Brand Follow Up: Makeup, Hair, Beauty Tools

Welcome back! Let’s get into the brand follow-up
video, so the first thing I want to talk about is the LOreal blow dry it quick dry primer
spray. I did a review on this and I raved about this product. I thought this was the
best product ever! There is another product that I got together
with this, and I like that equally, but I don’t have it because I ran out. This is
actually my third bottle… no, fourth bottle of this spray and I love it! It smells like
candy, it works on my hair really awesome! My hair is not naturally straight, it is very
wavy… I don’t even want to say it’s curly… its kind of wavy and curly and a
mixture of so many things all in one. So, it’s really hard for me to find good products
for my hair. And when I find them, I tend to stick to it for ever. I feel like it does
take time off of my blow dry time. It only takes me 20 minutes to blow dry my hair, which
is crazy! So it only takes me about an hour to do my hair. I have a full haircare video
that I did a while ago. But I do the same things. I use the same products and everything.
So I’ll link it down below in the description. I know some of you are new to my channel who
subscribed and thank you by the way for doing so… I’ve done all of these videos so I’ll
link it down below. But I still love this! I still use this. It’s
my 4th bottle and I’m almost out of this one, so I’m definitely going to get another
one, but I highly recommend this product to cut your blow dry time in half. I feel like
it works for me, personally… it works! This is the Ben Nye Banana powder. This is
a luxury powder and everyone has this powder. I don’t use this powder as much as I used
to because I don’t wear the same type of make looks. I don’t really… I glam…
obviously we are glam today, but I don’t glam using this. I feel like this is event
type of powder to use. I wouldn’t use this on an everyday basis which I used to do, but
I’m not about that life anymore and I don’t do that. So, the Ben Nye Banana powder I rarely
use it. Do you need it? No, I actually recommend that you go and use either the city color
cosmetics powders. The flawless finish powders that I really love, or the Laura Mercier Translucent
powder I recently got. It is pricy, but you get what you pay for.
Especially if you are an oily girl like me. I would pass on the ben nye banana powder
if you are thinking about getting it, and go with the Laura Mercier. I used half of
it obviously, but I’ve had this for like two years so, hopefully that speaks volumes
but I don’t really use that anymore. The Next thing is the color switch. This is
the solo. I have the duo also. I did a review on this and I did a demo on this. If you want
to see that, it will be linked down below. People told me that dish sponges work the
same way, so if that works for you, definitely don’t buy this one. Get dish washing sponges
from the dollar store or wherever you are supposed to get them. But for me, I don’t
have that and I have this and I truly do like it. I use this today. The shade & light palette from Kat Von D – I
don’t think I reviewed this. I think I used it in tutorials and never reviewed it. I don’t
know why I never review it… I don’t know… I just didn’t have a chance to I guess.
So, let’s talk about it! This is what the palette looks like. It comes
with a ton of matte shades and basically, this contours your eyes. So you have a set
here, a set here and you have a set here. I didn’t know that when I first purchased
the palette. I thought it was just like a regular palette. I didn’t know that each
section has its own type of 4 shadows. I mix and match… I don’t really use just that.
So, I absolutely mix and match. Some of the colors I can’t use… I’ve used every
single color I believe except for this one and this white one right here. But I used
all of the colors and I truly do like it. I feel like the shadows are powdery, but they
are so easy to work with and blend out. I’m wearing this palette on my eyes today and
I really like it. It’s actually my go-to palette. So those are all the products I wanted to
brand follow-up with you guys today, I know you guys like these videos and the idea. I’m
super happy that you guys do because I really do like doing these videos and bringing back
products that I’ve revised in the past. So… yeah! I hope you guys enjoyed this video!
If you did, subscribe to my page for more brand follow-up videos. Also, give this video
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yous! Bye!

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