Best of Laura Marie 👩 Women’s History Month | Ink Master

– Let’s take a look at the first tattoo. – Oh, it’s me. – The layout of it’s nice. The little ornaments in the hair are nice. Very clean outline. – In terms of artistry, whoever this is did a really nice job. – Yay Senpai noticed me. (rhythmic soft rock music) – Today you must prove your strength by facing off against another artist in a head-to-head battle. – Oh shit.
– What? – Aw man.
– Okay. – Lose and you will be up for elimination. Dani, you will be going
head-to-head against Laura. – I’m sorry, Dani. – Do your thing, chicken wing. – New school color full body alien holding the Milky Way galaxy. (laughs) – Oh my God! (upbeat rock music) – Ever since I could hold a pencil I was (beep) drawing. When I was five and I just never stopped. – That’s your calling. You knew it was in you, girl. – Dani and Laura. Laura, you called out a new school alien holding a Milky Way galaxy. – I love this battle. I wish this battle was every week. – Me too. – Alright guys who wins this head-to-head face off? – In technical application,
Laura looks stronger. If I just look at the head vs. Dani’s, it’s just so clean and so meticulous. Laura’s application is really stunning. Laura for the win. – The winner of the face off is Laura. Today you must create a surrealistic tattoo – What does a surrealistic
tattoo look like? – To capture the juxtaposition
between dream and reality you must push the boundaries
of your imagination and weave together realistic
elements in a surrealistic way. – You guys got this? – Laura. – The composition and the look of this thing is really cool. I like the way that you
put the little light source over the necktie to bring
that light coming out of the inside of the man. It illuminates. Those little things make things great. – Have fun with this tattoo. You (beeps) did so
great with this drawing. Don’t stop there. – Okay. Dude, talk about motivational speeches. Holy shit.
– No I want you to have the most fun that you possibly can with this, okay? And this is going to be
an amazing (beep) tattoo. – Laura. (ominous music) – The hat on this thing’s
really really nice. That soft black rolls
into your darker red. Boom, pops right out. Another smooth women’s team tattoo. – I love drawing these things. – Damn girl, you almost done She’s a speed demon. (laughs) – [Laura Voiceover}
Growing up I didn’t have a whole lot of friends. I was just like this weird kid. Drawing was a way for me
to escape that reality and put myself in a new one. – Nice, I like it. – I got the okay, so I can start. – I love the rich darkness of the tattoo. In the webbing that
little hit of light purple with the skin break and
then coming in with that red really gives that nice
iridescent look and feeling. For how much tattooing you
did it looks really nice. – Thank you. (tattoo needle buzzing)
(gasps) – Oh my God. It looks so good. – Aw I love him. – I love him too. I already told Jason what I
would do with my own design. Now I have to tattoo my
own design differently from how I would tattoo it. I can’t wait til they like
put them next to each other – I know, I really want
to see them side by side – Laura. (ominous music) – This thing is the best. The style and execution that you have here and the way that you understand how to capture chrome is great. What I get excited about is real soul and real coolness to tattooing. The thing looks amazing. – If you choose Creepy Jason you will not hurt my feelings whatsoever. – Thank God I don’t have to choose, so they both win. – Wow – Today you must turn a
mistake into a masterpiece by tattooing a coverup. Laura. (ominous music) – It’s a really clean
sticker tattoo from you. As far as it serving for a coverup, it definitely does its job. As impressive as the tattoo is
I’ve seen it a bunch of times but soon enough you’re going to have to– – Oh I’ll give you something else Trust me. – Good job, Laura. – For this flash challenge your canvasses are wheelchair users. You’ll be painting custom
wheelchair spoke guards – Oh what? – When we go out with Phillip people will look at us weird because “why isn’t he walking and
why are you helping him eat?” We have to even help him–
– They just don’t understand – Right. I just wish people would ask. Don’t shush your children when they stare or when they ask you a question. Like ask me. – Cause that’s how you can educate people. – It’s not the same thing
but mom lost a child and unfortunately it was from suicide. And it’s one of those things where you know there’s never answers. My brother passed away
about four years ago. And for me to get Phillip I feel like it’s fate. I just want to make him happy – Oh my God.
– Whoa, awesome! – Look at those. Do you like them? – Yes, I do like them! – Laura. (ominous techno music) How ya doing, Phillip? – These are great. Dragons are near and dear and think you got two really great ones. One traditional one
that’s gonna protect you and the other one will be a fantasy one that’ll lead you off to your dreams. – Thank you. (dramatic rock music) What do you think so far? – It doesn’t look anything like a mandala that’s for sure. – For the first three years
of my tattooing career I did nothing but mandalas. I will not let myself fail at this. – Your black and grey is weird. What are you doing? Oh my God.
– Get the (beep) out of here. You’re just jealous
– (laughs) – because my black and
gray is better than yours. (gags) – Oh my God, are you
trying to make me throw up? – If I actually pull this off, he’s going to be so (beep) threatened. It’s all right. I can (beep) tattoo better
than these (beep) boys even with heels on. – Laura. (ominous music) It’s really beautiful. It’s really delicate. It’s really clean. – I didn’t want to do any fine line detail on the neck so I recommended
doing some sort of flower. – Great move. – Thank you. – You will each have
one more chance to prove that you deserve a spot in the finale. – Awesome. – For this final face off you must tattoo the same style and subject as one of your opponent’s best tattoos from throughout the season. Which tattoo do you pick? – I’m gonna choose Jake’s plague doctor. It’s a style I haven’t
really shown you guys yet. Like my bird thing? – You did the same colors, you shithead. – It’s a traditional color palate. What do you want from me? – It doesn’t have to be – I have not done this style before. I might be taking a risk doing this. This is the end of the end. – I mean, yeah. No pressure, right? – No (beep) pressure. Since day one in this competition
I have been taking risks. No matter what they throw at me I’m going to hit it out of the park. – Women’s Team, let’s start with you. Laura. (ominous music) You chose to go up against
Jake’s full color plague doctor. – Laura definitely hits a
lot of different details between the wood grain, the leather. I like how saturated the eye looks. – With the highlights around the stitching it does read as if it’s leather. This thing is killer. – Thank you. Dani and Jason gave me
traditional Japanese, which is a little intimidating. So this is Raijin. He is the Japanese Thunder God. How he creates the lightening
is he bangs on the drums. Badass drummer in the sky, you know. It is a style that sometimes
takes a lifetime to master. Let’s hope this works. I only have a few months. They say that size doesn’t matter, but it really kind of does. – Laura, you’re up. (crowd cheering drowns out speaker) – So I was assigned traditional Japanese, and I chose to do Raijin. He’s a very powerful ancient thunder god. I always just really
loved the look of these big boney demon-like guys and I thought it would just
make a really striking, powerful image. – It certainly is. – Man this is a hell of a tattoo. It is strong. The layout is really nice. I love what you did in
the center of the belly how you gave it that light source. I really do love what you did here. – All right Laura, thank you so much. The judges have decided, Laura! You do have what it
takes to be Ink Master. (rhythmic soft rock music)


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  • Trap Drip

    Excellent video. Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

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