BJD Comparison: Tan Resin Comparison [CC]

Hello, this is Sea Hedgehog, and you’re here
again on my channel, A Jest in Sober Earnest–[to cat:] don’t you dare! Uh, uh, uh, uh!–and I thought I would do
a video based on NerdyDollGirl’s prompt. It’s not really like a tag video, she just
brought up the issue in one of her most recent videos that there aren’t many comparisons
of tan dolls. So I figured I’d sort of illustrate my unfortunate
point by showing all of the tan dolls that I have. So I have them aligned across the back here
from deepest resin color to lightest on the end, and I’ll go down the line and kind of
introduce them and then tell you a little bit about the different resin matches. Unfortunately, as you might be able to see
here, there really aren’t that many resin matches despite the fact that I own many tan
dolls. I think part of it is just that there’s such
a range of tans that are available that they’re not as consistent as normal skin (and white
skin) resins, and so there just aren’t that many resin matches available. And these, I guess I should say, are all of
my tan dolls that are not dyed. I don’t think it’s really fair to show a comparison
between dyed dolls and not dyed dolls because a dyed dark resin isn’t necessarily a resin
color that you can replicate exactly at home and you can just dye whatever doll you want
to match a certain resin color, so it’s [dyed resin] not helpful with respect to resin matches. I don’t know why I do this one thing where
I can’t have a cat knocking it over, and they’re just so fascinated. Um, ok, so down the line. So this is an IslandDoll Noah in their darkest
resin, which I believe is creatively termed “dark tan.” This is a Dollshe Arsene on the Dollstown
17yrs boy body with a 26F Dollshe bust in honey caramel brown resin, which is one of
their translucent resins. This is an Iplehouse Bella HID in light brown. This is a Twigling/Magic Mirror Studio I don’t
know what resin color in tan [with a PygmalionDoll Ha dyed head]. I don’t know if this was done by Haru Casting
or Twigling herself. This is a FantasiaDoll muscle body in tan
with no arms. If you look at one of my other videos, you’ll
know why; this is a mod project. This is a Doll Family H Beilan in their imported
tan resin. This is a Bimong Narae in their new tan. This is–I guess I should move over here–an
Impldoll Nicholas on the Idol First Generation body with Third Generation legs in Special
Anti-UV Brown. This is a Granado Rag–no, it’s not Raguel
[it’s Uriel]. This is a–the head doesn’t matter because
it’s dyed–UniverseDoll Blanc head on a Loongsoul Imported tan body. This is a–again, head doesn’t really matter
because it’s dyed…well, really painted–this is a PygmalionDoll Robin on an Angel STUDIO
tan body. This is an IPLEHOUSE Isabel that I’ve dyed. It was originally in Peach Gold, but I’ve
dyed the head green to be sort of a more muted tan on an old AngelsDoll Massive body. And this is a Studio Naiko Sanzo in tan, and
you can see that my least tan head is really closer to a normal skin, which is unfortunate. So of all these–4–8–11 dolls and two heads,
the only resin match is between–and it’s not perfect–is between Granado tan and Impldoll
Special Anti-UV Brown. And that’s also kind of an unfortunate resin
match because Impldoll’s resin colors are notoriously unstable. I don’t mean that they are UV sensitive and
change color, but rather that the company does not do a fantastic job of keeping the
resin colors consistent year to year. So in all likelihood, these two resins will
not be as close of a match if you were to go buy a Special Anti-UV Brown resin doll
yourself, and you can see it’s not a perfect match. The Anti-UV Brown is slightly darker and more
orange than the Granado tan. Besides those two which I would say are like
a 95% match–the translucency is the same, the base color, although the intensity of
color is different, are pretty much the same. I don’t think there is even another resin
match that I have that’s even passable. So I’ll say these last 5 dolls on the end–so
from the Bimong to the AngelsDoll–are most similar in what is it like? Grade or value–like color intensity, but
the undertones are so dramatically different that it’s like not even worth it to match
them. I guess I have another resin too: so this
is technically PygmalionDoll Sand Brown and it is far too red for any of the resin colors
that I have. The closest is that its to is Narae tan, and
even then, it is significantly redder [and more purple]. This is perhaps like an 85% resin match, and
nothing else is close. Those are all of my tan dolls, and none of
them match. Yeah, so bye!

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