Best Drugstore Primer? ? New Catrice Tensational Primer – Wear Test + Review

hi guys and welcome back to my channel I am Vasiliki and in this video we’re going to be testing a new primer by
Catrice cosmetics and this is the tensational ten-in-one dream primer
this product has so many claims it says that it is priming hydrating
anti-wrinkle natural glow anti pollution anti- oxidation I think that means
that it is going to prevent your foundation from oxidizing am i right
I’m not really sure let me know what you think it is also pore minimizing evens
out skin tone blur’s imperfections it also has a UV protection function
protection with SPF 15 we get 30 milliliters of product and the price is
5 euros and 95 this one is made in Italy and it can last up to 12 months it is
also be done I’m going to do a full day wear test for this primer and also I
want to test if it can actually anti oxidize my foundation so I’m going to
use two products today two foundations one of them is oxidizing so I want to
see if this can actually prevent that so hot today let’s start with the primer
the packaging is super sleek and very lightweight it has some gold details and
it is a very pretty product it doesn’t look cheap ish ok let’s see the texture
that we have we have a thicker consistency and it also has a little bit
of color so that’s why it says evens out skin tone maybe ok we’re going to see
that it feels like a bigger moisturizer it is almost the cent less it’s not
something overwhelming I’m going to clean a little bit and as we can see the
wet wipe has a little bit of color so let’s see how it works on my skin I’m
very curious to see if you can do something for my pores or imperfections
I’m going to apply a pea-sized amount of product to see if it is spreadable
because of the thick consistency it’s not very easy to glide it on my skin so
I’m going to use some more let’s take a closer look I think it bled a little
with my pores on the cheeks that I have here and it doesn’t give a super glowy
finish it looks like semi matte and very natural if you want to use only this one
without any foundation on it is a little bit sticky but very lightweight on the
skin and also doesn’t give anything the link effect a tingling feeling the first
foundation that I’m going to use is the L’Oreal infallible fresh where I have
the shade 125 natural rose and this one is oxidizing a shade darker that’s why I
picked this one for today’s video and let’s start applying I have AB light Sun
and in a few minutes we’re going to see how the colors is getting darker the
second foundation is the infallible 24-hour mark by L’Oreal again and this
is in the shade 13 base rose I think the fresh well foundation has oxidized what
do you guys think this is also what I had swatched previously let’s apply a
little bit more to see the color in the beginning yeah yes it oxidizes so that
test didn’t go very well since I don’t mind when a foundation is
oxidizing if it is just one shade darker it is okay but if it is too shit or if
it is becoming orange it doesn’t look nice so this one still looks natural for
me for the two foundations we don’t have the same shaded range
for this one we have more shades and for this we have a lot that have a pink
undertone and that’s why this one is a little bit pinkish on me with contouring
powder and highlighting it doesn’t look very pink I can make it work but this
one is a little bit more yellowy as you can see I think that my pores are less
noticable this product of course cannot erase them it is just a primer I have a
very smooth layer of foundation on both side and I didn’t have any issues with
applying any of these foundations on this side I have a very light shiny
finish and on the other side this a little less which is natural because of
the foundations that I have applied today let’s continue with some concealer
I’m going to use the fitme concealer by Maybelline in the shade 10 I use it to
cover my dark circles also to highlight my face I didn’t have any issues with a
concealer as well and I’m going to set everything with the fixing powder by art
deco cosmetics both of the foundations creased a little bit on my forehead
don’t forget to blend the creases and after that set with powder let’s
continue with some face products I want to use this one for my contouring today
and this is the Catrice and glow matte bronzing powder I have this 830 medium
bronze I’m contouring my face with the face brush by SS from the limited
edition with pac-man a little bit on the nose as well and for blush I have this one by Catrice
again this is the blush box in the shade Golden Corral I’m using the brush to
babish cosmetics to take the product and apply it on my cheeks I’ll let my face I
have this little cutiepie here this is from the essence limited edition with
pakmar it is the baked highlighter in the shade ready I’m taking the brush
forward by BH Cosmetics and I use this on my cheekbone oh I took a lot after
that blend everything together okay so it was easy to blend everything and I’m
very curious to see how my face is going to look after a couple of hours hi guys
it’s been 10 hours and let’s see what happened with the primer so this side of
my face is more glowy I was expecting that because of the foundation that I
have used on this part of my face and on this side the foundational looks less
shiny that’s because of the foundation I don’t have a very glowy finish I like
that I think that it looks very nice and it doesn’t look crazy also I don’t have
any patches of foundation I don’t have excess of oils or dryness I have noticed
that I don’t have any creases the Foundation’s didn’t crease on the
forehead or on my smile lines that’s very promising for the primary both of
the foundations are looking very smooth on the skin I like that it doesn’t give
a very super glowy finish I didn’t need a lot of powder to set the foundations
this is also a plus point then the pollution claim I’m not able to test
that I don’t know how to do that Blair’s imperfections I would say it
definitely gives a very smooth finish and I like that it doesn’t crease that’s
very nice I think that the primer worked very well with both of the foundations
and I would like also to use it with more products
I like this primary let me know in the comments if you would like to try it do
like this type of primers you can find here more Catrice makeup reviews if you
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