BUILDING a CHARACTER from ONLY 3 COLORS?! | 3 Ohuhu Marker Character Design Challenge

♪ [smack!] I’ve put together a team of art supplies
today in an attempt to complete the three marker character design challenge!! I got this from an Instagram artist their name was ‘theapparatcreator’
and I thought the idea was so cool! and I was like “Hey! can I do that?!” and they were like “yeah do it! it would be so cool!” [excited noises ] as you do so right here I have a 120 pack of Ohuhu markers which Ohuhu was kind enough to
send me when they were first released this is my largest singular collection
of different colors of markers so I thought it would be a good option to use for
this challenge [pat, pat] – I’ve actually never used this before, there is a broken blending
sheet so you can put this underneath thin paper so that it doesn’t bleed onto
your desk which is actually kind of smart but unfortunately it seems so got
crushed in shipping a bit of a bummer anyway
[rattles the markers] the markers!! now even though there’s 120 here I’m only going to need three for
today’s challenge so we have to randomly choose three colors and then when I see
those colors I’m going to try and create a character based off of those colors
and I’m actually really really excited about us because characters are my
favorite thing to ♪draaaawww♪ Now I’m going to like stick my hand in here and
find a marker marker number one!!!
Drum roll! ♪ it’s like a robin’s egg blue okay that is not
at all like the cap… that’s why we swatch it’s number 76 now this is where it gets
a little tricky because some colors just don’t go well together so let’s hope we don’t get
any of those we got…! another blue! 70! so now we have a
little bit more of a saturated blue and I’m hoping to get like something fun
like a yellow or I don’t know anything different than blue! ♪ anything but blue ♪
anything but blue ♪ Why don’t we pick from this side [anticipation] Oh pink! okay hey
all right I’m actually really happy with this so the colors we got for today’s
character are 76 70 and 17 and if we look closely you’ll see, this one does
not match the cap at all… so this color makes me think ‘innocent’ I don’t know
like, that’s the first word that comes to mind and when you’re creating a
character design it’s all about brainstorming and throwing ideas onto
paper so the first words I thought of our innocent blueberry and depressed – so
blueberry I obviously think of a blueberry something visual that I think
of when I hear the word innocent is maybe like pigtails
and then depressed I think of like tears and water now – none of this is
inspiring me so I’m going to try a different sort of word association and
draw an article of clothing that each of these colors make me think of so like
this color is very close to like jeans so I can draw some jeans denim,
these two colors together honestly make me think of like a 1980s windbreaker
like there would be the character, I feel like I need the body to be able to
draw this – so it was like big poofy ones with the buttons give it some 80’s hair I have like stripes of different colors theyre pretty gaudy, I feel like I still
have one in my closet I’m not sure I have enough colors to
really pull this [idea] off the beginning stages of brainstorming is all about
just like basically brainstorming the paper so I’m taking what’s your brain
and just throwing it at the paper and hoping something sticks and something
can continue to inspire you and spark something – actually I think those were a
little bit more 90s weren’t they? not sure. I don’t know, I owned one let’s get a scrunchie on that
wrist I’m gonna incorporate those jeans and
denim down here honestly these colors I think would work
for this but before I commit it I do want to draw a little something inspired
by the pink color and for some reason I’m feeling like an overall dress so
like if this was the character, the dress would have like that front section like
this and then the strap, then a waist band and then maybe a circle skirt kind
of thing? – let’s see what kind of character that spawns what if we include
the bagginess from that character always get stuck on the hairstyles… when
you think pink hair what’s the first hairstyle you think of? [thinks] what about like a
half-up half-down bangs definitely bangs [quiet, intense sketching] all right so
that’s what we’ve got with our first pass of just going through each color
individually – just looking at these, this is definitely more up my alley and what
I kind of tend to draw on my own and I feel like this one definitely pulls me a
little more out of my comfort zone and so that one’s kind of exciting me a
little bit more because there are definitely elements in this character
that I want to explore further – I want to try and merge these two characters
together to create something a little bit different so I’m gonna take my
favorite elements of each and just cram them into one and I’m going to use this
pink color erase pencil when you use this so that I can maybe use some colors
on top of it – so let me try and do like just a basic pose for now since we don’t
really know their personality yet just get out of body type that’s a pretty
powerful stance I like that now I want those high-waisted mom jeans and like I
have it all kind of cinching at that point so that we don’t lose that in the
character design, I’m thinking about using that coat right there but
shortening it maybe? not sure. let’s leave that for now let’s do the hair cuz I
