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Bonjour tout le monde and welcome to Musings of a Fox. This is probably one of the most stripped-down videos I’ve ever done, not
a stitch of makeup on. My hair has just been freshly blow dried with the Hot Tools
Pro One Step Blowout. It comes in this gold version, it also comes in a black
version. The gold supposedly is just better at frizz control and gold is a
really good heat disbursement metal so that way it stays evenly heated
throughout the whole thing rather than having hot spots
I’m obsessed, giving away the plot. I am in love with this thing. I was gushing
about this on my Instagram stories and a bunch of you asked me to do a demo and
review so here is that video. I’m gonna be doing this like an actual live,
showing you guys how I actually blow dry my hair, it’ll be a mix of like real-time
footage and a bit sped up because my hair takes about 25 minutes to blow-dry
and no one wants to sit here for 25 minutes while I blow-dry my hair. So here
is my demo and review, enjoy! Here I am fresh the shower, I have a fan going
because it’s 80 degrees outside I’m in my office my filming lights, so this just…
this could be the noisiest section of the video I will be muting down the
hairdryer though cuz no one needs to hear all of that noise. That’s not the
kind of ASMR I think anyone ever wants to watch. alright so the way I dried my
hair because it is so thick is in sections so the first thing I do is
divide my hair in at least two so kind of the way you’re gonna do like a half
up half down kind of thing protip for those of you who have a lot
of ear piercings you want to make sure that the top section you’re drawing is
well above your piercings and the bombs which one is below your piercings
because I have found the first few times I used this when doing the hair around
my ears that the hairdryer actually heated up my industrial piercing and
that is not a sensation that anyone should ever experience I do like to give
my hair a bit of a pre brushing before blow-drying just to get any possible
tangles all i’m nirva I can you dry your hair in front of people I don’t know why
cuz I don’t think any of us really dry our hair and
a beautiful fashion – trying to do this at all in a way that’s interesting to
watch well I reckon I take a piece of hair about as big as I would use on my
curling iron just to make sure that it really gets like all the attention of
the dryer you might burn my pink like I do I say
this because of the gold plating gets very very hot so please do be careful
that the perk of a more traditional blow dryer is that there’s a lot more plastic
around it but the places that get hot there’s a lot more surface area it is
really quite easy to touch the plate this is plastic so this is not super hot
but this is actual gold and it is extremely hot so do not touch it it
hurts so bad to get a lot more Vaughn you want to put
the blow-dryer under your hair to get lift at the roots and you want to hold
it a few seconds at the root and so then we slide down and about halfway through
we turn and then we slowly move through here and you do that two or three times
total and then you slide through now let’s do it was magical or the top layer I’m going to move from
back to front and we’re definitely going to make sure to get some of that volume
in the roots so I knew that the section closest to my
face in a much bigger trunk the bigger trunk you use the less heat is directly
on each individual hair so it’s just a little bit safer from the tiny little
baby hairs to have a lot more other hairs with it to disperse the heat but this all together I do like you go
through on one more pass underneath on lo of it all together and then I put it
on cool to pull it all down and keep it set all right yeah so that is my hair
fully done with the hot tools Pro one-step blowout and I am always always
thrilled with the results every time I really am struggling from it with my
natural hair texture this summer because my natural hair texture is kind of wavy
and super poofy and so when you throw in the summer heat and the summer humidity
my hair just gets a little wild and you don’t always want a wild aesthetic for
every look sometimes you really just want it a little bit sleeker a little
bit fresh from the salon especially if it’s been a few months and seep into
this long just want like a fresh clean look and I’d be able to change it up
this has really changed my relationship with my hair um when my hair was really
really long I dreaded washing it because that either met my hair was going to be
wet for four to six hours or I was gonna have to break out a blow-dryer and the
round brush and I always felt like the when I wanted to get the volume under
here the blow-dryer just blew all the hair off the round brush and I was
struggling making tangles and I could never really get my ends at dry and it
just never felt like it was working it was worth it you know hair dryers are
really heavy they were never gonna hold everything like so far from your head
your arms get really tired and it just felt like a lot of work and that just
led me to air dry my hair a lot or just have wet hair and with my hair with the
longer it’s wet the more my oil will build up in the back and underneath and
I always hate the air dry results in terms of have the longevity of my style
air drying my hair I only get about one or two days of that stuff before after
wash my hair again because my hair gets so oily when I blow-dry it there’s some
magical balance at my scalp that happens where my hair stays less oily for longer
I can get three to four days of nice sleek hair but with the blow-dryer and
the brown it was just it was such an ordeal it’s
just always something I dreaded because it also would take me 30 to 40 minutes
to do and that was just a lot of time especially exciting just shower late at
night and no one wants to break out the blow-dryer at 10:30 at night and just
have to do all kinds of nonsense for another 30 to 40 minutes so with this my
drying time can be as simple as 20 minutes and I actually just really enjoy
the process honestly I think because it is a fresh style there should that boar
bristle style on the edges it just feels really fun even when it’s not on I still
kind of just brush my hair with it and it just feels really good these are
really nice and massaging on your head and it just feels really good and so I
have a lot of fun just doing my hair honestly feels like I’m brushing my hair
and drying it at the same time and it’s just like a Mirabal of an instrument
there is another youtuber who honestly her review of this one is what sold me
on it she compares this with the two less expensive up the two slightly
because I mean they’re all over fifty dollars so the none of them are like
cheap cheap but she compares the three most trending versions of us including
this one and her review really sold me on it and I’m super excited that I got
this one I don’t think she has the gold one I think she may have the black one I
went ahead to the gold one because there’s no price difference and this one
has a lot of positive reviews on taming down the frizz and flyaways and so far I
have definitely experienced a dramatic decrease in those and this is my hair
blow-dried without any anti frizz options any treatments like that so I
might even be better if I use those but even still right when
he’s watching my channel for a while knows I get pretty frizzy hair
especially after my car light and this really has helped probably reduce it by
it’s a 70% so if you can get your hands on the gold one if you’re gonna go for
one of these anyway I highly recommend it the gold really helps make sure that
the heat is evenly dispersed but yeah I’m truly obsessed with this thing it
has just changed my relationship with my hair with my hair routine and I highly
highly recommend this one if you have any hair related videos suggestions
leave them down below I would love to hear what you guys
to see next welcome to the raspberry age we’ll see how long this lasts all right
guys as always I’ll see you next time bye you


  • Cora Diane

    OBSESSED with your new pink hair! It looks gorg! I can't want to play around with this tool!

  • Erin Alexis

    Have you tried doing your makeup first so that your hair air dries a little before going in with the tool ? I’m so curious about this ! Nice review!

  • katzilla

    I too dreaded drying my hair, I pretty much lived in a pixie cut. I finally decided to embrace my curls this year and my hair is getting super long and I love it. The pink looks amazing on you!


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