Blood Draw Lateral Saphenous

Hi, I’m Megan today we’re going to perform a blood draw from a lateral saphenous vein in a dog now in an emergency situation we prefer to save the front legs and the cephalic vein for IV catheter placement so when we give injections especially a pain medication or when we draw blood we like to do it from these lateral saphenous veins now in this dog I’m going to clip a little bit of hair so that we can see things a little bit better so we’ll just shave a small area proximal to the hawk here so you can kind of see where this vein goes so here’s the vein it’s going to run right over I can kind of push it with my finger here and I’ll have Sarah hold off so when you’ve got somebody occluding this vein you kind of want to hold off behind the knee here’s the stifle here sometimes it helps to wrap your whole hand around but now you can see this vein popping up really nicely the trick to these saphenous veins is that they are really superficial and so a lot of times you think you’re going to be in it you’re actually underneath it so I put a little bit of alcohol on I got my syringe so I’m going to introduce it bevel up again I like to kind of stabilize with my thumb you can see the vein moving a little bit I’m just going to slide underneath the skin here okay buddy it helps to kind of stabilize the syringe with your thumb sometimes these can be a little bit positional as well so just try and there we go sometimes if I move my thumb underneath just want to draw back slowly and i need about 2 mils for my sample here so once i get that place the band-aid over Sarah can finish that for me and now I’ve got my sample and that’s it.

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