BIRTHDAY – Expectation vs Reality … | #Fun #Sketch #Anaysa #MyMissAnand

what’s should be theme cake this birthday lets try social media theme cake so I’ll have two layers gorgeous cake this time I’ve made a three layered cake for you as this is my birthday week so thought to brought birthday related video and that is Birthday Expectation vs Reality and if you want to wish me Happy Birthday so hit LIKE and get this video to 2,00,000 Likes and also so Subscribe if you’re new to my channel and press that bell icon to get the notifications about my new videos there’s an announcement in the video so watch it till the very end I think will get gorgeous outfits from this shop here’s my birthday girl only 15 mins left I can’t wait!!! Excited what Mumma & Papa would give me its 12 O’clock and no one is here to wish me lets check it outside definitely they plan for surprise no one is here ok check in another room lets check in the bed room lets sent the invitations to all now lets pack return gifts day almost gone and still no one has wished me ok I too don’t give them party I need water today is her birthday touch feet to take blessings enjoy the party kids have these biscuits & snacks Wow lets open all these gifts lets open the gifts seems someone gifted me Diwali gifts sure this will awesome Painting in a Hamleys Package I had given this painting to… ok lets forward it again so thats all with our today’s fun filled video which sequence you found the best?? tell me in my Instagram posts

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