Best of Clint Cummings ๐Ÿ’™ Colon Cancer Awareness Month | Ink Master

– There’s to types of people. There’s passive people
that get told what to do, and then there people like me
that stand up for themselves. And they don’t take (beep) from nobody. (rocking guitar music) – For today’s flash challenge, you must tattoo an area of the body known for it’s difficult texture. The inside of the mouth. – Luckily for your boy Clint here, I’ve done this (beep) before. – How many do you think you’ve done? More than 10, 20, 30 ? – By doing it with script, it shows that I can work really well in a tight area with his kind of texture. Been in plenty of peoples’ mouths. (upbeat drumming music) I know I have the best lip tattoo here. I got in that mouth
and I (beep) rocked it. – Clint. (Suspenseful music) Great script, super tight,
clean, goes with the rest of him. – That looks pretty in there. – I’ve don’t this a thousand times. I can’t help it if
everybody else doesn’t know what the (beep) they’re doin’. Thanks guys. – The judges have decided. The winner of this flash challenge, (suspenseful music) is Clint. (rock music)
(applause) – It’s about (beep) time that I won. I needed this, I needed a win. Just a big (beep) you to everybody. – Congratulations, man. So, today’s elimination tattoo, we’re testing your ingenuity by tattooing a cover up. – See what I’ve got? My canvas wants a Celtic cross with a dragon wrapped around it. And I took those key elements, and kinda combined it into something that would be a little bit better. This is gonna start off black and gray, but as it fades,
– Yeah, yeah. and you can see right here, it’s gonna go into all those
reds and everything like that. – That’s amazing. – The judges want you to
think outside of the box, and come up with a creative way to get rid of a tattoo. Not only did I do that, but I have also created a better design than what that guy original wanted. I have to win this one. I have too. (tattoo gun buzzing) (client laughing) – That’s awesome dude. (Clint laughing) – Clint. (suspenseful music) How do you feel about this? – Was a horse with wings and it was dumb. So, I gave him something badass. – You really stepped up to the plate of this challenge and went (beep) hard. You totally blew our mind, and made an idea 10 times better. – This week, you must tattoo one of my favorite images. A pin up. (Contestants all groaning) (Clint laughing) – Clint, I (beep) love this thing. I love all the detail, I love all the tattoos, and she’s sexy as hell. – You did good, man. It’s a cool one, and I like your fighting style. – I’m not giving up, I know where I belong,
I know what I can do. – You showed us you’re
a technical tattooer. Now, it’s just a matter of
getting a drawing right. – Yeah, and I think it’s
a lot better for me, if I just instead of trying
to go out of my element, just do what I do. (rock music) – This week we’re testing contrast. Let’s meet your canvases. For today’s flash challenge, you must create a unique design on a clone trooper helmet. – This is great! – Guess what Clint does
really (beep) well? Contrast. I should kick the (beep)
out of this challenge. If there was ever time, to just punch somebody
in the (beep) mouth, it’s gonna be now. – Clint. – I decide to take two epic scenes. I went from kind of a
dark to a lighter side, and then I worked certain colors, warm to cool. – The ultimate definition of contrast. The way the green transitions
into the explosions. On the purple, you did
not only artistically, but you did it from scene to scene. Very cool, man. You definitely did a
great job out here, today. – The judges have decided the winner of the flash
challenge is Clint. (Clint laughing)
(applause) – What? Oh, that’s a heart breaking. Oh, ain’t that a bitch? (upbeat rock music)

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