Best Liquid Lipstick? Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color/Sephora Cream Lip Stain

Hey everyone, its Emily! Welcome back on my channel. Today’s video is gonna be a first impression/wear test on the new Fenty beauty liquid lipstick I’m super excited. I was at Sephora, and I saw that they had it in stock which my Sephora Never has some new stuff, so obviously purchased it freaked out a little bit got it home and I’m doing the video right now because I wanted to be able to let you know if it’s worth the money or not as Soon as possible I’m gonna read the name because it’s ridiculously long, so it’s the Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Long-wear fluid lip color and it’s the color uncensored. I feel like Fenty Beauty has been coming out with a lot of like Universal colors, which in general, I’m really against because I feel like most of the time It’s not true, but I feel like this does seem like a pretty universally flattering red, it’s not to orange-y It’s not too pinky And it seems to be just a hint on the dark side maybe… But I thought it would also be fun To do a 1/2 1/2 review because I love doing those just comparing the different formulas and sometimes they are dupes sometimes They’re not but I just wanted to see how it compared to my like all-time favorite liquid lipstick That is red obviously, Sephora cream lip stain in 01 Always Red, so I’m always raving about this one So I wanted to see how this one compares to it I’m gonna be applying them half-half My lips giving you my impression, my thoughts on each of them, although this one might be obvious at this point But I’m gonna be applying it on my right your left. These are really great quality price. If you don’t know already They’re like around like twelve sixteen dollars, depending on where you’re from. They kind of smell like cake, they go on really nicely So as you can see real opaque and creamy it’s kind of a mousse-y ish Consistency and as you saw I didn’t have to go and dip for more colors there’s still plenty right there. I did a poor job applying it, mirror is a little far, so If it looks a little funky completely my fault I’m taking the blame here and then on My left your right I’m gonna be applying the Fenty Beauty one, which by the way, I don’t know about you, but I feel like the packaging Kind of reminds me of, sorry if I’m blinding you, a little bit of the Christian Louboutin liquid lipsticks kind of a little bit What is that applicator? I did not even open it in store. I literally just grabbed a bottle, so I’m gonna do a close-up So you can see the applicator. It’s kinda weird looking I’m just gonna say that. Actually, let me compare the swatches on my hand too because I might as well For one you can see super opaque There’s like… you can’t see my hand through the liquid lipstick at all, and then this is the Fenty one which is a bit darker Seems just as opaque, doesn’t smell like anything that I can smell. I like the color it’s just a hint darker Which I feel like this type of lipstick when they’re just a little darker, super flattering on everyone So I guess I agree that it might be a universally flattering color. Let me apply this. I feel like this one is a little bit more liquidy in formula, but it seems to dry quite fast usually That’s how they are, the liquidy-er… The more liquidy? they are the faster they tend to dry and the mousse-y-er they are, they tend to be a little less drying, but they don’t dry instantly But they both seem pretty dry already so the colors not exact. I’m gonna zoom you in but We’ll see how the Formula compares, which is basically what I’m interested in So I zoomed you in so you can see them on my lips I did, let’s really not judge the application, But they’re both still currently drying. You can see the difference in color, they’re not exact But it still gives you an idea of how the color compares so if you already have the Sephora one for example or you know what that one looks like he’s that the Fenty Beauty one is just a little bit darker, it kinda reminds me a little bit more of like MAC Russian Red type of red So if that’s the color you really like and you want a liquid version of it this could be it. OK, So I’m gonna do the transfer test for the first time and I’m gonna keep doing it throughout the day So you can see how much it transfers so right now. There’s obviously Nothing on my hand and I believe they are pretty dry, but we’ll see As you can see on the Rhianna side there’s a little bit transfer nothing dramatic Maybe it’s still drying a little bit, maybe it takes longer than it seems to dry, and there’s nothing on the Sephora side kind of not surprised there, but they’re both very comfortable on my lips. I don’t feel like one of the sides is looking overly dry or anything I also wanted to do the test where I try to remove them with a makeup Wipe just to see how hard they are to remove. I like doing it. I just find it helpful Kinda I gives me an idea if I have to be careful with my lipstick today or not. But let’s start with Sephora one which… Considering this is humid, usually I did use a dry one I’m really trying and like seems to be fairly resistant… and then let’s try the Fenty one a little less resistant, as you can see So the Sephora one seems to be more waterproof than the Fenty one but again It does seem to stain quite a bit so maybe on my lips it will last all day We’ll see I’m gonna go on with my day drink each update you throughout And we’ll see which one wins. I’ve been wearing both the lipsticks for about five hours now And I wanted to update you I just add a meal which was pretty oily so I did test them to their