what’s up everyone welcome back to my
Channel today I brought an extra special guest why hello everybody hey babe this is my boyfriend Nathan now I
beginning so many comments since i started doing tutorials what is your fingers your makeup so one
so Nathan gonna do your boyfriend tag so when’s your boyfriend doing your makeup bitch and
I’m like oh my god for those of you that aren’t aware
Nathan works at my warehouse so all the lipstick that get shipped out
on time this guy right here so he’s busy a lot of the time because
y’all be keeping me busy so we finally got a free minute
valentine’s Day is here so we thought let’s have some fun yeah now you’ve never done makeup before
never in my life Nathan has seen me get ready a million times on us
traveling visiting him a million times before he moved in as traveling a lot so
he kind of gets the gist of what I do course he has never used these products
before so he did choose a lot of fun stuff I can’t wait to see you that ok so let
me put it back this hair and let’s get started what do i what do we do first of my face
well usually we’re gonna prime your face but uh no surprise yeah I mean I’m not
saying anything else can we do – you instead of priming first we’re going to
smoke a little bit ok guess so I like we’re not waiting for
the lashes on I mean if this is my first time doing
makeup but probably be doing like hot yoga and like story pcp exactly paper
and the joint want to behind my makeup done whatever the fifth my hairs all fucked up all right well we’re going to start with
this primer Bobby Brown make it work all the time try and I’ll watch her hair and what
looks good on ya I think delicious should do my make up
next I think I’ve covered every we’re clear
you’re not forgetting anything anywhere else neck a little bit ok no more hints but
only if you wanted this is your creation put something on those years ok now what foundation / going is you
want to spray the liquid or the stick sticks whoo okay yes right Nathan tutorials get it girl it was like 20 sticks let’s
see if you picked the right color which one what color is that 117 see what happens I’m not telling you
i just had to do is you said you wanted to stick I know I can’t tell which one slider or
darker you pick the color and you can see how are you gonna be blend it’s you I never would have thought
meeting you a year ago you’d be Beauty Blender my skin likewise if a boyfriend doesn’t know how
to blend we got some issues and long I’ve never ending up with some powder
and tus make it stay settle or something like that and we’re going to powder me
out I think so I’m not thinking a big brush
is probably going to work for this so I’m gonna go with that Tom forward hold hard go ahead back on my face could
take it on my lips but I flipped up into my back look look cake creek great trying to
watch it online tutorials as possible but like see the boyfriends want to try
to cheat you can watch them all but hey if you ever done it before you still
have friends that before exactly ok you got my powder on then
what’s the next step and smooth I remember watching something about
putting triangles on the face though up down up side down triangles ok
remember this cute little brush domina you go in started with the
cocaine way yeah okay Oh lower how you want it
apparently he’s using half the pan yeah go ahead of the fall out what you
know about fallout I know all about fallout actually follow oh I’ve done that so yay mother likes her powder and bring so
delicate many yeah I don’t want to put too much on
their next host highlight contour island I think haha ok yes that’s right well we’re gonna go
with the kat von d palette think you see me is that a million times yeah probably not gotten that not
necessarily one too many times it’s not fair because many he already
knows what color too big since the poop it’s hit pan I’m gonna go with that
little children brush that will submit brush yeah okay like so we’re going to contour
babe we got it we have to come together the forehead of top you’ve got a big
forehead we got a four and a half and yeah so
we’re going to contour that little bit and then we have to go right below this
cheap would imagine like my cheekbone and then we gotta go into the chin a
little bit to create that shadow effect you know what shes pigmented she’s a
she’s hoping you’re gonna do just as good as the same rate o course I know you’ve got to stop
somewhere into the mouth at least so I should help you do you know what we need
to find another one after this really doesn’t look like that much to me dark on the other side so I’m going down
on this channel oh this is classic jawline that’s not
the job babe no my next shot at home you know how I felt like a lobby looks
like fucking the figured Fantastic Four ok so what’s next but now it’s time to
silence all ready okay you do it do it out well I’ve been creating my own I lighter
so Nathan’s been a guinea pig a few times because if I don’t have any other
one to use I might go with you see that cheek will be put them on uh-huh burberry we got your got Jaclyn michael
jack ok the Bekaa Jacqueline help with that
champagne Bob and pearl purple like that cocaine
white like that that vibe so i have about 10 of these fresh folio things so
I told me and just start pick which you think so what do you think for
highlighter ah this one ya know like put primer on
you something okay it’s gotta be something like this to
this landed a little more about the small one big areas here Judy’s pearl which one did you dip into
I dipped into that pearl that white are okay so I hope it’s not too much unless
my clothing for the gods you can well where does it stop yeah
wherever you want to start all right i’m gonna do that no coach at
the upper Cupid’s ball you heard me talk about the Cupid’s bow
so much yeah chin i think i’m supposed to put like
some darkness on the side I totally forgot about you go just hope his nose I’m gonna try to LA nothing anymore I am NOT laughing nice
time do those fucking eyebrows no no I mean yeah it’s time ok you know it’s so crazy like I watched
everyone on YouTube do with the boyfriend tag and I’m like oh my god none of them have zero browse so this
might be a first time what are you gonna do what are going to
use a sharpie I wish this brow wait anastacio ok so
try not to move my face yeah should try not to you get your
shape down you know I’m just turning like envision
my muscle memory of how lower high that browse June uses a shrug for I mean is a
leaky or is it a flaky think it’s flaky you try to do some divine wrath on me or
something shit yeah and this one is not better we completed by that what does that mean
that you do this it’s witchcraft right block oh my god one was like a lot of Shaving all this