know what I want to do with that, I kind of got an ideal! I want to do those big
explosive bangs, but then I’m going to do the half-up half-down haircut that we
had in the “pink” character – part of character design especially an
illustration is trying to exaggerate things so I really like the hoop
earrings so let’s make him huge you know make them noticeable! – let’s make it so if
she turned her head they’d get in the way and be kind of annoying like that’s
how big I want them – imagine wearing those now that I’m looking at the
earrings let’s take that original earring and make that the inside
so now they are these huge tear droppy shapes
I had a Barbie with those things weird things that you remember – I’m thinking of
giving her a turtleneck and then an oversized sweater maybe we can even make it a little
long on her, maybe these stripes are supposed to line up if the size was like
made to fit you and then for shoes I’m honestly feeling like using this pink
color and giving her a pump, but I didn’t really leave enough space so for
this one I’m gonna right ‘pump’ next to it so I don’t forget that that was an idea
I had but for here I’m just gonna give them basic sneakers now I’m thinking
since there’s really no rules to this challenge and I’ve kind of made up a lot
of it, I’m gonna allow myself to use other colors but (oh I lost a nail?) anyway
I’m gonna allow myself to use other colors as long as these three colors are
the main focal point and the other ones are just used to make these three colors
look better so the first thing I feel like I know I want is the hair to be
pink – let me just go in and color that and see how I like this oh wait I
thought the earrings were going to be pink I messed up it’s okay just keep
going got lots of paper left – and then at least one stripe of the sweater can be pink you know what would be fun? since I
want to include more pink: what if she has like a star, like a patch, or maybe if
I want to follow that stripe pattern although wa-wa-wa-wait! I’m including a
few too many different things here because we have stripes, we have big circles..
I don’t think I want to include stars so why don’t we include some kind of circle
or another stripe because sometimes if you have too many different crazy things in
one character design it’s just not gonna look cohesive let’s try a circle see
what that looks like what if it’s like a loop and then
another one down here some abstract shapes something like that –
it feels like it suits the character now I originally had
envisioned this number 70 as the denim but now that we’re going in a bit more
retro feel I think I want the lighter blue to be the denim -yeah let’s give
that a go [gives it a go] I need some horizontal stripes to kind
of give it that denim texture alright there you go and then I would use the
darker color for these circles – wait a minute. you know what might be fun? is if
this half of the stripe the denim is just a different wash of denim – let’s go
for it let’s do it and then see what we think
about it afterwards then I can color in these circles the same denim that the rest of
the pants are made out of is that weird I kind of like it up here I kind of want
to use the darkest blue for the scrunchie and use the light blue here
for this stripe maybe add one more underneath it and then use the darker
blue for the sweater – I’m makiing sure everything has like a nice flat color to it – these
two are the same color but for some reason they look completely different-
what happened here? I’ll probably have to do is take this one and darken around it
I’m gonna test this number 93 where the hands are before I go in with the face
see if I like it with this color scheme I’m having a hard time visualizing if
it’s gonna suit it or not, I was worried it might be a little too saturated and
compete all the waaait…looking up on the camera these two look like they’re very
similar in tone so it’s kind of hard to see the difference but like when we come
down here it’s probably gonna work here because we’ve got lighter colors yeah
see how well that works down there although we have a lot of light tones up
here except for the earrings messed up, if the earrings had worked properly this color
probably would work but I’m still gonna use it for this character even if we
don’t use it as we continue to experiment with this character – you know
what? a good trick I have is to start light and build up so let me start with
this color see this is a terrible option honestly for this color to see how it
blends in with that pink – you know what screw it let’s go all-in I love the way
this looks next to that light pink perfect contrast there there you go now
I want to go over that with the white gel pen and some fine liners and see
what we’re working with that’ll give me a better idea I’m not gonna lie I kind
of missed line art – haven’t used it as much lately – now that some of this is dry, I
might be able to do another layer – even can get some darker tones where I feel
like it whoo this works really well for shading ooh I got lucky
look at this yaaas~ I love that I’m gonna try a couple different color
combinations here if they change her personality at all – those big earrings – I could
exaggerate them a little bit more like that now that I kind of have an idea of what
I want the outfit to look like I can experiment a little bit more with the
style like elongate the neck a little bit and give it that big voluminous
turtleneck shape you know more like a turtle (as the name suggests) so I wanted to try a version where pink is like the accent