limit for sure and I’ve been also drinking, and I’ve been noticing things And I just wanted to show you and tell you how it’s going I’m gonna zoom you in a second But I have noticed some transfer on this side so actually at one point I even accidentally touch my lips with my hand and there was quite a bit of transfer But the lipstick is still looking really good on my lips So if you don’t mind the lipstick not being a hundred percent transfer proof or like water proof it’s still doing very well You notice from close a little bit that disappeared. So if I zoom you in like this you might be able to tell right here it did kind of stain my lips, so I feel like it’s kind of hard to notice that it disappeared but Here it Disappeared more on this side of the Rihanna side than the Sephora one although a little bit on the upper part, too But on both side. I’m pretty sure if I had like an average meal, they would still be both looking perfect I know the Sephora one I’ve tested so many times, and I consider this still being pretty much perfect This one is still pretty good like there’s just a little bit that disappeared It’s still very comfortable both of them on my lips if I do actually the transfer proof transfer test again You can see there’s this tiny bit of on the Sephora side, on the inside the lips basically where it’s probably a little wet and There is some transfer pretty much everywhere on the Fenty Beauty side, which again, it’s nothing extreme, it’s still on my lips so Not a hundred percent transfer proof, but really not that bad So I’m gonna go on with my day and update you a little bit later. I’ve been putting these lipsticks through hard tests I Just made a banana and raspberry bread, and I did the reasonable thing, I ate half of it. And there’s still lipstick on my lips, so we’re doing pretty good so far I would say it’s it’s been just over eight hours that I’ve been wearing these lipsticks But I started filming this video much later than I usually do and I need a shower to take off my makeup But feel like 8 hours is still giving us a pretty good idea especially after what I’ve been eating like, literally all day, so I wanted to give you that last update. From far, you can see that it’s not that bad But from up close you’ll be able to see that both lipsticks, there’s quite a bit that is gone on the inside but again I’ve been eating a lot of food and things that are a little bit more messy than usual so I Would say if there’s anything left right now I would consider that lipstick long wearing So this is what they look like from up close And if I do the transfer test There’s a bit of transfer on the Sephora side, but but there’s a bit more on the Fenty Beauty side so nothing crazy But I do feel like if I just licked my lips Oh just had a glass of water and then I like touch something this side does transfer quite a bit But at the same time it doesn’t seem to have disappeared that much more on this side than the other one Like maybe a little bit, and there’s a little bit of lipstick on.. right there So I would still consider… I have banana bread everywhere, please don’t judge me… I’ll make sure to include like pictures of said banana bread that way you’ll understand me But I basically just want to go shower and stuff my face even more with it But they’re both still feeling comfortable on my lips they don’t look crazy They have faded in the middle But again lots of food so overall I personally give both of them a thumbs up this one is obviously first impressions So I’m probably to be wearing this tomorrow too – just that one for work And I will update you because I’m going to be posting the video the day that I’m wearing it for day 2 So I’m gonna be able to give you a little bit more of an opinion and this one I’ve worn so many times and this one I know I can get away with it for like 12 hours If I don’t eat anything too messy so keeping that in mind. I do think this one could be quite up there, too although there’s more transfer, so this was a first impression actually let me try to remove them I Like to do that in my video. Just a makeup wipe. I know this one, I’m gonna need a little bit help, but I Feel like when you’ve been eating they don’t tend to be as waterproof So you can see I can remove some of it, not all of it Just goes to show that it’s very Long-lasting so personally I would always recommend waterproof makeup remover Garnier and the other side You can see I can remove all of it so I do think Sephora wins for like how much to for my last although I think I’m currently preferring something a bit deeper so this color might be winning a little bit, but yeah, it just goes to show Sephora seemed to be a little bit more resistant, so I’m gonna stop the video there as I’m trying to remove all the lipstick and I have like half the lipstick left I hope you found this video helpful. Gave you some idea if you think you should be getting this one I would give it a shot to be honest There’s only one color, and I do think this would be like universally flattering. I think most people would enjoy it I hope they come out with more colors because I would definitely want to see like crazier colors I feel like Rihanna is like known for like a makeup goals So I hope she comes out with more shades because this one is very promising So that’s it guys I will be putting on the screen in more videos that I have and recommend you check out don’t forget to Give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it it helps other people find It don’t forget to subscribe to not miss any future videos, and I will see you my next one. Bye

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