Blood Bowl Bot 2 0

We’re going to build, in less than 30 minutes, a totally personalised Blood Bowl mini using our Chameleon and our Candy inks As you know, we begin always by applying gloss black primer, over which the Chameleon paint will show perfectly. Afterwards, use the Candy to add shadows and highlights. The airbrushed red Candy Ink on the lower area gives the figure more shadows, whilst the orange Candy airbrushed zenithally, will give highlights to the armour. The metallic effect is extraordinary. Now it’s time to paint the details of the mini, adding some small bumps to the armour, using a sponge. Using Wash inks is very important, as it adds shadows and depth to the details in the metal. Whilst the ink dries, we’ll begin with the game bases. One simple combination of grass and glue, over which we’ll paint a white line like on the pitch With a bit of brown ink, we darken the edges of the base, and we place our figure. You can see the different colour tones on the armour! Thank you for your likes and comments, they help us create videos we like! You can find us on all social media for any questions or suggestions!


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