color so I want that on those earrings I think I’ll still keep the pink lips
those are cute like bubblegum I could try the light blue as the hair let’s
just try this combo eh not crazy about the blue hair, I thought I did these two the
same way but they look completely different
now I start being a lot quicker near the end there because something about this
one’s not jiving with me – I think the colors are all kind of competing I’m
gonna do this one in pencil – change it up a bit, see if that cures whatever’s ailing me sketch something here – just
try to exaggerate and change things up hopefully not draw the exact same
character over and over again – I still want to try maybe change up the
character hmm that’s actually I didn’t even think of that
I mean, I still have the power to completely change the character design if I need to
to make the colors work, I might even change the hair up a bit [changes the hair up a bit] we could go back to that like
windbreaker idea go crazy with the geometric shapes super baggy then we
could do leggings on the bottom so then we have baggy to tight to add some contrast
there and we end up with something kind of like this and then we could do light
blue, pink, dark blue, and then maybe pink leggings ooh! I’m getting excited. leg warmers! ooh!
ooh! okay wa-wa-wait I’m getting excited! hold my horse! let me draw it first yeah basic skeleton sort of thing that’s
how I draw skeletons: just really long legs with shoulders and a head the we got the
windbreaker that’s big poufy sleeves pretty long maybe it comes down to like
there – we got this design and the zipper down the front all right and then here we end
the coat – her hips were like here so we have legs that just sort of like
protrude from the bottom of the coat and then maybe some leg warmers hmm it’s not
speaking to me as much as it did when it was in my head ponder ponder ponder I
think she just looks too short… is that the problem here? maybe I need the jacket
to be shorter or just overly bigger – like if we bring the shoulders down to
here then curve it a bit more so we know her shoulders are smaller than that okay
I think that was an improvement I don’t think [these shoes] suit her though – not
crazy about it it’s just a little..ehhh…. not something I really like something more like that – I like that a lot better feel I feel like this designs a little
bit more cohesive I lost the scrunchies somwhere… let’s try to get to know the
character a little bit more, draw her a couple more times see what like changes
see if I like what changes about it and see if I don’t like what changes about it what if we gave her like the classic Whitney Houston hair from the 80s? huge on top
maybe it’s all be pulled to the one side it’s definitely not something I draw
every day actually, I got a reference here it comes forward a little bit more kind
of like bangs and then it’s pulled to the sides ♪ I wanna dance with somebody! ♪ ♪I wanna feel the Hee with somebody! ♪ try something else which is an excuse to draw a whole new head! Oh! She’s smiling! She
already likes his hairstyle and I haven’t even given it to her yet I’m literally just searching eighties
hairstyles and seeing which ones I think suite her – hmm
well see this hairstyle now gives me like a lot of room add those earrings –
what I liked about this one so let me just grab a circle and ‘woosh!’ just massive
statement earrings it is kind of cute mmm
looking back where we started … this I like cuz it feels like it’s like a 1920s
hairstyle it’s got those huge earrings it just pushes it to another decade you
know? and I think this hairstyle will help in separating the colors out a
little bit better so yeah let’s try that out
go over here and draw her out on this page let’s see if I can come up with a
fun pose kind of want to pull those arms out since they have those big baggy
sleeves maybe have her look upwards make room for those earrings and that hair oversized … ..? hands spread out like: “look at me!!” legs need a little more work
legwarmers I think I’ll do ballet flats that feels
natural to me kind of cute she looks so happy look at that now I might wanna
make the earrings even bigger oooh? oooh! hermmm…? what do I feel about that? it might be pushing it
kind of looks like Mouse ears , let’s go ahead and start coloring some of the
things (but not the earrings because I’m still thinking about those) what color
what I know needs to be colored like her pink ballet slippers or flats, ballet
flats – thats what they are and then I think this stripe was what I wanted to be pink color the heck out of that and the earrings are the next –well actually wa-wa-wait earrings aren’t the next pink thing
her hair was going to be pink because I like this color scheme better than
that one woo-hoo-hoo-hoo nervous about this I gotta figure out what I want
those earrings to look like it’s difficult decision time I mean on a
scale of difficult decisions this isn’t that difficult, but currently right now
it’s the most difficult decision I’m making in these two split seconds let’s
go with the small ones – I think that was the right decision okay and then we can
color those in pink – shade this rear leg here ‘rear leg?’ (that sounded weird) alright that’s
technically all the pink OH NO! I MESSED UP!!! I wanted PINK hair what
was I thinking?! [mumbles and then mouth farts in dispair] I literally just said it out loud…. okay I’m over
it I used the lighter blue for the hair last time I do I want to go darker blue?
