BLK3D Introduction to the Sketch and Document Function

Hi guys, it’s Andy, and today I’m going to show you
the BLK3D’s Smart Room feature. ♪ (music) ♪ All right, so I’m out on site
with my BLK3D, and I’m going to show you
the Smart Room feature with the Laser Distance Meter
to create a floor plan of this space. So, right on the main menu, you can see I have
thisSketch and Documentbutton. If I click on that, you can see
I have theSmart Roomoption, and I’m going to choose that one. And before I start, I need to decide
if I want to measure the walls clockwise or counterclockwise. It doesn’t matter which way I go, but I have to stay consistent
once I start. So I’ve decided
to measure this room clockwise. So the only other rule I need to remember is to keep the screen
of the BLK3D facing inward. It doesn’t matter if I measure each wall
from left to right or right to left– the BLK3D is automatically
going to figure that out. ♪ (music) ♪ Finishing up my last measurement here, and then now I’m going to hitFinish. All right, perfect. I can see my floor plan here. I can see all my dimensions. I can zoom in and see
my total area measurement. And on the bottom, you can see
I have a3Doption. If I toggle that, it’s going to ask me for a room height. ♪ (music) ♪ All right, once I’ve used that, now I have the 3D model
right here on my BLK3D. I can hardly contain my excitement–
it looks really good. So you also see at the bottom
we have thisDocumenttab. This is where I can place a stereo image
at any point in the 2D floor plan. So if I click on this, I can now either
take a new stereo image or choose from some previous ones
I’ve already taken, and when I clickDone,this image will be stored
at this location in the floor plan. So I can always jump
right back to that if I need to. So my model looks pretty good, but you can see I don’t have
any doors or windows, but I can add them really easily
in theSketchtab. So if I zoom in to the wall
that I need to add a door to, I can tap on the wall,
and now I can tapOpening.By default, it’s going to drop a door in. I need it to swing inwards– actually, I need it to swing that way– and now I can measure
the width of the door. If I’m good with that measurement, I can clickConfirm.Now I can measure the height of the door. I’m going to confirm that measurement. Then I can measure out these dimensions
to very accurately place the door. ♪ (music) ♪ So now this door is correctly placed, I can go back into my 3D model. I can see that this door
is in the right spot and the correct dimensions. So now that I’ve taken all my dimensions, I’ve got a really nice 3D model
that I’ve created on site. And all of this data
is really easily shareable. I can export this out
as either a 2D or a 3D.dxfor.dwg. So this is a quick video on how to use
the BLK3D’s Laser Distance Meter and the Smart Room function. Thanks for watching,
and I’ll see you next time!


  • Scott Booth

    Can you add another room next door with a wall thickness in between. Can you do a floor plan of a house ultimately.

  • Anthony Sabat

    Great video and demonstration. I think it would be valuable to compare the results measuring and recreating the room traditionally. This would be great to prove the workflow as well as prove the accuracy.

  • danhalski

    I am a designer in the UK I tested various types of software. Leica has the poorest options , Bosch with its software is the best solution and free I've tested so many software It is important for me to make detailed drawings on the job site in an easy and quick way. correct the software, learn from Bosch Professional Measuring

  • gianmarco caligaris

    easy for square room, is it possible to see demonstration in a irregular room? can you make video demo of complete house measure? thank you

  • Erwin Vanuden


  • Anthony Robinson

    I am interested in using this inside of Storm and sewer manholes. I want to lower in manhole and take pictures of the pipe and then measure the pipe sizes. I was wondering can I connect this to a phone via bluetooth with the ability to use phone to send signal to BLK3d to snap picture. I saw that it has a picture timer, but that does not really work that well for me. I need the ability to remotely snap multiple photos, while I have it connected to a long selfie sick and lowered into under ground manholes. Is this possible, is there an app to be able to remotely snap photos?

  • Sean Clark

    A single room is ok, but as a structural engineer I need to have a dwg fire for the whole ground floor, first floor etc. Can this generate that survey with wall thickness between rooms and annotation for structural beam locations and wall construction type? I wish Leica would talk to professionals on the ground like myself to produce such products.

  • dusort

    but the door, you mesure out, isn´t on the right spot at the blk3d 🙂

  • 01001110010



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