lighten up the sketch Instead of erasing it completely and using a purple pen for like line art or something I decided to leave about- I dont know- 50% of the sketch there just so I could start adding color on top of it and at the end I’ll go over everything with like a darker purple to give that sort of line-arty finished look but for the most part it was much more building of different art supplies so that I could, you know, kind of check them off the list and make sure I used them all. The next purple art supply I used was the Winsor & Newton brush marker. this is like one of the lightest purples and it’s like almost a pink that I own so I used this the color in my really light Doc Martens- well the first layer of the Doc Martens. I go over these a lot. since I didn’t think it was quite dark enough I used this Prismacolor premier pencil and sort of added the sh- made it shiny bits by creating like shadows and defined some of the lines. I also used this watercolor pencil to do the same thing because it was an even darker purple and, again, I’m trying to create different tones because the colors are so similar you need to really find the tones to create some contrast in this illustration. After that, I thought the boots were still too pink which is weird because it’s a purple So I went over them again with this purple Zig Writer to try and create the shiny look again, I just left some of the parts that shiny pink color and darkened others to make it, you know, I’m trying to make it look shiny that’s what I’m trying to say. One of the things Kasey sent me was this metallic Gelly Roll pen and it is just so dark and beautifully purple, so I used this to draw in the shoelaces and like other details on my boots. My sweatshirt is a very particular purple, and I needed it to be so in this drawing so that was, you know, my sweatshirt and there was only really one pen for this job and that was this Chalkola marker. Um, it’s actually for drawing on dry-erase boards and like glass and stuff that you can, like, wipe off but I mean I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do. I gotta use everything, right? I filled the entire sweatshirt with this and I really liked the chalky texture it added to the drawing it’s like, I dunno, you know it gives it that mixed-media feeling. I use this Progresso in dark violet to sketch out my computer, which I’m quite proud to say is this HP Omen that I got for a spanking good deal in an open box- eek. Keep your eyes out on those things, guys, it’s a great way to get a computer. Um, but the color purple and, like, good deals are just both things they make me very happy! And the chassis of my computer is black but it has these, like, schmancy like LEDs on the front that I think you can set to glow purple and of course I have so, purple things- Yay! Um, to add details to my computer I use this Stabilo point 88 which I thought looked really good in like, well, used along with the Progresso pencil, like the two colors just really complemented each other. Um, I used this Tombow brush pen which is another beautiful purple color- oh my goodness. It almost completely matches my weird watering-can-pot-art-supply-holder thingy so I colored it in with that well i got like that Well, I coloured that in with this. And a few of, like, the flowers that are- other knickknacks that are around me that are just, my abundance of purple pens they all really looked good in this color. Um, I used the Staedler Triplus Fineliner which, oh, I like this color a lot too. I used this to line a bunch of, like, different purple things that I had already colored. I really, really like the contrast between this purple color and, like, the other purples because this one’s like a more red and those ones are more blue, and I just- I really like the way those look together. I use this another thing from Kasey, the Academy watercolors in purple And I used this out, to basically color anything that I didn’t want to be too purple, like skin. I also colored, like the shorts and the hair, but I get a lot more, um, touch-ups with that later and watercolor is definitely becoming one of my favorite mediums just because of how many different tones you can get out of one pan or one tube and like you know, with adding more water or less water and all those sorts of things like they’re just really fun to experiment with so I took full advantage of that and was able to add like blushies and blend those out on the cheeks and the knees, so that was really really fun. Also I used this gouache for the first time I colored in all the purple boxes with this. I’ve only used gouache like once so this was still very experimental for me. But it was really really fun and like learning to use the gouache and seeing what- how it interacts with more water or less water Or no water and I really like the style that these boxes ended up in, like the colors from the way it’s shaded Even if it doesn’t really fit the rest of the piece But I mean maybe in a way the fact that it doesn’t match the rest of the piece is what makes it all fit together, right? I also use the gouache to like shade other things in this piece so that were like trying- starting to get lost because there wasn’t enough contrast so I darkened those up, like the hair and my computer. I used the Ohuhu acrylic pen which- I don’t think I’ve ever used these in a video but- which is weird because they’re really really fun to use and I need to get on that, but it’s basically like an acrylic paint that’s in a pen So they’re like super opaque and I used that for like my extension cord and because it was such a wide and round bullet nib, I was able to color in the grapes like with a sort of pointillism And it was really really quick and fun and like perfect little circles so that was really cool and I’m glad that it turned out that way. I used my trusty purple highlighter which I’ve owned for almost a millennium now, I think, the Paper Mate purple highlighter and this is like one of my go-to art supplies because of just how nice it is to use in my sketchbooks because, you know, it doesn’t bleed through the paper, you could use it with a purple pen it’s just- I’ve used this color a lot and I just Basically colored anything that I neglected so far because I was running out of things to color and Then it was time to use my all-time favorite art supply and not just because I own like nearly half a million of these things, it’s- this is the Bic Round Stic grip pen. The purple one of course. I think 95% of all of my sketches and illustrations on instagram right now were drawn with these suckers so just holding it after like holding all of the other purple art supplies in my hand it was like I was like holding the hand of an old friend, it just felt so natural, so I use this for a lot of things like detailing and outlining just about everything. Like in particular, the face. Now this AD marker- i’m not sure what it’s called- this, I was kind of terrified to use. It bleeds like nobody’s business, okay, and it smells like a semi-truck and like a semi-truck size skunk collided and then, like, with the smelliest thing in the universe and then that all just caught fire so I decided to use this like as sparingly as possible and I just colored all the parts of my boots that should be black because it’s so dark like the sole and, like, the trims and Yeah, it’s just- this was a scary pen and I don’t really want to use it again. For the really dark parts on the boots that needed to be a little bit more detailed, I used this Wink of Luna brush because it’s a brush tip and you can get very fine details with the very tip of it And of course we can’t draw something using all purple art supplies without a purple Sharpie in there somewhere So I used to- use this to like basically anything I wanted to color with that AD marker but I was kind of scared of it, I just used the Sharpie instead so all the rest of the parts of the illustration that needed it got that treatment and lastly I used this purple Posca Posca are really cool because they’re also opaque, kind of like the acrylic pens So I basically could use this anywhere I wanted to and I kind of did, so I experimented like all over the place Some places it looks good, some places kind of doesn’t but it’s still awesome to draw over something with opaque color. It’s like- it never gets old so I was- I was having a lot of fun with this one and basically with that I was sort of done. I did add a little more touch-ups, went back over with some of the supplies I had already used. And, yeah, at this- I- I think I do, if I’m gonna be honest, have more purple art supplies somewhere in my house that like I can’t be bothered to find So yeah I have a lot- a lot like more pens and stuff, so yeah So I guess technically I kinda failed this challenge, BUT but- but thanks for watching, you know, it was honestly a challenge, like just going through and making sure that I used every single one and like switching through them and using them for different places and swatches are your best friend with this, like because you have to know before you put it down if it’s gonna look good next to that other purple that you’ve already put down so you gotta like make some swatches and use your little brain so It was definitely a fun exercise and this is- I thought it was really really cool! Should I try and do this with a different color? Thank you guys for watching! Tag me if you do anything similar ’cause I’d totally like to see what you guys come up with- so creative! And, yeah, thank you guys for watching! I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you all have a delicious evening full of waffles! Bye!

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