no I don’t I don’t think I think I wanna go light blue hair, dark blue here,
thumbnail could fix these problems we’re having – okay looking good okay okay okay I have to keep reassuring myself after that mistake – next I want the light one
to go on the top of the windbreaker I honestly think this was the color of my
coat when I was growing up hold my breath, I don’t want to layer this
too much because I want it to be on the lighter side so that we can have that
dark skin okay okay here we go! I think I did good now this other section, not as
good this time went over the same areas a couple times but I do actually want
this section here to be darker so I can fill that in okay what we’ve got so far I miss the pink hair I’m not gonna lie honestly I think this skin tone might
work it’s not quite as dark as I anticipated but it’s basically these
three all layered on top of each other and I might be able to layer it again
and get it even darker so let me start there cuz again you can always get
darker I started with this sort of like orange so it’s like super saturated then
I use this 101 which isn’t saturated at all its kind of gross and green, but on top
of that orange it looks Brown all right and then I just take the pink and layer
that on top of that and then it’s sort of like blends in with the color scheme a
little nicer – hey? I don’t know I’m learning – now let’s try it on the face
that’s where that’ll be a trial and error here okay
layer one down that’s the color of 25 now I’m using 101 it looks different –
I have noticed that sometimes one end will be darker than the other
end which is a big deal — okay and then lastly we use pink so that
it’ll stop looking so green tada! I forgot the lips let’s do the pink
lips I’m gonna trying to keep the shapes
really simple – see what happens I’m like the way it looks right now it’s just the
flat colors – do I wanna? – kind of feel like adding a line here hmm yeah I like
that now the only problem with going about
the technique of pencil, color, then lineart is I feel like I don’t put as much depth
into the liner I kind of just end up outlining the shapes of color whereas if
I do line art on its own I like I don’t know I add a little bit of pizzazz to it
I feel like — I do think I want to add an extra line up here to the hair there we go I’m gonna actually grab the pink and color this in and see what happens and then I also
want to use this pink color for shading ooo! that beautiful purple! make sure we add some depth to everything like this guy over here okay we good okay and then maybe add some shading
over here on the torso – there we go I think we got something here I like her now I
just need to name her I should have named her at the beginning (why do I always do
this?) ♪ what do we name you ♪ what do we name you ♪ yes I was just putting off time to
name this chick okay [very long drawn out thinking sound] [it’s still going] [yes, it’s still going, but its a little higher pitch now] no I don’t know [asking google]
what is this girl’s name? Google is suggesting that I name her Olivia! okay! we’re good ! it’s Olivia! why
did try to write in Cursive? I don’t even do cursive..?! so here is the character we designed using these three colors this is actually
a very fun challenge I enjoyed this one oh I didn’t use any white gel pen Wait, is
there somewhere I could stick this? put some on for her lip gloss – if this is a
real windbreaker it should be pretty shiny so let me just add a nice shimmer
to that perfect okay! boom boom here we have Olivia the character I designed off
of these three colors right here – I want to thank theapparatcreator for the idea for
this challenge it was so much fun and I’ll have a link to their Instagram in
the description if you wanna check them out, also if you’re interested in giving
these markers a new home I’ll have a link in the description for the giveaway
yeah I think that’s everything thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed
going to the process of creating Olivia I still like this sketch she’s cute there’s where we started and where we ended up I think it’s cute I had a lot
of fun anyway thank you guys for watching! I’ll see you guys all next week!
and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles BYE!♪ blump ♪

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