Bizarr Régi Reklámok #2

pull kick boogie There are so many wierd and bizarre Hungarian adverts that you can create an entire bandwidth of them And I can hardly make enough videos on them So lets travel back 30-40 years in time to have a look at what a visual experience an entire country grew up on back then A present that goes to the ones that we are worried about the most Who we care about the most Here you go my daughter here’s your birth certificate, Merry Christmas Hungária life annuity policy Well no one love me this much With what else could you show your love to your family than with a life annuity policy With what else? 12% as a policy Switching to annuity with 17% interest tax free And now try and explain this to your 3 year old daughter and tell her that this is the reasons she’s not getting a barbie doll It can be written on anyone’s name I know son that you really wanted a remote controlled car but now your getting a life annuity policy and a strong shoulder massage Hngária life annuity policy for those who we love Here you go dear here’s the life annuity policy you always wanted for Christmas I wanted an Iphone! Shut up! If you dont behave you wont get pension insurance for your birthday You’re the worst dad! pull kick It’s almost unbelievable. Everyday about 10 people get seriously injured because of slipping ”Someone take this figure off me. Its been annoying me for a week!” because of slipping because of slipping this is an old cd this is an old cd this is an old cd How many times do we have to repeat this so that it stays in your head? You can slip on anything on anything on anything on anything You can slip on anything on anything on anything on anything Let’s think about this Clean up the spilled oil Wipe up the water Oh, you can do it like this? I always leave the water there when I spill it Wipe up the water I understand now. Keep safe Or you’ll end up like this man who slipped 5 times in a row because of slipping because of slipping because of slipping When building you might need a… or a or a I’ve found my favourite advert I have a feeling that this guy’s role model is the guy from the police academy who gave wierd noises from his mouth Well if the guy in the film did it, then we can too. Gyuszi can you make a drill noise or a or a Do you want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? Okay This is it! When this happens the easiest thing to do is to rent one from Épitögép Rt. Ah so if a need a then i’ll go to Építögép Rt. pull kick boogie And now we can see the fitness world’s biggest invention the Xpander 2.0 pull kick boogie pull kick With this sequence of moves I’m not really sure what muscles you develop, but I’m pretty sure you will deform some of your neck vertebrae pull kick boogie pull kick Look at these useless moves, the twins are proud of them These people however must’ve loved the pull kick boogie pull kick boogie I cant even dare to imagine how much cocaine these people must’ve loaded on during the filming of this advert pull kick boogie They really needed that tree in the background, it brings so much life into the otherwise lifeless background. You guys think this is trendy? yes I think we are trendy enough The first time meeting the experience of flying is a life changing thing for everyone Is there anyone here that can fly a plane by any chance? And if the first time meeting sticks with you, then why not make it a long term relationship If you go to sleep, I’ll kill you, my people have hid the weapon in the toilet. Up there, down here the same attention Have you seen a cokcpit? No sir I’ve never been on a plane before. So have you seen a spider on a wall? pull kick Lightning success World success After flash dance, the Flash knit Zsuzsi can you please go over to the tiled wall and get a bit crazy and then we’re done and can go home Hungarian knitted products all over the world and at home in the Skála shops Knitted products have never been so Rock ‘n’ Roll Yes, we’ll send the contract it’ll be there in about 4-5 days Ah, so they used internet explorer back then Oh oh there’s a problem But the magnificent tool arrives. What could this amazing technology be? This super fast machine which brings colour to greyness Fast accounting’s unmissable item. The telefax A real angel was between us In the event of a 42 month lease the leasing price per month is 10,700ft I love the facial expression of the women on the left. That pure look of disgust and hatred It will forward documents, pictures and contracts almost instantly And Dick pics as well The work has never changed a lot for 1000 years contracts, letters, suggestions, bills, rules. Dick pics Only the speed got faster a bit Kodex 2000 That’s a women? Word editing system You should never shy away from development Well these women with coloured headbands must know something A piece of India. Right in the middle of The Bridge of freedom and Kálvin square Ah, it’s nice to know where all these nice clothes are. Taj Mahal, the magic of India These clothes can’t be more Taj Mahal than they already are. Hm, I don’t know which set to go with. The teacher or the security guard. Central European fashion, at affordable prices Come and kiss my kneecap Wow look at this, I can’t believe my eyes Who’s here Bro! Puskás bro Here at the Skála, I think I’m going to faint This Skála was such a big shopping centres name back then because it was the only one that could buy Puskás bro Bro, if you’re here then can you make an advertisement for Skála? No no there will be no advertisement This Ferenc Puskás new back then what irony is You can watch at least 30 T.V shows Woah, that must’ve been the ground breaking technology back then Wait, they went back to the future with this in the film: Back to the Future Videoton satellite. Technology on the highest level Look, Evelin thinks, again, that when she puts her hand out she’s picking up signals from space She thinks she’s the main character from contact Parts and systems in Videoton’s electronics stores Evelin, it’s night time now, you can come off the roof, the UFO won’t come for you. And now lets have a look into socialism’s child oriented social advertisments As I can see, everyone lived with Gazdálkodj okosan’s furniture Not even mentioning the logical idea to put the bed in the living room, at an angle You know before we go to bed we always have a whistle concert. Looks like the whistle perverts found eachother Aha, so before having sex if you whistle into your partner’s face then you won’t get AIDS Why haven’t they tried this trick in Africa Whoever uses a knife should never forget never forget never forget never forget never forget never forget If we need to then we’ll tell you 80 more times because you might not be able to understand Put the knife, tip inside A hand should never be in the direction of cutting You’re right, I never thought of that Let’s watch ourselves But you managed to cut you’re finger so this writing is in your blood These workers in the middle of the road never even thought of a car coming Does your commute to work look like the Fast and Furious series Even if you get lucky everytime No one would think that You’ll never need insurance Oh they didn’t wipe off the water from the concrete Hungária insurance Come and lets have a look at this poor lady who fell over from close up Thank you for watching my video. 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