Blending COLORED PENCILS with a WHITE pencil

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel! If you’re
new around here, I’m Amie and I create videos to help you along with your creative coloured
pencil journey! Today I am sharing with you my absolute favourite
way to blend coloured pencils without needing any extra tools or expense. And that is, blending using those white pencils!
Y’know, those things that you might think are absolutely useless, especially when you
try and layer white over black…well, I’m gunna show you how you can fulfil their pencil
goodness and use them for blending. This is a technique which I use throughout
each and every coloured pencil piece I create and I think it’s an absolute essential one. Let’s start off with the different brands
of white. My best friend when it comes to white pencils, is the Caran d’ache luminance
white. I love it. It gives me the best possible results and it’s always the one I recommend.
I realise though that these luminance pencils may as well be made from gold as they are
pretty pricy, but there are some other spectacular white pencils that can be used as an alternative. There’s the Faber Castell Albrecht Durer
which is a watercolour pencil and has a fairly hard core. The prismacolor white is a waxy soft core The polychromos white is another harder core,
oil based pencil And then there’s the derwent drawing chinese
white which is another soft core. I’ve had experience with each of these for
blending and each does an outstanding job. I would however recommend the waxier, softer
cores over the harder ones as they tend to blend more easily. So, you’ve got your white pencil of choice
and I hear you screaming, but Amie, how do I blend with this madness?! Well, that’s a pretty simple technique and
it goes a little like this. The essential part of any blending is having
enough layers down on your surface beforehand. I like to have at least 8-9 layers down before
I go in and blend. Having this many layers will give a really nice blend and start to
smush all the colours together instantly. Too few layers and you’ll end up with an
inconsistent grainy look. So, layer up lightly first, and then get to blending. When I blend with my white pencil, I use the
same pressure and motion as I do with my usual coloured pencils – light pressure, smooth
even strokes and gradually building layers. I don’t go in with a heavy hand and really
cram the pencil into all those grooves. That’s more burnishing than blending. Blending with a white pencil is a really gentle
process and you want to treat your white pencil layers just as you would with your other coloured
pencils. Don’t discriminate against it just cos you think it might be useless. Once you’ve blended your first couple layers,
then it’s time to build some more colour. I like to go back over the area with the previous
colour used before going in with any darker colours, so I can bring that colour saturation
back. Layer and layer your slightly darker colours,
keeping that light pressure, and then go back in with that white pencil and apply the same
technique as before. Light, even pressure and build the layers
like you would if you were using another colour. As you build you layers, you should start
to see the grain of the paper disappear. Now It’s back to building your colours once
more, and this is where I like to add the darker mid tones and those final dark values,
again, layering up lightly, before going in with a final blend of the white. And that’s pretty much it! It’s a really
simple technique. A lot of people think that you need to go
in and blend with a hard pressure, but you really don’t, you just need to layer slowly
and be patient. Coloured pencil is a fairly slow medium and patience really is key to
mastering. This technique works on all types of pencils,
it’s good for polychromos as I;ve shown here, which are one of the hardest cored pencils,
but it’s also good for the waxier, creamier pencils like the prismacolors and the technique
for these types of cores is exactly the same: light layers and treating that white pencil
like it’s one of the others. I’ve demonstrated here using the luminance
white as I said previously, it’s ma best buddy, but you get exactly the same results
using the other brands which I showed at the beginning. The prismscolour works absolute
wonders and the fragile core and this technique actually go hand in hand. The derwent chinese white also yields wonderous
results, using exactly the same technique. Ooooh look at that soft blended goodness. That’s pretty much all I have for you today,
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    Hi Amie! I've bought Faber Castell Eco pencils which all have numbers. Is there a chart which tells me what these colours are actually called? I have searched and can't find one. I just think it would be useful if you don't have the exact named colour recommended and you want a substitute. I love the Polychromos as they have proper names!

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