Blue Jay in Oak Leaves Colored Pencil Demonstration Green Gold Challenge #greengoldchallenge

hi this is Helen Schaefer and I’m here
for the green gold challenge that my daughter Dena Tollefson
arranged for everybody to do and she got me involved in the green gold challenge
so here I am and I think I’ll show you what I’m planning to submit this is
completely done in colored pencils and the Blue Jay is not finished yet and I
hope to work a little bit on it I’m what I’m going to do first of all I have to
darken the legs the legs are very very light and when I did this drawing I used
mostly the prismacolor’s and what I did is I took out the colors
that I thought would go with this painting I think this is a no that’s a
dark green but that’s okay that’s good to have that out also so just put these
over here in case we need them for the yellow gold and I want a black maybe I
have it out already yes I do there it is the Prismacolor black so I’m going to
put it in here the leg of the blue jay is very dark and it kind of has little
marks like this to indicate a little bit of light and once you have the leg in it’s a lot
better I feel a lot better to have the leg in and then he’s got really sharp claws
and remember this is a very large bird also his beak probably needs to be made
a little darker alright now what I plan to do is I have to if you’d notice this
has not been completed here I just kind of scribbled it in and so what I’m going
to do is take some of my colors and I’m going to use the Luminance Luminance
colored pencils for this and so I’ll just draw i’ll just color in the an oak leaf so that it looks like it’s
finished you know I you don’t want anything that isn’t finished all right
let’s see what we have okay yes that’s better than it was and now
what I want to do is I haven’t used these these are the Caran d’Ache Supracolor Soft and these are a combination of you can use them regularly or you can
use them as a watercolor in other words if I put this on now just watch
I’m going to put this on here right here and then I’m going to take some water
and I’m going to use the pen that where this is the pen this is the brush
the American Painter number 6 Dena got has she said I should have these and then
look it’s like magic and it will take out all of your little your little
bubble your little that the water that the color pencil artists does not like we
don’t like all those little bumpy things so it takes them out in fact you can
even go a little bit farther now with my personality I just kind of go crazy so I
have to be careful that I don’t overdo this see what it does it just takes out all the little bumpies so I’m
gonna put some more down and then I’m gonna put some more water so I’m putting
a little bit more of this down the problem with that I have right now I’m
not working on watercolor paper so I’m afraid that there I’m okay it’ll work
fine so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna dab it a little bit I’ll just dab it with a paper towel and
now I’m looking at the paper towel and nothing is coming up so you know if you
don’t have decent paper then it’ll wrinkle and bubble and all this
stuff try to get some of the water up but hey that’s really drying well I’m
just very impressed yeah this is the really the first time that I’ve used the
Supracolor from Caran d’Ache – haven’t used him before because they just came and
like I said these came from Dena’s website ah not website her store her store
on Amazon okay now I do want to put a little another color let’s say that this
leaf is a little bit brownie I’m using the Caran the Caran d’Ache olive
brown just put this on and then we’ll activate it with water I do do need to put some twiggy things
in and these branches have to be made darker there we go we have to have this come
over here a little bit well it looks a little better oops but you know it seems to me like there
must be enough pigment there’s so much pigment in here pigment in here that it
really doesn’t buckle or anything you know I’m just so impressed now what I
would like to do is first you have to always look at something from a distance
and there are a couple I’d like to put some yellow gold the green gold I’d like
to put this right here so it really shows off okay then I’m going to activate that being careful I don’t want to put too
much water on oh yes works works it works I’ll put some here okay then I’m gonna dab it get the excess water up and then on the
top let’s see what that looks like now oh yeah now that is starting to shape up
a little bit so I would like to put some on the blue jay
because I do love how this looks although the blue jay has quite a bit of
blue on it but let’s do it anyway just to see how it works
I I do like this this is called ultramarine blue and we’re going to put
that on right here now I don’t even know if I want to
activate it wow this is very nice it covers all of this Prismacolor I’m very
impressed wonderful I don’t think I even have to activate it
do you yes that’s really good now that was the ultramarine blue and
put that over here and maybe we’ll just put a little bit of it over here yep and
then want to smooth it because the feather is on a blue jay and all birds
are very very smooth so I’m going to activate that so that it stays the way
it should oh yeah nice and that’s pretty and it looks like his little oh isn’t
that gorgeous hate to say it but it is beautiful I do like how that’s turning
out that’s pretty because the feathers are
very very smooth on a bird and I do like this color so let’s just continue with
it again oh this is a blue well alright
I’ve got the blue so let’s just stay with the blue I’m going to put it like
this again and then I’ll activate it not to much
water I’m squeezing it out a little bit oh yah you know that turned off very nicely mm-hmm yeah I like that I would like to
sign it thank you for watching and I would like you to ring the bell and
subscribe to my channel this is Helen Schaefer there we go well like Dena said in her last video a
painting is never done a drawing this is a drawing she said this is not a
painting it’s a drawing but I did paint a little bit with the Supracolors so
it’s a paint-drawing drawing-paint whatever ah ha ha so thank you for watching bye


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