Cabinets and Cabinet Doors – Setup and Technique –

Good afternoon! My name is Scott Danielson
with Decore-ative Specialties and today we are going to review the process of setting
up equipment and the techniques that are used when using the Pure Colors finishing system.
Come on! Let’s check it out. An HVLP or High Volume Low Pressure gun system is recommended
for use with Pure Colors Finish. HVLP guns require 15 to 45 psi of operating pressure.
You also should have a variety of tip sizes available depending on the type of finish
you will be spraying. All Pure Colors finishing materials should be strained with a 125 micron
filter prior to spraying. This will keep foreign matter off your work and prevent problems
with your spray equipment. A proper spraying technique allows the arm to pass across the
part, keeping the distance of the sprayer consistent. Allow the sprayer hose to cross
your body at the waste or drape it over your shoulder. The key to a consistent finish is
to keep the gun perpendicular to the part and about 6 to 12 inches away. The spray motion
should be a body rocking motion, not an arm swinging motion. Keep the elbow and wrist
stiff allowing the body to move the arm side to side. This will ensure the tip of the gun
stays a consistent distance from the part. Overlap each pass 50 percent with 50 percent
of the previous pass. This will ensure proper coverage of finish on the part. For flat surfaces,
use a box coat for the most consistent coverage. Begin by spraying against the grain, overlapping
each pass. Turn the part 90 degrees and spray again with the grain. This is considered one
box coat. When spraying, begin by moving the gun toward the part, triggering an inch before
the part and an inch after. This will reduce the amount of overspray while also allowing
complete coverage. For vertical and complex surfaces, begin by spraying top to bottom.
Spray a light tack coat horizontally, then spray a vertical coat top to bottom. As a
general rule, the most important surface should be sprayed last.

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