Blick Artists Serving Artists – Ryan Bentzinger with Prismacolor Pencils

(♪♪♪) RYAN:
My name is Ryan. I’ve been a sales associate at
Blick Art Materials in Iowa City for the last five years. When I moved to Iowa City, and eventually got into the
Art Education program, I met my mentor Chunghi Choo. I started assisting her. And, through
working with Chunghi, I developed my
art practice very rapidly. I self-published an
art novel called “Namuh”. It’s a hardcover book
with 197 illustrations. I fell into this style, I guess,
or discovered that calm spot, really busy spot, and they really
balance themselves out. There’s always the time where
you’ve got to buckle down and fight the piece, but overall I let the
painting paint itself, and 50% medium, 50% me. I’ll start with
a hard graphite pencil and just find my space,
and it’s simple shapes, and usually I’ll
throw some letters or some words in there and have the lines intersect
to give me ideas and kind of
create a little chaos that I like to work with. Once I have that chaos, I’ll either get
a harder lead pencil or if I’m feeling confident,
I’ll go straight to the pen, and then I chisel down
and carve those lines out. Then, usually,
I take my FW Inks, I’ll get the water on first,
so I’ll kind of splash ’em on, and then it’ll just spread out, and it’s almost an art form
within itself, just watching it
play with the water. Sometimes I will
do the ink first and get a background colour, but it normally is
pencil, pen, ink, and then if there’s any spots
I feel need an extra punch, then I’ll get the acrylics out
and finish off with that. I think Prismacolor
markers and pencils are really good for my
preliminary drawings, and they’re exactly
what I need to translate to my final products. (♪♪♪)

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  • Barbara Whitehurst

    Like the way you said ' buckle down and fight the piece.' That's it! Thanks!


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