Book Folding Tutorial – Paper Page Folded Sculpture Art

Hey I’m Sarah Wolfe from Today I’ll show you how I folded this book into a snowflake shape. The
easiest way to do this is to find a kit that contains the book and complete
instructions for how to fold it. I will have links on my website and in the
description of this video for where I got mine. Its title is The Snow Queen and
Other Tales by Hans Christian Andersen. As you can see it looks just like a
regular hardcover book. However there is a gray section marked off on every page. These marks indicate where you will fold the pages. You’ll fold down the right
side of the page like this along the first grade line. Then you’ll fold down
the left side of the page like this along the other grey line. You’ll
continue doing this for the entire book. Every page is different and all of these different folds are
what forms the snowflake shape in the end. Keep folding according to the gray
section on every page. When you are completed your book should look something like this. I hope this video has helped you. Please like and
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  • Annamaria Alfano

    Ciao Sarah! From Italy bye bye

  • Dawn Tenneson

    This is really neat! Definitely something I would like to try! thank you!

  • Rachel inglis

    I have been wanting to do book folding for a long time . Love it xx

  • C Martin

    Very beautiful, Sarah!! Thank you. :)))

  • April Lee Eisenhauer

    You are so talented. Keep going.

  • Karen H

    Thank you. I have a couple of these books, and you inspired me to work on them!

  • WiseEgg

    That is just the coolest thing … I have got to give this a whirl. TY!

  • Amber Leitao

    Ok girl, NOW I’ve seen it all… so I’ve never heard of this hobby but it’s oddly satisfying to look at lol. How long did it take you to fold all those pages? It’s super cool looking!


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