Can Epoxy Be Used For Surfacer and Sealer? Q&A Video

– Can epoxy primer be used
as a surfacer and a sealer? Well, that’s the question I was asked, and in this video, I’m gonna answer that. (squealing) (slow techno music) So, Barrett Smith asks, “Do you need to use
primer surfacer/sealer? “Could you just put epoxy primer on “and then block sand it? “Your base coat?” And this is gonna depend on
the product that you’re using. Now, first I’m gonna tell
you about the products that I’m familiar with, Shop-Line, that I’ve used for a lotta years. PPG and those. The epoxy really doesn’t feel that good. It doesn’t have the filling properties like the surfacer does. And another thing about epoxy: it doesn’t sand that good. The epoxies that we use kinda
sands a little bit gummy. It doesn’t chalk up like the surfacer. So, with the product line that I used, I wouldn’t recommend
tryin’ to use your epoxy as a fill prime, as a
surfacer and block it out. I don’t think you’re gonna
have that good o’luck. But, with that said, there
are different product lines out there, especially in the custom world. There’s Custom Shop and House of Kolor are a couple of ’em,
and they are designed, it is epoxy primer, I believe, but it’s a sealer/surfacer. You can use it. It’s a direct metal primer, so it can be applied
directly over the metal, and once dried, it can be sanded. So, you can use this epoxy
primer as a surfacer. And with this primer,
depending how you mix it, is gonna determine if
it’s a high-build primer or high-build sealer,
or applied as a sealer. You can see on their technical data sheet, four parts of the primer, the epoxy, to one part of the activator. Of course, that’s a high-build surfacer. If you put one part reducer, four-one-one, that makes
a high-build sealer. And it’s just a regular sealer. You’re just gonna mix it
four parts of the primer, one part of the activator,
to two parts reducer. So it makes it a little bit thinner. Now, I have used some
House of Kolor products, and I really like ’em. They’re a great product, especially in the custom world. They got some awesome colors. But I have never used this product. I’ve never used the direct
metal sealer/surfacer product, so to tell you the truth,
I don’t know how it sands, if it sands comparable to
the regular primer surfacer. So if you’re out there
watchin’ and you have used this direct metal primer surfacer/sealer from House of Kolor or, I
think Custom Shop makes one, be sure and let us know. Like I said, I’ve never used it, so I don’t know how well it sands, and if you have experienced
it, good or bad, let us know so we have
an idea of how it works. So, my only recommendation to this is if you’re thinking about
using epoxy for all that, read on there. Read on the can and technical data sheet. Does it say it can be used as a surfacer? If it does, you’re probably gonna be safe. If it doesn’t say anything about that, I’d probably wanna use some surfacer, if you’re needing to block-sand it out. But as far as using a epoxy as a sealer, it works great as corrosion protection underneath your primer, but it
also works great as a sealer. And then put your base
straight on top of it. Spray your sealer, your epoxy as a sealer, and then you can put your
base coat on top of that. And I know that works well. Well Barrett, I appreciate your question. I hope that helped answer it, and if you have other questions, be sure and just leave
a comment down below. And if you liked this video, be sure and give us a thumbs-up. Give us a “Like” and subscribe
to us if you haven’t. And remember, if something’s worth doing, do your best, and have a blast doin’ it. Thanks for watching. Take care, and we’ll see
you in the next video.


  • Barrett Smith

    Thanks for taking the time to make this video Donnie! I am using a duplicolor "primer filler" over my body work. Then I will use a Summit primer sealer. If I understand your other primer video, I don't necessarily have to use the primer sealer, it basically saves on top coat, right? Thanks again!

  • JDPower 55

    Nice video. The Shop Line epoxy primer sealer, you can put base coat over that product with no sanding to create a mechanical bond for the base?

  • indyme2

    Thanks for the info.

  • juha

    Thanks for shearing!

  • Rodolfo Valadez

    How are you Diy. a question. i just sprayed my front and back bumper of my 01 corvette.. i see there are small inperfections after the primer dried..for example there are little bumps that are not 100 percent flat ( from areas where i applied bondle) and small areas where i think i should of sanded better..moreover, the primer is white color cause the base will be yellow. i see that the primer is not as smooth as the base. is this normal? do i need to sand the inperfections again with 1500 sand paper? do i need to sand the whole area that i applied prime? its my first car jeje…i will appreciate your advice.

  • Ryan Stevens

    CRE 321 is a great epoxy and sands very nice . 72 hour also

  • Angel Figueroa

    Message / email me

  • andipotter54321

    hi, I painted base coat and had to leave the workshop, how long can you leave base (not water base) before you can clear and would you have to flat it before clear, thank you

  • Mark Oriend

    some epoxy primers don't have uv protection and should be primed over to insure hold out and other sunshine problems according to my basf paint rep.

  • fuqoff aye?

    Donnie, great answer. You know what works and on occasion if you don't know, you say I don't know….better than giving wrong information. Sometimes it's better just to read all technical data sheets of what you're going to use rather than seeking advice but the world of paint got so expensive and complicated for material it's hard to know what to buy . Even for me, I've painted several auto projects in the last 2 years,. I still have to obsess over what paints and primers to use for a project. Do I need to put a sealer over polyster primer, what do I do if I hit metal when blocking, is urethane primer a sealer or surfacer. Can you imagine on my first project I put urethane primer in my spray gun and to clean it, I used paint thinner. It's been quite a journey, but along the way I learned to mig weld sheet metal, use a spray gun and save thousands by keeping my 16 and 12 year old cars on the road. They don't look a day over 5 years old. I've come to the conclusion that their is no way to run a bead on 20 gauge without warping the hell out of it. But I digress. Welding on sheet properly w a mig is spotwelds so for me, welding and bodywork had lost it's appeal for me at least. Donnie I like your advice and all your free information, thank you.

  • Nazir

    The epoxy resin I use for crafts and whatnot is a 2 part resin. UV resistant, non-yellowing, and can be used on metal. I think I'm going to sand my car and put on a couple coats.

  • soupercooper

    YES!! Using epoxy primer as a surfacer and a sealer works !.but depends on what brand of epoxy primer you use, I use SPI (southern polyurethanes) black epoxy primer, it fills nicely if you spray it on wet ( 2 coats), it sands great, does not gum up like the video states for other epoxy primers, and it makes a great sealer as well if reduced 10 to 50%, it aslo has a built in guide coat (more specifically the black color primer)

  • Straight Razor

    I used some summit racing brand DTM epoxy primer and it says it's sandable after 72 hrs.I let it cure for 2 weeks in 90+ temp and when you sand it it still gums up the sandpaper.I figure some expensive brand's are probably made at the same factory with different


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