is my tutorial not yours it’s sickening yeah fucking palicki
needs to be cleaned up with this is that anastacio Beverly in yes sir bear with me here you can fall
over on your yeah it’s supposed to be a lot lately and I just keep drawing on
the lines what what we’re going to go to dinner
did after this I’ll make sure I like oh my gosh right I just can’t cancel tie this line
life you don’t see where the first line was
very faint I’m Lydia’s expression of I go fuck I’m
fuck yeah alright so what’s next well I’m gonna
try and make those eyes and nice and pretty now ok now Nathan picked out the Natasha
they know that I I palette i’m going to use this to get a jerk I get to break it
in you tell me you’re going to blow nature
I you know like green almost looking i want the gold and silver go together
right he also picked the busy our palate why
did you pick this one for the White any that white why’d you pick this palette because it’s
shit I mean it’s like half gone I think you need white on your eyes to
do you I’m gonna do me as much as I want don’t
have to i want to put some eyelid toner stuff down I’m not eyelid primer sorry I’m trying
to dry draw from haha i have to have to free we have to
free draw those eyelids haha he’s going to draw my lids I like to look down you’re seeking at
the full lid okay i want to be Helen Keller tomorrow
Chester Dental no go ahead I can I could take it I guess that for
this video we’re just gonna have to put up the sex day and a vivid call me read
this stuff and just hold it on right I don’t know I’ve never never done it
before Oh ok now what are you doing to dip into
first i’ll be your assistant you want this one or that one i’m not
sure i think the way it’s changing colors you have to color on this before
we do that was always a clean starting to look at different color i think it
was coming to touch the others worry all right baby what’s next I’m gonna go
with this pretty but the more you bring bling bling brush yes ok coffee what are you going to dip
into I’m gonna go with the green do this on the outside this brush is not very
effective I’m i need to switch brushes say well
now go try that mr. top board and I guess so way better well the airbrush hmm maybe
match it up your mom tried to we think i will bring me trouble I gotta go read
this part quite right for their care and one next
to silver oh wow he’s dipping into that girl right
there yeah just getting my god i’m going to do
something up and all I’m awesome yeah you’re real what are you I socking over the cream and the crease what you going to do with agrees dark
color dark ok charcoal gray ok cool with that Oh for my not steady hands sexy scary ok ok what next I’m say go underneath that I with the that
so and so you can do some wash you’re going to do stuff your new liner
on me eyeliner not with the way things have
been going to want to blind me steer clear to go with you to the silver rid
of the green ok and where you gonna put that money ok like so we’ll make things up blending
his life away a few fun facts because I get asked this all the time I’m ever
want to know where mean even met but I’m like okay first of all the answers not
shocking instagram I mean what I don’t drink so
we’re going to go out to bar me guy same here we live in the age of the
internet so I don’t think meeting people online is that shocking everyone i know
is that people in their name that’s the future is now and Nathan’s from a little
town near grand rapids michigan called Wyoming Michigan yeah I don’t know why the fuck they
named the city after a state kind of weird but that’s where Nathan’s from and
we kind of had a long distance relationship we started to get really
serious and I was like I can’t do long distance so either moved to California
or I don’t know so after like what eight months he moved yeah something like that I was like
seven months and I haven’t lived with someone that I’ve dated in like seven
years so I was like I get scared all right and I’ve never lived with
anybody so here we are alright the next thing I think I’m gonna
do is try and clean up those eyelashes look like taking out some fallout all I
make them nice and dark with this roller lens all right now I’m not going to give you
advices whole tutorial but I need my eyes the rest of my life so I be gentle this is my view the most terrifying
thing for me I ever needed some fucking positive energy right now me too how she liked in looking dark
roux I’m going to the bottoms I don’t tell a
bitch oh sorry i never see again that was a bump to my skin it’s a no one thought that oh my god
that was close my eye was like high school sweating ok and her right away or kill somebody I’m too scared to put some more lashes
don’t get a big laugh with us today honey sorry ok you going to lips yes i do want
to do lips I’m gonna go find all those lipsticks
the homeless guy over here I do like the white ones they collect
yes I picked out doll parts I he’s never put on my liquid level no I by no idea what I’m doing right now
so what’s so I think you’ve seen me doing a photo shoot it well I think I don’t often supposed to
like whites but at least I got big targets and I you like to start ha that tickles mrs. sorry I’m being really general or
her who was holding my breath we take all sorry I’m just like fucking you’re all i
am sure you are harder oh my god latin started doing that are
you make them big ol loop for the first time i’ve been putting on lipstick don’t fucking play with me feels a
little over drawing but no that’s trending right yeah for sure ok what the next set the
face it’s like my favorite part of the whole
thing ok make up for ever that’s alright cleaner bitch you are . click here and that’s
ready to face the brush cleaner sorry I gotta step up with that boy is
gonna like burn off here it is makeup setting spray okay I got this Shh you don’t all you want more Shh your fucking done okay can I see you already know but it
sure is let me see the fucking mirror oh my fucking god haha listed these fucking browse our
everything i’m going to these every day now yeah okay for being your first time why should I was not bad No ok that but it’s actually i should I
shut away bad if we would pretend this never happened but listen to browse is
so fucking intimidating yeah there for years you get a forever
haha i try my best thank you that mmm all right this is the official
jeffree star boyfriend does my makeup tag I hope you guys enjoyed this amazing
journey I’m just so glad that Nathan create my new signature look I wish thanks for being a good for babe alright
we are going to enjoy our Valentine’s weekend and then in a week we’re off to
Maui Hawaii and guess what we’re filming the whole trip so i will
see more of the sky soon aliens all right guys bye


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