Blonde vs Brunette same makeup – Charlotte Tilbury

hello everybody I am Shane tell Paige
this is rachey this friend and five o’clock Sunday do you want to follow our
instagram behind the camera doing all the magic the hands that hold the makeup
forever the hands of it is mone this is her Instagram handle follow her as well
today we’re gonna do something really fun it’s a challenge for Instagram but I
figured I mean overachiever and do it on YouTube too so we’re doing the Charlotte
Tilbury superstars challenge so far we put on
our foundation then we have from her new from the nunu we have airbrushed
flawless finish then Moni says that this is all I ever
needed my sober blush it’s a cheek to cheek cheek to cheek it’s really pretty
bronzer which Moni also said it has to be my new go-to favorite so I trust her
and then we used this guy the beauty light blonde easy highlighter to give a
little glow here hands now we’re gonna finish it up with some eyes some lips
and I think she’s gonna add even more highlighter on top and we’re each gonna
do a different little look so let’s get started
so now this is the bronzer highlighter diva that I told you about so we’re
gonna use the highlighter we’re gonna use the bronzer just kidding I’m trying
to pretend like I know what mode it’s about to do we’re gonna use the bronzer
and kind of use it in our crease to start off now we have this gorgeous dolce vita
hollenius here’s one accidentally dropped it now we’re gonna tie it in and use this
guy under the lash line okay now we’re gonna take that Charlotte Tilbury
amber haze and we’re gonna use it in the latter line okay I’m gonna put some mascara on the
top guys with my fun Ricky loves wreaking here okay now we’re gonna use the bar of gold
pallet which we’re losing little mixture yes and this is called bitch perfect
which is so good there we have it nice and glowy I am
obsessed with this makeup such a good luck thanks moaning thanks shirt oh very
for all your beautiful products next we’re going to do Rachel we’re gonna
kind of just zoom through this section because we’re using the exact same
colors same palettes different lipstick colors all and just kind of changed it
up on a blonde versus brunette blonde Forsberg that’s how you do that in case
you’re watching all right here’s Rachel’s look let’s go do your best superstar like blue skin
face it she’s like so and I’m all so funny how different color palettes look
on different skin tone I’m gonna play around with it a lot more and let you
guys know what items make it into a daily routine but as of now I genuinely
am in love with all of them so I don’t know just with a highlighter I know
feel very great the bronzer and highlighter blush are all for sure
making it in there you have it thanks so much for having us do the superstar
challenge Charlotte Tilbury and I love doing it I’ll put all the links for
everything that we use down below along with Rachel’s Instagram and moni’s
Instagram so you can follow them cuz what you want us to do and thanks again
to Millie we’re doing her makeup so beautiful and exotic Taylor berry for
all the things that made this look possible you

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